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[e][h] IsKall
Player Information
Fredrik Persson
October 10, 1982 (1982-10-10) (age 36)
Years Active (Player):
Approx. Total Winnings:
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2002-10-20 – 2003-03-22
2003-04-09 – 2003-04-21
2003-04-21 – 2003-05-20
2003-08-20 – 2004-03-12
2004-03-12 – 2004-??-??
2004-07-13 – 2004-09-08
Eyeballers (Stand-in)
2004-09-08 – 2004-11-12
2004-11-19 - 2006-01-04
2006-03-12 – 2006-07-21

Fredrik "IsKall" Persson is a former Swedish Counter-Strike player.


IsKall's first team of note was Begrip, though in one of their rebuilding periods when their name was the only famous thing about them. As a player for them back in 2003 he placed 2nd at Rendezvous #6 with the team behind the top team Eyeballers. In 2004 when Eyeballers needed a new 5th player they went with IsKall to stand-in for CPL Summer. Despite being a risky move on paper, with IsKall being inexperienced as far as the top level was concerned and having little time to mesh with the team, Eyeballers stormed the event and beat their arch-rivals SK Gaming in the finals convincingly. What's more IsKall proved to be one of the players of the tournaments, putting up a number of big time performances to propel his team onwards. Unfortunately for Eyeballers they didn't get a chance to see how they could follow that win up as SK Gaming made Hyper an offer he couldn't refuse and so their star player went to their rivals.

IsKall chose to return to the Begrip organization and build a new team there. The players he took were a ragtag band who had been given their shots in other teams but largely failed to produce anything significant in terms of results thusfar. Despite this IsKall worked his magic again and the team took an impressive 4th place at CPL Winter 2004, knocking out Team 3D and compLexity Gaming along the way. By the next major event for Begrip, WEG, rolled around they had a number of new faces in their lineup: Then international unknowns RobbaN, f0rest and tentpole. With IsKall as to the leader of the team they headed off to compete in the second season of WEG in Korea. Each WEG season was a new adventure for all the teams who took the chance and attended as players would live in Korea for over a month and play each televised match on separate days, giving them time to scout their opponents and practice as most sports teams would. Begrip certainly took note of this new format as they impressed everyone by winning the entire event.

By this point IsKall had shown himself to be one of the best leaders in the game, despite being one of the least recognized by writers and players alike. There was one last noteworthy performance to come on his resume though. The Begrip team which had won WEG season 2 headed into CPL Winter 2005 with a lot of speculation buzzing around whether or not they had been a one event wonder, a fluke of circumstances including the unusual format of WEG in comparison to the Western tournaments. This speculation was laid to rest as the team took 6th at one of the most stacked CPL events of all time.

His team-mates may have headed off to further glory in the Swedish scene (tentpole and f0rest in fnatic, RobbaN in Ninjas in Pyjamas) IsKall quietly made his exit in Begrip. After the departure in Begrip IsKall joined Meet Your Makers. This was a last attempt to reach the top but after four months in Meet Your Makers IsKall got replace by hibb.

Impact and legacy[edit]

IsKall's impact within the Swedish scene was key. He was one of those players who was given a chance out of nowhere in a top team and delivered upon it and more. It was notoriously hard for players to break into the top Swedish teams at the time unless they made it there as part of another team. There was no quick path to the top. Going into a major event as a stand-in and winning it, over the legendary SK Gaming no less, was a major accomplishment of the era. After such a performance one could expect IsKall to be headhunted by the best and biggest teams out there but instead he went another route in making different teams which all showed a significant amount of chemistry. Teams which also took other yet to be proven players and united them towards a common goal of placing highly at big events. For setting such a standard one has to call IsKall one of the best Swedish leaders there has been. There have been plenty who have done a lot with the best players, but few who have done a lot with so little.

IsKall's legacy is of a player who defied expectations at every turn and succeeded in spite of overwhelming odds and outside criticism. His career at the top only lasted 2 years but there are few who can boast such consistency within that period of time. [1]


Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Result Prize
2005-12-18 A66th A1Premier CPL Winter 2005 4 - 16 $3,000
2005-08-14 A44th A5Monthly Rendezvous #16 8 - 16 $0
2005-07-01 A11st A1Premier WEG 2005 S02 13 - 7 $50,000
2004-12-19 A44th A1Premier 2004 CPL Winter 9 - 16 $9,000
2004-11-01 A55 - 6th A1Premier Nollelva Digital Event 2004 6 - 16 $0
2004-08-01 A11st A1Premier 2004 CPL Summer 13 - 5 $30,000
2004-04-11 A22nd A5Monthly Rendezvous #10 7 - 16 $395.27
2003-08-17 A22nd A3Minor Rendezvous #6 10 - 16 $0
2002-12-08 A22nd A2Major Swedish Gaming Open $333.33
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