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[e][h] Kieran
Person Information
Kieran Cullinan
October 19, 2000 (2000-10-19) (age 19)
Years Active (Org):
2017 – Present
Years Active (Talent):
2014 – Present
2014-09-15 – 2015-02-01
2016-03-02 – 2016-09-29
2017-04-10 – 2017-10-10
2018-02-05 – 2018-10-18
2018-04-12 – Present
Vortex (Organization)

2016-??-?? – 2016-??-??
Motion (Organization)
2018-02-05 – 2018-10-18
Thunderpick (Organization)
2018-04-12 – Present
Vortex (Organization)
2020-08-13 – Present
VRTX (Organization)

Kieran Cullinan (born October 19, 2000) is a British esports commentator. He is the CEO & co-founder of Vortex Entertainment and VRTX Esports. After starting commentary in 2014 with Enervate Gaming, he branched out into managing CS:GO events in late 2017 before founding Vortex Entertainment in 2018.

As of 2020, Kieran has worked closely with many tournament organizers to handle their talent schedules and hiring of talent. Most notably, he has collaborated with GRID on the #HomeSweetHome qualifiers and with Relog Media on their Nine to Five cups.

Notable Events Casted[edit]


  • Became the director of a company at age 16.
  • Attended college in his hometown of Manchester, graduating with the highest grade possible (D*D*D* / Triple Distinction Star) in "IT Web Development, Software Development, and Networking".
  • Created websites for the likes of Granit Gaming and local companies during his college course.
  • He owns a start-up venture yet to be named which will enable him to hold talks at local schools and youth clubs to educate teenagers on career paths and prospects in esports.
  • During his sporting years, Kieran broke both of his ankles and his wrist in football-related injuries and tore his Achilles tendon during rugby practice.