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King of Nordic - Season 7

[e][h]King of Nordic - Season 7
League Information
Prize Pool:
€10,000 EUR
(≃ $10,923 USD)
Liquipedia Tier:
Dust II • Overpass • Mirage • Cache


King of Nordic is a national Nordic esport tournament. The “king of the hill” structure means that the winning nation remains on the throne as kings in anticipation of next week's contenders. The reigning champion will earn a greater prizepool each week, and presents a bigger target for the other contending nations. In season 6 King of Nordic offer a total prize pool of 10.000 EUR. Each week, King of Nordic offer 500 EUR in cash prizes. If a team stays on the throne for three weeks in a row, there will be a 2000 EUR jackpot. Before the show, there are a series of national qualifiers that have 500-900 players participating. The winning team from each qualifier represents their nation in the weekly broadcasted TV show, the King of Nordic. The purpose of King of Nordic is to establish a grass root foundation for a broader group of gamers to attract them to play in organized leagues. The hope is that gamers with competitive aspirations can achieve a moment of glory, and potentially become recognized as an esports professional. King of Nordic will give teams and talents a chance in the “TV spotlight” during the 4-5 hour live broadcast every week. To achieve our goals, King of Nordic has established the best community partners in Nordic. Each partner has a weekly qualifier to determine one team to represent their country in the King of Nordic event, broadcasted live at 19:00 every Friday at twitch.

Prize Pool[edit]

Week Prize (EUR) Hardware Winner
Week #1 €500 KoN Sweden
Week #2 €500 KoN Sweden
Week #3 €2,000 KoN Sweden
Week #4 €500 KoN Sweden
Week #5 €500 KoN Sweden
Week #6 €2,000 KoN Sweden
Week #7 €500 KoN Sweden
Week #8 €500 KoN Sweden
Week #9 €2,000 KoN Sweden
Week #10 €1,000 KoN Denmark