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Quiet and always available, the knife has a fast, low-damage primary attack and a slow, high-damage secondary attack. A backstab will earn quiet players an instant kill.
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Weapon Information
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250 units/s
Knife Expert Make the Cut Sknifed Street Fighter Knife on Knife The Bleeding Edge

The knife is a short-range melee weapon. It is given to all players on both teams, has its own weapon slot, and can not be dropped. The knife has two attacks: a primary attack and a secondary attack.

Comparison of Attacks[edit]

Primary Attack:

  • Lower damage
  • Faster rate of fire
  • Farther range
  • Consecutive hits deal reduced damage

Secondary Attack:

  • Higher damage
  • Lower rate of fire
  • Shorter range
  • One-hit kill if it hits an enemy's back


  • Armour does reduce the damage of both knife attacks. However, it can not prevent lethal damage from a secondary attack in the back.
  • The knife does the same amount of damage on every body part except the back. Both attacks do significantly increase damage on the back with the secondary attack being lethal.
  • When wielded, the knife allows for the fastest movement speed out of any other weapon.
  • Two primary attacks and one secondary attack can deal fatal damage and can be executed faster than two secondary attacks.
  • The knife is a fairly quiet weapon. A kill will most likely not be heard by enemies outside of the immediate area.
  • The knife gives $1500 per kill. If the opportunity appears, a knife kill can be worth it, especially if one's team has a bad economy.

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