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Team Information
Sweden Oscar "cosmet1cs" Haraldsson
Sweden Jakob "DEFENSE" Jansson
Team Captain:
Georgia Giorgi "xosht" Khoshtaria
Total Earnings:

LANGUDAR (also known as Gjorde de p LAN) is a Swedish Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team that was originally built as a mix team around high school friends cosmet1cs and DEFENSE.


The Beginning[edit]

Back in 2015, the two high school friends, cosmet1cs and DEFENSE, had been in talks for some time about creating a team to compete in FACEIT cups, which would be held together by themselves and would allow them to meet and make new friends to play with in the future. The two had played two notable online tournaments together before getting into talks about the team. Both had been played with the same line-up, which then consisted of themselves, guffy (who would later become part of the team again in early 2018), IRL friend W4ypuff and MiLaN, a Swede whom they had met online, who lived in central Sweden. The first tournament they ever played together, called B-OPEN 2015, was an easy win for the newly formed mix team. After the confident win, the team was motivated to keep playing tournaments, but focused mainly on all-Swedish online tournaments on various platforms. The second tournament played was versus far better players, and the team made it to the quarterfinals before getting knocked out by well known ktownbitch, which back then, however, was unknown to most. After the loss, the team didn't play much together for a while, until March 2016, when cosmet1cs and DEFENSE decided to start playing FACEIT cups to improve as players, and needed a team. W4ypuff often signed on for the ride, and so did MiLaN. The 3 remaining spots were not static though, and many players from all around Europe had a go in the team at least once, as the two core members' network of players grew wider. Even TricoN, HLTV coverage administrator, had a quick attendance with the team, winning a FACEIT cup in the process. The team became a well known attender of the weekly cups, but no real competitive path was taken, as the cups were not taken very serious most of the time.

The two IRL friends, together with others, held the team together for about a year, before parting ways temporarily. W4ypuff, cosmet1cs and MiLaN wanted to create their own team and left DEFENSE alone. At the time, he played on a low performance computer, often under 100 fps, which would effect his competitive career a lot. The core of the team cosmet1cs and DEFENSE, stopped playing together completely. It wasn't until late 2017, in October, that the team took its first step into the competitive scene, joining 16 of Sweden's best teams in WESG Sweden 2017. W4puff had stopped playing CS:GO completely, and cosmet1cs (Oscar) had seemingly put his CS:GO career aside, but decided to come back after a discussion with Jakob. Joining the two was IRL friends Kevin (Jihoon), Oscar (SeungSoo) and Jihoon's IRL friend Clabbe. With no practice at all due to limited time, the team went into their kickstart event totally unprepared. After losing to Crowns Esports Club 1-16, it became clear that the team wasn't very coordinated, and something needed to be done.

Hunt for competition[edit]

The line-up that represented the organisation in WESG, didn't last longer than a day. Jakob, who since their appearance in the big Swedish tournament, had become the captain for the team, didn't stop trying to find new ways into the competitive scene. However, most of the players from the WESG appearance didn't show much interest in playing with him, and when GiR Promotional 2017 came up, Jakob decided to return to his core teammate cosmet1cs, the only person who seemed interested and having time to play, to try and put up a team. First, MiLaN and his Swedish friend were given a spot in the team, together with german Dash. (who knew MiLaN from his Counter-Strike days and was always up to play) but due to an unexpected trip the two Swedes couldn't attend. In the last minute, they were replaced by Faroese players ArizoN and RdN. The team faced Undefeated Georgia, most notably consisting of L.C and xosht (who would later be signed by LANGUDAR, read "New Blood") but due to lack of coordination they were taken out quite easily.

A few months later, the team's captain, DEFENSE decided to pursue a more serious and competitive path for himself and the team. He wanted to form an all-Swedish line-up to prevent communication problems, and wanted a static set of players, who would together work towards the goal of becoming international contenders. Joining him was IRL friends cosmet1cs, SeungSoo, and Jihoon, together with the notorious Swede guffy, who lived further north in Sweden and had competed at a higher level while he had been away from his old FACEIT friends. Their first international appearance, in ICSG 2018, went well, taking down myRevenge 16-0 in 2 maps. However, the final vs Maltese Random5 ended heavily in the opponent's favor. It was clear the team needed more coordination. A month later, the team was invited to the closed qualifier for NeSA 2018. There, they joined 32 higher tier teams in an attempt to qualify for the main offline event in Finland. The dream was short lived as they were eliminated in the first round. BLAST4$ Invitational was a great show for the team, as they nearly took down favored Portal Esports in an action-filled match on Cache, which ended 12-16. It now became clear however that the team could put up a fight versus higher skilled teams, and the event was a great motivation boost for the team.

Downfall of the Swedish LANGUDAR[edit]

Winning the Swedish Championships 2018 was just another win that would play a role in the team's competitive career. The team now gained more publicity, but at the same time, team captain DEFENSE started becoming more occupied outside his Counter-Strike career, which the team suffered from, since Jakob was the head manager and captain for the team. The core 5 didn't attend any more tournaments and they stopped playing together. However, it was said that the break was only temporary, and heads were kept high while awaiting the revival of the team.

New Blood[edit]

After a few months of inactivity, DEFENSE wanted to keep the organisation alive, by signing Georgian squad SHADOWS prior to IeSF 2018, and taking the manager role himself, since he didn't have much time to play. The new team finished 17-24th in Taiwan. Despite having a 2-1 score in their group and taking down favored UltiCoin 16-10, they were still eliminated due to round difference. But they had still showed they were capable of winning versus higher tier teams.


Player Roster[edit]

Active Roster[edit]

Active Squad
ID Name Join Date
Georgia xosht Giorgi Khoshtaria 2018-10-25
Georgia L.C Reziko Nachkebia 2018-10-25
Georgia barny Giorgi Zaldastanishvili 2018-10-25
Georgia dattstar Daviti Mkheidze 2018-10-25
Georgia focus Aleksandre Khoshtaria 2018-10-25


ID Name Position Join Date
Sweden DEFENSE Jakob Jansson Manager 2016-03-19
Sweden cosmet1cs Oscar Haraldsson CEO 2016-03-19


Former Squad
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Sweden DEFENSE Jakob Jansson 2016-03-19
Sweden cosmet1cs Oscar Haraldsson 2016-03-19
Sweden Seungsoo Oscar Hervén 2017-10-17 2018-10-25
Sweden Jihoon Kevin Jönsson 2017-10-17 2018-10-25
Sweden guffy Gustav Tapola Lyshag 2018-04-21 2018-10-25

Temporary stand-ins
ID Name Replacing ID Name Tournament(s)
Netherlands MIH0  
Sweden Seungsoo Oscar Hervén BLAST4$ Invitational
Sweden ruishi   Mårten Olsson
Sweden Jihoon Kevin Jönsson NorthSpawn CS:GO GRAND OPENING
Sweden kebeb   Samuel Carlsson
Sweden Seungsoo Oscar Hervén NorthSpawn CS:GO GRAND OPENING


Date Placement Tier Tournament Results Prize
2018-11-09 B717 - 24th A3Minor IeSF World Championship 2018 2/1 Grp. S. $0
2018-09-25 A11st A3Minor GIBBET 2018 22 - 19 $1,137.9
2018-09-22 A11st - 2nd A7Qualifier GIBBET 2018 Closed Qualifier 16 - 1 $0
2018-07-29 A55 - 8th A3Minor NorthSpawn CS:GO GRAND OPENING 5 - 16 $0
2018-06-10 A11st A3Minor Swedish Championship 2018 Finals 2 : 1 $564.68
2018-06-09 A33rd - 4th A3Minor BLAST4$ Invitational 12 - 16 $0
2018-05-26 A22nd A7Showm. ANNIHILATION: Iceland vs Sweden 4 - 16 $112.94
2018-05-19 B717 - 32nd A7Qualifier NeSA 2018 Qualifier 0 : 1 $0
2018-04-21 A22nd A3Minor International CS:GO Gathering 2018 0 : 2 $71.05
2018-01-27 A22nd A7Showm. GiR Promotional 2017 0 : 2 $60
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