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Liquipedia Tiers Are Changing


Liquipedia Tiers are being restructured, with the addition of a new tier between the tiers previously known as Major & Minor and the shifting of boundaries between the existing tiers. We are doing this for a few reasons, the largest being the confusion with our tiers and the Valve-Sponsored Major Championships & Regional Minor Championships. Furthermore, the addition of a new tier is because we believe our Minor Tier has become too broad with the top end of the spectrum being under-valued. Finally, we will also be reworking all of our Notability Guidelines; more information of these changes will follow soon.

The New Tiers Explained[edit]

  • S-Tier:
    • Previously known as Premier Tier
    • Will contain almost all previously Premier events
    • Most prestigious events of the year with the best teams and largest prize pools
  • A-Tier:
    • Previously known as Major Tier
    • Will contain the majority of previously Major events
    • Large events featuring some top teams and decently sized prize pools
  • B-Tier:
    • A new tier between tiers Major & Minor
    • Will contain weakest Major events and largest Minor events
    • Smaller LAN events and large Online events with top tier 2 teams
  • C-Tier:
    • Previously known as Minor Tier
    • Will contain many previously Minor events as well as non-qualifier previously Qualifier events
    • Any other events and the online stages of smaller LAN events
  • Qualifier:
    • Will remain named Qualifier Tier for the time being
    • Will contain any actual qualifiers previously tiered as Qualifier
    • Open and Closed qualifiers for any of the described above events

Future Plans[edit]

In the near future we will be reworking our Notability Guidelines as previously mentioned. We are also considering splitting the Qualifier tier into two separate tiers; this is still under discussion, and should it go ahead, it will not be in the short-term. No other changes are currently planned.

Any Other Questions?[edit]

If anyone has any other questions about the changes, feel free to reach out in our Discord Server or contact me directly.

Final Words[edit]

We thank everyone for your patience as we go ahead with these changes. Also, we sincerely apologise to anyone who does not feel these changes were needed or that they should have been implemented differently; we tried our best to consult the community and our editors, and this was the best solution we came to. We did not feel comfortable leaving our tiers as they were due to the wide spread confusion and public demand for a new system.