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Liquipedia:Notability Guidelines

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Please note that inclusion of pages in mainspace is ultimately up to the discretion of the Liquipedia administrators

Sadly, not everything can or should be added to the wiki. We want all our pages to be as up-to-date as possible and to meet our quality standards in general. Additionally, we strive to have all pages meet a general level of notability to current fans of the game or those wanting to research its history. As such, some pages will be rejected on the basis of lacking sources, lacking relevance to Counter-Strike or its history, or an overall lack of quality.

Now, these are not non-negotiable. This wiki contains coverage of teams, players, tournaments, etc. that not strictly meet our notability requirements, however they are considered to be of special importance to their local scene or to Counter-Strike history as a whole. Any pages that do not meet these guidelines will not be deleted, but will be moved to your user space.

If you disagree with the decision for a certain page or are looking for help to improve a page to meet our quality standards, please do come chat in our Discord.


When is a page deserved?[edit]

CS:GO Major Championships[edit]
S Tier[edit]
  • Top 8
  • Top 16 at administrators discretion
A Tier[edit]
  • Top 4
  • Top 8 at administrators discretion
B and C Tier[edit]
  • Consistent top finishes at a number of events, and always at administrators discretion.


Players may receive their individual pages, as long as they surpass a certain threshold of notability. Check the bullet points below. Please note that achievements will generally be the primary determinant of notability, however if your chosen player fits one of these, then they may be notable to warrant a page on this wiki.

  • Achievements: If the player has achieved notable results, according to the broad guidelines in When is a page deserved?;
  • Previous history: If the player was a professional player in another game (Overwatch, Call of Duty, TF2, ...);
  • Sponsored: If the player was signed to a major tier one organization that regularly competes in S-Tier tournaments or A-Tier tournaments;

To create a new player page, follow the Player Template.


Teams may receive pages when they surpass a certain threshold of notability. Check the bullet points below. Please note that notable results will generally be the primary determinant of notability, however if your chosen team fits one of these, then they may be notable to warrant a page on this wiki.

  • Notable Results: The team has notable results, as defined in When is a page deserved?;
  • Well-Established Organization: The team is a well-established esports organization with highly notable results (Frequent attendance in S-tier or A-tier events) in other esports, preferably with pages on the other Liquipedia wikis as well;
  • Notable Players: At least three players with a Liquipedia page who frequently compete in B-Tier or above tournaments;

To create a new team page, you can use our Team page tutorial.


Tournaments and Leagues which have a minimum prizepool of $500 USD can be added to the wiki.
Note: non-cash prizes do not count towards the $500 threshold.

Tournaments which only include amateur teams should not be added.

To create a new tournament page, you can follow our Tournament tutorial.

Broadcast Talent[edit]

Note: This is the first of our new set of notability guidelines and minor changes may be needed as we fine-tune them to our specific needs.
Event Points
Event Tier Type Points
S-Tier Offline 25 pts
A-Tier Offline 15 pts
Online 7 pts
B-Tier Offline 5 pts
Online 4 pts
C-Tier Offline 3 pts
Online 2 pts
Other Offline 1 pts
Online 1 pts
Points Modifiers
Modifier Resulting %
Valve Event 200%
Remote Work 50%
Secondary Language 50%
Points Requirements
Page Type Points
Existing Pages No Requirement
New Pages 75 pts

The tables on the left show how the points requirements to meet notability are calculated. Please keep in mind that they are only a guideline and that admin decisions are final until circumstances (new events broadcast or missing events added) change.

If the broadcast talent in question also has results as a player or coach, they will also be taken into consideration when notability is being determined.

Any pages existing prior to these new guidelines or any subsequent changes to them will not need to retroactively meet the new standards; they will be left untouched.

Broadcaster Inclusion on Tournament Pages[edit]

For a broadcaster to be included on a tournament page in the talent section, they must meet certain conditions:

  • The broadcaster must be contracted by the tournament organizer to run the primary or secondary language stream. As such, broadcasters who are casting the match via an open relay or were given the IP for the purposes or hosting an alternate stream or broadcasting in a tertiary language will not be included in the Broadcast Talent section on a tournament page.
    • Please note however, that streamers are freely allowed to add their local language to the Additional Content section of a tournament page.
  • For the purposes of simplicity, we define the primary broadcast language for the majority of tournaments as English, while the secondary broadcast language is the language of the city or region where the event was held.
    • For events that do not have an English-language broadcast, the primary and secondary broadcast language will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


We try to accumulate as much information about maps as possible. Map pages usually include notable features.

User pages[edit]

Completely optional, but make your userpage a good indication of who you are! Feel free to be friendly or use some Userboxes to spruce things up.