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For the Brazilian player/coach, see msr.
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Player Information
Robert Pieńkowski
October 19, 1991 (age 31)
Years Active (Player):
2016 – 2018
Years Active (Coach):
2018 – Present
Approx. Total Winnings:
2016-04-?? – 2016-11-??
2017-06-?? – 2017-10-??
2018-06-15 – 2018-09-??
2018-11-?? – 2018-12-??
GROMclan (Coach)
2020-08-27 – 2021-06-26
2022-03-10 – 2022-05-26
ThunderFlash (Coach)

Robert "mSr" Pieńkowski (born October 19, 1991) is a Polish professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive coach and a former professional player.


2018-09-019th - 16thA4C-TierOfflineSupreme MastersSupreme MastersSupreme Masters 2018Dr. Pepper Team1 : 2Allround-PC 
2018-08-155th - 8thA4C-TierOnlineESL/Mistrzostwa PolskiESL/Mistrzostwa PolskiESL Mistrzostwa Polski - Summer 2018: Division 2Dr. Pepper Team0 : 2Invizy Esport 
2018-05-202ndA4C-TierOfflineGood Game LeagueGood Game LeagueRoad to GG League 2018 Stage #3 GdańskDr Pepper's Academy0 : 2Vex.eSport$820
2017-09-1013th - 16thA4C-TierOnline/OfflinePuchar Polski Cybersport Season 2Puchar Polski Cybersport Season 2Puchar Polski Cybersport Season 2XXTBAXXXXTBAXXFF - WIzako Boars 
2017-07-123rd - 4thA5QualifierOnlineESL/Mistrzostwa PolskiESL/Mistrzostwa PolskiESL Mistrzostwa Polski 2017 - Open Qualifier 3OFF-MODE Red0 : 2PACT BlackPACT Black 
2017-06-259th - 10thA4C-TierOfflineGood Game LeagueGood Game LeagueGood Game League 2017OFF-MODE Red1/3Grp. S. 
2016-11-0925thA4C-TierOnlineESEAESEAESEA Season 23: Main Division - EuropeMoral Alliance9/7Grp. S. 
2016-10-014thA3B-TierOfflineESL/Mistrzostwa PolskiESL/Mistrzostwa PolskiESL Mistrzostwa Polski 2016Moral Alliance0 : 2Venatores$523
2016-07-2828thA4C-TierOnlineESEAESEAESEA Season 22: Main Division - EuropeMoral Alliance8/8Grp. S. 
2016-04-193rd - 4thA4C-TierOnlineESEAESEAESEA Season 21: Open Division - EuropeMoral Alliance0 : 2BLUEJAYS$750
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2021-06-1722nd - 24thA2A-TierOnlineSpring Sweet Spring #3Spring Sweet Spring #3Spring Sweet Spring #3HONORISHONORIS1 : 2HYENASHYENAS$1,000
2021-06-132ndA4C-TierOnlineEsport Tour ProEsport Tour ProEsport Tour Pro Summer 2021HONORISHONORIS1 : 2MAD Lions$1,345.31
2021-05-294thA3B-TierOfflinePolska Liga EsportowaPolska Liga EsportowaPolska Liga Esportowa S9 Grupa MistrzowskaHONORISHONORIS0 : 2Illuminar Gaming$2,175.43
2021-05-161stA3B-TierOnlineESL/Mistrzostwa PolskiESL/Mistrzostwa PolskiESL Mistrzostwa Polski: Spring 2021HONORISHONORISW - FFAGO$6,703.29
2021-04-182ndA4C-TierOnlineESEAESEAESEA Season 36: Open Division - EuropeHONORISHONORIS0 : 21win1win$1,500
2021-03-281stA4C-TierOnlineESEA/Cash CupESEA/Cash CupESEA Cash Cup: Europe - Spring 2021 #2HONORISHONORIS2 : 0eClub Brugge$3,000
2021-03-2524th - 26thA2A-TierOnlineSnow Sweet Snow #3Snow Sweet Snow #3Snow Sweet Snow #3HONORISHONORIS0 : 2K23K23$1,000
2021-02-1637th - 44thA2A-TierOnlineSnow Sweet Snow #2Snow Sweet Snow #2Snow Sweet Snow #2HONORISHONORIS0 : 2Styldunow 
2021-02-0319th - 20thA2A-TierOnlineSnow Sweet Snow #1Snow Sweet Snow #1Snow Sweet Snow #1HONORISHONORIS1 : 2SINNERS Esports$3,000
2020-12-053rd - 4thA3B-TierOnlinePolska Liga EsportowaPolska Liga EsportowaPolska Liga Esportowa S8 Grupa MistrzowskaHONORISHONORIS0 : 2PACTPACT$2,170.12
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