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Team Information
Germany Sebastian P. Kuch
Total Winnings:
: 1998-03-??
: 2014-06-08

mTw (formerly known as mortal Teamwork) is a German esports organization founded in March 1998. The Global Offensive team was released in 2016.

Financial issues led to the team being shut down in January 2013, [1] only to be reopened in 2014 after being sold to Hamburg based marketing company Department M. After several shutdowns and reacquirements, the organization was bought out by MateCrate, a Hamburg based esports company, in January 2020.


The history of mTw began in January of 1998. Zulu (Rene Korte), Byter (Maik Vöge) and Hellwoofer (Steffen Arndt) met on one of the first Quake2 online Servers in the US. At that time, Q2, made by Id Software, was the hit PC Action Game on the market. Online-gaming issues like Ping and Packet-loss did not deter them from playing. After much Q2'ing, the three decided to meet in a Chat (IRC) and here they decided to create a Clan. All they needed now was a good name. After several e-mails and online meetings, the three agreed on the name mTw.

In March 2000, the stage was set for mTw's new Counter Strike team.The Counter Strike team was able to win both German Championships. Additionally, the CS team was able to show their stuff at many CPL's. The CPL (Cyberathlete Professional League) is an organization that organizes large tournaments with considerable monetary prizes. At these events, whether in Dallas or Cologne, a Top 5 finish was not too common. The Mini-CPL Tournament, held within the framework of the CeBit 2002 convention, was in fact won by mTw. One of the most notable finishes was the 2nd place at the World Cyber Games 2001 in Korea, were the players took home a prize of $20,000.

Player Roster[edit]



ID Name Position Join Date
Germany Sebastian Philipp Kuch CEO 2020-01-??



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