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This page is a database of players who have competed at Valve Majors, categorized by country represented, and then ordered by number of players from their country. Some players have more than one nationality, or have changed nationalities over time. So a player like Germany LEGIJA appears under Germany, despite having attended Majors as a Serbia Serbian. The table at the bottom of the page showcases scenarios like this one.

Within each table you will find the total number of players from that country in the title, and for each player, a table which displays each Major the player attended and the team they represented. The color behind a tournament's name indicates the placing the player had at the Major. Gold for 1st place, Silver for 2nd place, Bronze for 3rd-4th place, and Turquoise for 5th-8th place.

Once major time roles around, if you'd like to add new information it'd be nice to follow these conventions:

Player sorting:

  1. Firstly, players are sorted by their first team / organization. For example, autimatic appears under the Cloud9 section in the middle area of the US table with the other players whose first org was Cloud9, while Magisk appears at the bottom of the DK table, since his first org at the Majors was North and he is the first player to have North as his first org.
  2. Within a group of players who share a first team, the players are sorted by chronology, so znajder appears above disco doplan in the Fnatic section.
  3. Afterwards, use alphabetical.
  4. Remember to check the new total number of players for the country a new player was added to. Update the number at the top of the table, and move the country to a higher section if required.

Country sorting:

  1. Place the country into the right section based on the number of players for that country.
  2. Within each section, countries are sorted by number of players. So, Sweden with 30 appears above Denmark with 26.
  3. If two countries have the same number of players, they are then sorted alphabetically.
  4. Make sure to follow conventions for adding the players and Majors for each new player for a new country.

If you have questions about this page, feel free to ask User:CarbonDogma.


Greater than 30 players[edit]

26 to 30 players[edit]

21 to 25 players[edit]

16 to 20 players[edit]

11 to 15 players[edit]

6 to 10 players[edit]

1 to 4 players[edit]

Trans-nationality Players[edit]

Player Nationality 1 Nationality 2
BENDJI Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina Sweden Sweden
Dumas Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina Sweden Sweden
pita Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina Sweden Sweden
wayLander Finland Finland Russia Russia
MAJ3R France France Turkey Turkey
stavros Greece Greece Germany Germany
kNgV- Italy Italy Brazil Brazil
LEGIJA Serbia Serbia Germany Germany
gob b Turkey Turkey Germany Germany
kUcheR Ukraine Ukraine Russia Russia