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Master League Portugal

[e][h] Master League Portugal
Series Information
Portugal Portugal

Master League Portugal (MLP) is the biggest league in Portugal for Counter-Strike, organized by E2Tech.

Each season there's 8 teams competing to be the best team in Portugal. The first season started on April 21st, 2018.



Master League Portugal was announced on March 15th, 2018[1]. A trailer was released unveiling Mercedes-Benz as main sponsor.

Season 1 Biggest Stage[edit]

On April 1st, 2018, it was announced that the Master League Portugal's champion was getting a spot at the first international CS:GO event in Portugal, Moche XL Esports.[2]

Giants Gaming placed 4th in the tournament, beating Tempo Storm and falling in the semis against Hellraisers.

Season 3 the Big Stage Returns[edit]

On February 20th, 2019, it was announced the 3rd and 4th season of Master League Portugal and also the return of Moche XL Esports.[3]

Season 4 the next big opportunity[edit]

On November 8th, 2019, it was announced that the 1st and 2nd places of Master League Portugal would have a spot in the WESG Portuguese Qualifier.[4]

Giants Gaming and Offset Esports ended up taking those spots, with Offset Esports getting the WESG Central Europe & Iberia Closed Qualifier spot.


Teams in Master League Portugal are:

Team Name First Season Currently
ASP Esports Season 1 No
Defining Stars Season 1 No
Electronik Generation Season 1 Yes
For The Win Esports Season 1 Yes
Giants Gaming Season 1 Yes
GTZ Bulls Esports Season 2 Yes
k1ck eSports Club Season 2 No
OFFSET Esports Season 1 Yes
Panthers eSports Season 1 No
Team HD Season 1 No
Grow uP eSports Season 3 Yes
XF Iberia Esports Season 3 No
eXploit Esports Season 4 Yes
Galatics Esports Club Season 4 Yes


Season Date Prize Pool Champion Runner-Up Regular Season Winner
Season 1 (2018.04.21 - 2018.05.30) €7,000 Giants Gaming OFFSET Esports OFFSET Esports
Season 2 (2018.09.29 - 2018.11.07) €10,000 Giants Gaming OFFSET Esports Giants Gaming
Season 3 (2019.04.06 - 2019.06.15) €10,000 OFFSET Esports GTZ Bulls Esports Giants Gaming
Season 4 (2019.09.23 - 2019.11.17) €10,000 Giants Gaming OFFSET Esports Giants Gaming

Player Awards[edit]

Season Regular Season MVP Team Playoffs MVP Team
Season 1 Portugal Stadodo OFFSET Esports Portugal Stadodo OFFSET Esports
Season 2 Portugal ZELIN OFFSET Esports Portugal Fox Giants Gaming
Season 3 Portugal ZELIN Giants Gaming Portugal Stadodo OFFSET Esports
Season 4 Portugal Fox Giants Gaming Spain arki Giants Gaming

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