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[e][h] Medion
Player Information
Erik Engström
Years Active (Player):
Approx. Total Winnings:
2000-??-?? – 2002-??-??
????-??-?? – ????-??-??
2002-11-12 – 2003-01-17
????-??-?? – ????-??-??

Erik "Medion" Engström is a former Swedish professional Counter-Strike player.


Named after a computer manufacturer Medion was at one point in time considered to be perhaps the most complete player in the game. He had an immense mastery over the rifles (including the AUG and Sig Sauer), AWP and pistols at a time when most players could be catagorized by their use of one or the other (in the case of rifles and AWP obviously). Commanding performances in the super team of his day Ninjas in Pyjamas and a friendly attitude made him both a fan and player favourite. He won CPL after CPL with his Ninjas in Pyjamas teammates before hanging up his mouse seemingly for good after the CPL World Championship.

When SK Gaming needed reinforcements a year later he agreed to give CS another go and managed to reach 3rd at the CPL Winter Event 2002. Despite what appeared to be a fully fledged comeback in the works he quit for good shortly after. [1]


Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Result Prize
2002-12-22 A33rd A1Premier 2002 CPL Winter 2 - 13 $12,500
2001-12-09 A11st A1Premier 2001 CPL Winter 2 : 1 $50,000
2001-09-02 A11st A1Premier 2001 CPL Europe Berlin 4 : 3 $9,117
2001-08-05 A11st A1Premier 2001 CPL Europe London 13 - 10 $4,377
2001-05-13 A11st A1Premier 2001 CPL Europe Holland 1 : 0 $4,377
2000-12-17 A11st A1Premier 2000 CPL Babbage 22 - 8 $5,000
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