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Movistar Riders

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[e][h]Movistar Riders
Team Information
Spain Fernando Piquer
Spain David Cantolla
Approx. Total Winnings:
: 2017-01-10
Global Offensive: 2017-01-10

Movistar Riders is a Spanish esports organization founded in 2017. In January 2024 it was announced that the organization had been acquired by OverActive Media as part of a merger between KOI, Movistar Riders, and MAD Lions.


Player Roster[edit]



Former Organization
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Organization
Spain Deilor Luis Sevilla Performance Director 2021-07-01 [56] 2024-01-04 [55]
Spain Kini Joaquín González Esports Psychologist 2022-07-21 [57] 2024-01-04 [55] KOI KOI (Esports Psychologist)
Spain RachelXGin Raquel Esperanza Team Manager 2018-07-19 [14] 2024-01-04 [55] KOI KOI (Team Manager)
Spain David Cantolla Co-Founder 2017-01-10 [58] 2024-01-04 [55]
Spain Carlos García Acevedo Co-CEO 2019-07-24 [59] 2024-01-04 [55] OverActive Media OverActive Media (Chief Commercial Officer (EMEA))
Spain Fernando Fernando Piquer Co-Founder, Co-CEO 2017-01-10 [58] 2024-01-04 [55] OverActive Media OverActive Media (Chief Strategy Officer)
Spain Resett Luis Filgueira Sports Director 2020-11-01 [60] 2024-01-03 [61]
Spain repk3ys Ángel García Analyst 2021-08-12 [40] 2023-12-26 [54]
Spain SpiritGG Jorge Sainz Agency Director 2020-11-01 [62] 2023-01-31 [63]
Spain Séns Jaime Callejas Esports Psychologist 2017-07-10 [64] 2021-12-26 [65] ENCE ENCE (Performance Coach)
Spain Resett Luis Filgueira General Manager 2018-01-01 [66] 2020-11-01 [60] Movistar Riders Movistar Riders (Sports Director)
Spain SpiritGG Jorge Sainz Sports Director 2017-08-25 [67] 2020-11-01 [60] Movistar Riders Movistar Riders (Agency Director)
Spain Hepa Juan Borges Analyst 2019-09-16 [27] 2020-07-16 [31] Team LiquidTeam Liquid Team Liquid (Analyst)
Spain Lithany Rodrigo Río Performance Manager 2019-06-17 [68] 2020-06-22 [69]
Spain Pulgago Pablo Fernández Analyst 2018-11-06 [18] 2019-10-25 [26] Cream Esports Cream Esports (Coach)
Spain Sparty Germán Domínguez Head of Esports 2019-04-24 [70] 2019-07-31 [71]
Spain SpiritGG Jorge Sainz General Manager 2017-01-10 [72] 2017-08-25 [67] Movistar Riders Movistar Riders (Sports Director)
Spain LRojo Lucas Rojo Sports Director 2017-01-10 [72] 2017-08-25 [67]






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