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Team Information
Norway Jonas "bsl" Vikan
Norway Jonas "bsl" Vikan
AMD, ATI, ABIT, Kingston, SteelSeries, Shuttle Inc., Kappa, Pepsi, and Sennheiser.
Total Winnings:
: 2003-11-26
: 2007-08-01

NoA (also known as Team NoA) was a Norwegian Counter-Strike team.


NoA was a professional Counter-Strike team who are as well known for setting precedents as they are for being a successful team. Founded by Jonas "bsl"' Alsaker, the team was several times regarded as the worlds best, taking home many prestigious "trophies" (or at least victories). They were the first professional e-sports team to consist of members from multiple continents when they formed the team of highly experienced players from Norway, Canada and USA. They were also the first e-sports team ever to pay for a player transfer out of a contract when they bought Ola 'elemeNt' Moum out of his contract with SK Gaming.

In 2007 NoA merged with, and became the Danish Counter-Strike team in the mortalTeamwork (mTw) organization.[1] dominated Counter-Strike in 2008, winning both KODE5 Global Finals, Intel Extreme Masters Continental Finals and the World Cyber Games amongst others. The Danes were awarded 'eSports Team of the Year'.

The 2007 Roster (5th Generation) was the last lineup (except for a shorty comeback in 2008 for the BWS Challenge tournament) for NoA but no official statement was published.


Player Roster[edit]





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