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Operation Breakout

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Operation Breakout
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Black Gold (D) , Castle (D) , Insertion (H) , Mist (D) , Overgrown (D) , Rush (H)


Operation Breakout was the fourth Counter-Strike: Global Offensive operation, following Operation Phoenix. It was introduced on the July 1, 2014 update at the original price of $5.99 USD/€4,99 EUR and concluded on October 2, 2014.

Operation Breakout featured 6 new community maps, 3 exclusive weapon collections (Baggage, Cobblestone, and Overpass), an operation themed weapon case, the addition of operation missions and the operation journal. After the ESL One Cologne 2014 tournament, the Cache collection was also made available as a potential mission reward collection.

Operation Vanguard is the successor to Operation Breakout.

Operation Coin[edit]

Unlike previous operations, the Operation Breakout Coin now tracks the player's mission completions in addition to competitive highlights on operation and active duty maps during the operation.

Badge Progress[edit]

  • Bronze: Purchase the pass
  • Silver: Complete 5 missions
  • Gold: Complete 15 missions

Operation Missions[edit]

Introduced in Operation Breakout, the operation missions task the player with a goal to complete and reward the player with a random skin from one of the exclusive Operation Breakout weapon collections during the operation.

Operation Journal[edit]

Also introduced in Operation Breakout, the operation journal contains information about the player, the player's statistics during the operation and provides the player with a quick field guide of the featured maps.