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[e][h] Potti
Player Information
Tommy Ingemarsson
September 18, 1980 (1980-09-18) (age 38)
Years Active (Player):
Approx. Total Winnings:
2000 – 2001
2001 – 2001
2002-06-14 - 2004-12-31
2005-01-01 - 2006-03-06

Tommy "Potti" Ingemarsson (born September 18, 1980) is a retired Counter-Strike 1.6 player. He was one of the co-founder of Ninjas in Pyjamas, along with his friend Tootzi.


Potti is an old school player competitively. Back in the era of beta 5.2 he wowed a young player called HeatoN with his movement abilities and spray with the p90. In June of 2000 he co-founded a team called Ninjas in Pyjamas along with his friend Tootzi which competed in the Swedish Clanbase ladder and soon reached the number 1 position. It was a different era and like most teams back then their roster featured a whole cast of players. When it came time to get serious and compete in real LAN events the roster was trimmed and the squad that remained joined the Eyeballers organization and got sponsorship from the legendary cafe9. In line with this the team changed its name to e9. In December of 2000 they attended the first European CPL event held in Cologne but due to the age limit the talented Medion had to sit it out and as if that wasn't bad enough another player missed his flight. Eyeballers had a Quake squad and so litzer was drafted in to play as the CS team's 5th. In spite of all these problems they finished an acceptable 4th.

The next big event was the Babbages CPL and as chance would have it the same player, pk, missed his flight again. Quake 3 player litzer stood in once more but this time the team won the whole event. In doing so Potti and the gang placed ahead of the likes of Domain of Pain, Syndicate (featuring Rambo) and CK3 Blue (featuring Bullseye and ksharp). The next part of the story saw XeqtR and HeatoN join the team, who were then called c9 and team9. Despite winning a LAN called the Gathering in Norway the team was soon to be torn in half by internal differences. Medion was kicked and headed to Vesslan's MAFIA along with Hyb and later HeatoN. With CPL Amsterdam coming up Potti and XeqtR joined All Stars. At the CPL the two teams clashed in the finals with the MAFIA crew, called Spirit of Amiga for sponsorship reasons, coming out on top.

After seeing how important each of the ex-NiP players had been to the success of their respective teams they all realized they were missing out on an opportunity to have the undisputed best team in the world. Potti would reform Ninjas in Pyjamas along with HeatoN, XeqtR, Hyb and Medion to create one of the best starting fives ever to join a CS server. The team went on a rampage winning CPL London and CPL Berlin. Internal differences again arose though as XeqtR was kicked from the team shortly before the CPL qualifier for that Winter and vesslan from MAFIA and ahl from GoL were brought in. It didn't matter as Ninjas in Pyjamas won the qualifier and headed off to the US for what was the biggest CS event ever at that time, with $50,000 for first place. Seeded 1st Ninjas in Pyjamas wound up facing the 2nd seeded Xtreme 3 in the grand finals and beat them in one of the closest finals ever held at a CPL.

Despite being in the best team in the world Ninjas in Pyjamas and Potti always attracted more than their fair share of drama. They brought XeqtR back into the fold only for the team itself to have to disband a few months later due to lack of sponsorship. bds stepped in and brought Potti along with XeqtR and HeatoN into SK Gaming. A rocky start at Lanarena7 where they crashed and burned within a laggy environment had many questioning whether the Ninjas in Pyjamas magic had ended for Potti and his famous team-mates. The critics were silenced when SK Gaming won CPL Summer in 2002 a few weeks later. With the WCG becoming a major event SK Gaming decide to remove DarK and XeqtR in favour of Swedish players but this saw a difficult period for the team as the players they tried did not yield the same results and SK Gaming took 3rd at CPL Winter 2002.

In January of 2003 SK Gaming cherry picked top players from the Swedish scene to form a new lineup. This time Potti would be back on top of the European scene as he won CPL Cannes shortly after. A 3rd at Clickarena and ESWC 2003 soon had many speculating that the era of dominance in CS was over and it would now be a dogfight amongst a handful of top teams. Potti and SK Gaming put a stop to those idle thoughts when they began their a legendary run which saw them win CPL Summer 2003, WCG 2003, CPL Copenhagen and CPL Winter 2003. Potti's trophy cabinet was now full to the brim and it seemed hard to imagine a time when that level of success would recede. Little did anyone know Potti would never win another world championship level CS tournament.

In 2004 SK Gaming placed 2nd at CPL Summer as Eyeballers finally overcame them. ESWC also proved less than successful as the team lost to Virtus.pro in a famous match and finished far shorter than their high standards demanded. They sought to remedy this by recruiting Hyper from Eyeballers but at the WCG they placed 4th after losing to Team 3D and MaveN. At Nolellva SK Gaming lost to underdog team icsu before beating them from the lower bracket to win the Scandinavian LAN. Salary arguments with their organization had the whole lineup leave in 2005 and restart the Ninjas in Pyjamas brand. Recruiting Hyper they had an incredible lineup on paper but then proceeded to bungle a handful of Swedish LANs and qualifiers.

With the bulk of the team leaving for SK Gaming Potti and HeatoN set about rebuilding the lineup, taking in young talents like walle, ins and zet. While we may look at those names now and imagine they'd make a formidable team those famous play styles had not all been refined at the time. Ninjas in Pyjamas again struggled at WEG season3 and ESWC so a win at GameGune hardly seemed like a huge result in the face of how long it had been since they had been at the top. At CPL Winter 2005 their run through the lower bracket saw them in a position to get back to glory before they were shockingly upset by JMC. In March of 2006 Potti retired from professional counter-strike.

Impact and legacy[edit]

Playing with some of the greatest CS players ever showed how good Potti was in that he could stand out in that crowd. While HeatoN was most the famous player in the world for his spray Potti was the closer on those teams, finishing off close matches against tough opposition. Breaking bad runs of rounds when the team desperately needed a key round to turn a match was Potti's specialty. The thing to understand is that there were always good teams who challenged Potti's teams but like any of the great closers in sports history he always seemed to do the right thing in those clutch moments to put his team in front. From 2000 to 2004 Potti was probably the best player in the world, with only one or two players being able to realistically challenge that claim and even then only for single year periods at a time. His talent, refined by hours and hours of practice, coupled with his killer instinct made him the Michael Jordan of CS.

When you talk about legacy Potti has one of the greatest without a doubt. In his time he won 9 CPL titles and a WCG gold medal. From 2000 to 2005 Potti never placed below 4th at a CPL despite attending 14 of them. [1]


Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Result Prize
2005-07-24 A11st A2Major GameGune 2005 2 : 1 $12,070.95
2004-08-01 A22nd A1Premier 2004 CPL Summer 5 - 13 $21,000
2003-12-20 A11st A1Premier 2003 CPL Winter 13 - 4 $30,000
2003-11-16 A11st A1Premier 2003 CPL Europe Copenhagen 13 - 10 $5,882
2003-10-18 A11st A1Premier World Cyber Games 2003 2 : 0 $40,000
2003-08-03 A11st A1Premier 2003 CPL Summer 13 - 8 $60,000
2003-03-16 A11st A1Premier 2003 CPL Cannes 13 - 2 $5,387
2002-06-24 A11st A1Premier 2002 CPL Summer 2 : 1 $25,000
2001-12-09 A11st A1Premier 2001 CPL Winter 2 : 1 $50,000
2001-09-02 A11st A1Premier 2001 CPL Europe Berlin 4 : 3 $9,117
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