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Quantum Bellator Fire

[e][h]Quantum Bellator Fire
Team Information
Total Winnings:
Organization: 2015
: 2016-10-14

Quantum Bellator Fire was Quantum Bellator's main and only CS:GO team. The team was originally their second CS:GO team, later becoming the main team of the organization as they did not have any other active teams.


Beginning steps[edit]

Quantum Bellator Fire was previously signed as a second team as Quantum Bellator had signed a primary team while they also acquired Space Jam as a secondary team. The original lineup consisted of Belarusian Alexander "uNdo" Kizjukevich, the Russian trio of Yaroslav "It's my" Ushkov, Gregory "balblna" Oleinick, Vasiliy "FANAT ROCKA" Trusov, as well as Finnish-Russian Mihael "moonsh1n3" Popkov. The team was signed ahead of World Cyber Arena - World Contest Championship 2016 which acted as a United Kingdom vs Russia vs China tournament. Both Quantum Bellator teams attended this tournament but the Fire team had placed 4th, just edging above their sister team and being the highest placing Russian team as all Chinese teams took the top 3 placings.

It was after the Chinese tournament that moonsh1n3 would depart due to having to attend mandatory military service, he would eventually be replaced by Ivan "F1L1N" Semenets, who moonsh1n3 previously replaced in Space Jam prior to joining the Russian organization. Prior to F1L1N's addition, Nikita "waterfaLLZ" Matveyev was brought in as a stand-in and would play at the CIS Minor for ELEAGUE Atlanta 2017 but they would fall 4th, losing to the Aurimas "Kvik" Kvakšys' VwS Gaming which also meant that they would lose out on prize money also.

Eventually after a few mixed results in online cups and some smaller LAN tournaments, they would replace F1L1N with Ilya "fix" Golovko and they would also acquire the World Cyber Games 2002 champion Alexey "NooK" Kozlovskiy as their coach. The results were still not very good and it was at that point that they decided to release fix and they would eventually acquire Kvik from Playing Ducks International. After the Lithuanian's addition to the team, there would be a slight improvement in results and the Russian side would also attend the next CIS Minor for PGL Kraków 2017 after a close call in the closed qualifier. They would do well in the group stage placing 2-0 but would later lose in the upper bracket to Tengri and eventually be eliminated in 4th losing to pro100 who they had beaten in the group stage to claim their first place spot. It was after the minor that QBF would replace uNdo and It's my for the much more accomplished duo of waterfaLLZ and Saveliy "jmqa" Bragin with the former stand-in becoming their new in-game leader.

After the additions of the two experienced players, there would be a silent period but also the upcoming of a kryptonite in AVANGAR. It was after a while that NooK left and that FANAT ROCKA was replaced by Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov, who had previously played with waterfaLLZ and jmqa on Elements Pro Gaming - this would additionally leave balblna as the last founding member of the team. QBF also announced at a later time that former Team Spirit Academy coach Dmitriy "iksou" Mihailichenko would be joining forces ahead of the CIS Minor for ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018.

Major Success[edit]

On the 10th of October 2017, QBF had participated in the Open Qualifier for the upcoming CIS Minor, a qualifier where they would defeat most of their former teammates over on the new Space Jam team as well as Nemiga Gaming to qualify. It was 16 days later that they would attend the minor in Bucharest, Romania where they would first play against AVANGAR but they would lose 16-12. It was then that the Russian team would have to play Tengri in the elimination match where the Kazakh side would take Cache 16-14, after that, all seemed nothing but gone for QBF until Mirage where they would end up taking the map in overtime before moving to Cobblestone which they would eventually close out 16-14 to stay alive in the tournament. In the group decider, they would play last chance team forZe which would end up being a fairly game as it would end 2-0 in the favour of QBF.

In the playoffs, QBF would be placed against pro100 who had eliminated the Russian side from the previous CIS Minor in 4th place. QBF would end up washing pro100 out of the ocean winning in 2-0 fashion after a close map one. They would later rematch against AVANGAR but they would fall to the upcoming Kazakh side once again only being able to win the first map in close fashion, after this game the Russian side would fall into the lower bracket where they would have to play against Team Spirit who had much better odds of winning. It was the next day they would play eachother and QBF would upset the favourites with a 2-1 in which they would end up qualifying for the major, that was before facing AVANGAR in the grand final however. This next match would end up being the closest of any game played in the minor where AVANGAR would take Inferno 16-14 before QBF would take Mirage 16-14 and then Cache came around but AVANGAR would end up closing out the final with a 19-16 victory in overtime.

QBF would qualify for the New Challengers Stage of the ELEAGUE Major where they would first play against the CIS powerhouse of Natus Vincere who they would lose to 16-8. It was the next day they would play Flash Gaming from China, and also the replacement team for TyLoo who had forfeited last minute. QBF would beat the Chinese side in a close 16-13 game before they would play against FaZe Clan who they did not have a good time against at all. It was then that they would have to play a weaker Team EnVyUs who fielded their coach Damien "maLeK" Marcel in place of Cédric "RpK" Guipouy, the Russian side would be down 2-9 before ending their CT half 5-10. They would later come back winning 16-12 with the French side only winning two rounds on their CT half. After the comeback against Team EnVyUs, they would play AVANGAR in the last round to make it to the New Legends Stage but they would finally break the curse and win 16-6 on Train to qualify for the main part of the major.

Moving to the New Legends Stage, QBF would be set to play against who they would manage to defeat in very easy fashion, a 16-3 match to be more exact. They would later play against Gambit Esports, the defending champions and best them in overtime before facing G2 Esports in the 2-0 games but they would fall 16-4 denying them the chance of making playoffs flawlessly. The next day however, they would face mousesports for a second chance of making the playoffs. The map would be Train, where mousesports would end up being up 13-2 but it was in the second half that QBF would make another great comeback with them having a 14-1 half and winning the game 16-14 to make the New Champions Stage and gain legend status. Meanwhile making the playoffs of a major, Quantum Bellator Fire are the first team to ever make it to the playoffs of a major coming from the open qualifiers of a minor in a single run which no other team has ever done before.


Player Roster[edit]


Former Squad
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Russia spaze Captain Ivan Obrezhan 2018-07-19 [11] 2018-10-09 [15] LAN DODGERS
Russia FL1T Jenya Lebedev 2018-07-19 [11] 2018-10-09 [15] forZe
Russia SP1NT (Trial) Gleb Gorelov 2018-10-08 [14] 2018-10-09 [15] Vaevictis eSports
Russia airscape (Trial) Sergey Marochkin 2018-10-08 [14] 2018-10-09 [15] Vyalie Pitoni
Russia kReeDz (Trial) Ruslan Eyvazov 2018-10-08 [14] 2018-10-09 [15] de_mirage
Russia zoneR (Coach) Alexander Bulygin-Bogatyrev 2018-07-19 [11] 2018-10-09 [15] DreamEaters (Coach)
Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Belarus dERZKIY Igor Radosavlevich 2018-08-30 [12] 2018-10-07 [13] LAN DODGERS
Ukraine arch (Substitute) Vladyslav Svistov 2018-08-30 [12] 2018-10-07 [13] LAN DODGERS
Ukraine smike Sergey Sklyarenko 2018-08-30 [12] 2018-10-07 [13] Vengeance
Russia Gospadarov Kirill Gospadarov 2018-07-19 [11] 2018-08-30 [12] KAV0
Russia Twiksar Nikita Bulygin 2018-07-19 [11] 2018-08-30 [12] Vyalie Pitoni
Russia shocked Mihail Hizanishvili 2018-07-19 [11] 2018-08-30 [12]

Former Squad
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Russia balblna Gregory Oleinick 2016-10-14 [1] 2018-06-20 [10] Winstrike Team
Lithuania Kvik Aurimas Kvakšys 2017-05-02 [7] 2018-06-20 [10] Winstrike Team
Russia waterfaLLZ Captain Nikita Matveyev 2017-06-18 [8] 2018-06-20 [10] Winstrike Team
Russia jmqa Saveliy Bragin 2017-06-18 [8] 2018-06-20 [10] Winstrike Team
Russia Boombl4 Kirill Mikhailov 2017-09-01 [9] 2018-06-20 [10] Winstrike Team
Russia iksou (Coach) Dmitriy Mihailichenko 2017-10-02 2018-06-20 [10] Winstrike Team
Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Russia FANAT ROCKA Vasiliy Trusov 2016-10-14 [1] 2017-09-01 [9] Space Jam
Russia NooK (Coach) Alexey Kozlovskiy 2017-02-25 [5] 2017-08-?? Unique Team (Coach)
Russia It's my Yaroslav Ushkov 2016-10-14 [1] 2017-06-18 [8] Space Jam
Belarus uNdo Alexander Kizjukevich 2016-10-14 [1] 2017-06-18 [8] Space Jam
Ukraine fix Ilya Golovko 2017-02-25 [5] 2017-04-03 [6] Spray'n'pray
Ukraine F1L1N Ivan Semenets 2016-11-24 [3] 2017-01-25 [4] Spray'n'pray
Finland moonsh1n3 Mihael Popkov 2016-10-14 [1] 2016-10-23 [2] Space Jam
Temporary stand-ins
ID Name Replacing ID Name Tournament(s)
Russia BAS  
Alexey Kustov
Lithuania Kvik Aurimas Kvakšys WESG 2017 - Europe
WESG 2017 - Russia
WESG 2017 - Russia Qualifier #2
Kyrgyzstan pachanga  
Bakir Kurbanaliev
Russia balblna Gregory Oleinick Gauntlet - CIS vs EU #7
Ukraine fix   Ilya Golovko
StarLadder i-League Season 3 - Europe
Russia waterfaLLZ   Nikita Matveyev
CIS Minor Championship 2017 - Atlanta [2]





  • Quantum Bellator Fire is the first team to go from the open qualifier of a Minor to the playoffs of a Major in one run, having done so at ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018.


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