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[e][h] qz
Player Information
Romanized Name:
QuanQing Wu
Approx. Total Winnings:
Alternate IDs:
qiezi, qz❤yaya, 茄子
Counter-Strike 1.6:
201?-??-?? – 2012-12-13

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

201?-??-?? – 2013-03-25
2013-03-25 – 201?-??-??
2014-04-10 – 2014-05-13
2014-05-13 – 2014-??-??
2014-??-?? – 2014-??-??
2014-07-27 – 201?-??-??
2015-03-18 – 2016-02-26
2016-06-?? – 2016-08-02
2019-05-07 – Present
OneThree (Manager)

QuanQing "qz" Wu is a former Chinese Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Counter-Strike Online and Counter-Strike 1.6 player. He is DD's elder brother. He is unable to play in Valve sponsored events due to a previous VAC ban.



In 2013 qz received a VAC ban during MSI Beat IT 2013, which garnered little attention at the time. In 2016, two years after qz was signed to TyLoo and a few hours away from playing at Intel Extreme Masters Season X Taipei, employees from ESL were notified of evidence of the ban and it was later verified that qz did in fact receive a VAC ban.[1]

Following the events, TyLoo and qz released an official statement to HLTV regarding the matter in which qz chose to defend himself. qz claimed that he had shared a Steam account with CS:GO on it to play as you could not buy the game using CNY or alipay. At the qualifier prior to the LAN event, the account was accessed by someone else and the password was changed so qz couldn't access it anymore. For the rest of the qualifier and the LAN event he had used a different account to play on. On the day of the grand final, November 24th 2013, the account qz shared was VAC banned.[2]

A month later and after investigations went underway, qz was kicked from TyLoo in place of former member, YuanZhang "AttackeR" Sheng. Not long after, he had joined eFuture but was released again after a short stint and remained teamless since.[3]


Date Placement Tier Type Tournament Team Result Prize
2016-06-15 A11st A4C-Tier Online MixBOT Pro-League Invite Season 2 W : FF $2,000
2016-06-05 A11st A4C-Tier Offline WESG 2016 - China Beijing Qualifier 2 : 0 $1,522.81
2016-01-10 A11st A4C-Tier Online/Offline Fulcrum Gamers League 3 : 0 $9,097.98
2015-08-02 A11st A4C-Tier Offline Douyu Cup CS:GO National Gaming Masters Season 1 3 : 2 $3,220.88
2015-06-14 A11st A4C-Tier Offline 2015 Star League Season 1 2 : 0 $1,231.7
2014-01-07 A11st A4C-Tier Offline Esports Champion League 2013 Grand Final 2 : 1 $11,568.98
2013-10-05 A11st A4C-Tier MSI Beat IT 2013 - Chinese Finals 2 : 1 $2,500
2013-06-16 A22nd A4C-Tier Offline World GameMaster Tournament 2013 0 : 2 $4,893.4
2013-04-21 A22nd A4C-Tier Online/Offline Esports Champion League 2013 Season 1 1 : 3 $3,231.6
2012-12-02 A22nd A2A-Tier Offline World Cyber Games 2012 0 : 2 $10,000
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