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Random list of 100 retired players/coaches/commentators etc.
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World Player Team Role Role 2

Spain neptuNo
United States n0s4m
Portugal Pizituh Entry fragger
Argentina Freakky Rifler
France MiTsu Rifler
Australia ferg In-game leader Coach
Canada fruit Awper
Sweden IsKall
Germany mnL Rifler
United States Keiti Rifler
Argentina OmegaRed
United States freakazoid In-game leader Rifler
Thailand Olivia Awper
South Korea stax Rifler
Taiwan crazyface Awper
Colombia Daveys Lurker
Brazil pava Entry fragger
Belarus SADZED
Norway ensa
Brazil SpyDaemoN In-game leader Lurker
United Kingdom Puls3 Rifler
Sweden Xenon
Sweden Tentpole
Norway Damien
United States reD
United States moto
United Kingdom KritikaL
Japan Laz Awper Rifler
Sweden shrew Rifler
China 813 Awper In-game leader
Colombia sam_A Awper In-game leader
Russia Greeny
Germany Gery
United States GRAMPZ
Russia PLAZ Awper
Thailand wannafly Rifler
Czech Republic CaNNiE Awper
Poland FAALE
Norway MissHyper Rifler
United States sunman Rifler
United States neptune Entry fragger
Denmark zeleNa Rifler
United States 4sh0t
Thailand RAMI Awper
Sweden Kallberg Rifler
United States aKis Rifler
Denmark pzyclone
Sweden lijo Rifler
China Stevie Entry fragger
Australia chuch
Sweden GoZie
Norway RUBINO In-game leader Entry fragger
Spain DeyF
Hong Kong ZKi
Sweden kixer
United States tconnors Rifler
Chile feLiZnOJkE Rifler
United States ShahZaM Awper
Ukraine krutoi
Brazil btt Rifler
United States minikerr
Canada APE
Denmark Squidi
Canada dsr Awper Rifler
Sweden Notorious
Kazakhstan fANTASTIKA
Finland rEplan Rifler
Canada gMd Rifler
Sweden hibb
Poland jrz
Thailand som
United States caseyfoster
Sweden Lillsan Rifler
Brazil Batistuta In-game leader Entry fragger
Sweden GoodFella
Algeria Kheops Entry fragger
United States oct
Denmark wazorN
Brazil cryo
Indonesia Eeyore Entry fragger
Brazil atx
Czech Republic WT Awper
Denmark Lass3
Sweden Lox
Russia keshandr
France PetiSkel Support
Finland VORMISTO Rifler
South Korea solo In-game leader Rifler
Kazakhstan dreaM Rifler
France YoRLiN Rifler
Hungary Barcode
Sweden Molander
United States crashies
Malaysia Subbey
Vietnam hoag In-game leader Awper
Denmark zEptonL
Denmark granzales
Finland ruuit
United States MAiNLiNE In-game leader Coach
Denmark whimp