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Random list of 100 retired players/coaches/commentators etc.
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World Player Team Role Role 2

Sweden psyket
Sweden rwa
Spain neptuNo
Austria impi
United States tck
Sweden SpawN Rifler
United States Volcano
Thailand Zendy Awper Rifler
China BanGa Rifler Commentator
Denmark KK
United States cheK
Sweden kvicken
United States masternook
United States dboorN
Germany Troubley In-game leader Rifler
Finland bloodR
United States focs
Denmark EraZ
Norway Damien
Brazil duken Entry fragger Awper
Argentina MatiFrag
Sweden Queen Rifler
Sweden bandit
United States Anomaly Lurker
Ukraine valentiniCh
France MaT Assistant coach
Argentina OmegaRed
Germany mooN Rifler
Spain milicua
United States bee-1os- Rifler Manager
Norway RashiiiE
Sweden Telsek
Iceland CritiCal
France ScariuM
Sweden Legenden
Canada bl00dsh0t
Russia xek
Ukraine weiss
Ukraine craft1k
Sweden kylie Director of esport
Russia NLaaeR Rifler
Sweden robin
China Savage Awper In-game leader
Sweden Luciano
Sweden Calippo
United States draWsouL Rifler
Finland Shiri
Argentina KasteK Awper
France mateOo Rifler
South Korea ari
Australia sonic In-game leader
Sweden Nisse Rifler
Argentina 3DEEEE
Sweden Molander
Argentina Ferchu
Sweden saMan
Poland LUULIGUZMAN Rifler Support
Sweden xeron
Sweden wenton
Sweden Nebb
France crZ
Sweden qp
Norway noLA
Spain FlipiN Lurker
Lithuania fender
Chile CalquiN Awper In-game leader
Hungary shiddy
United Kingdom KritikaL
France OliGan
Russia Dober
Sweden Zad
United Kingdom Abiii
Norway Luke
United States sancz Rifler
United States reD
Germany nooky In-game leader Rifler
Japan barce Rifler
Finland jigetus
United States Storm Support
Finland CISU Rifler
Denmark Sunde Awper Rifler
Spain GuMmY
Canada Nicolas
Germany cLy
Finland myssE
Russia Flatra
Brazil bt0
Argentina Rew4z In-game leader Coach
Ukraine raz0r
Argentina wardz In-game leader
Thailand P1NG In-game leader
United Kingdom wilzOOO Rifler
Sweden maxAki In-game leader Awper
United States caseyfoster
Sweden fury
Germany rAx
Singapore lUMBERJACK
Sweden Potti
United States n0s4m