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Random list of 100 retired players/coaches/commentators etc.
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World Player Team Role Role 2

Sweden Lucchese
France Happy Lurker
Sweden dejvin Rifler
China Mikk
Denmark Starhydra
Thailand Pooh Awper
Brazil Apoka Coach Manager
Israel shp3x Awper Rifler
Thailand bnwGiggs Entry fragger Awper
Thailand CigaretteS Lurker
Australia Jinxx
Australia dizzy
Australia emagine In-game leader
Thailand PTC Awper In-game leader
Colombia sickLy Lurker In-game leader
Germany syken Coach
Argentina 3DEEEE
Ukraine pops In-game leader
Russia diNGo
Germany Kapio Coach In-game leader
South Korea lsw
Brazil fpg Entry fragger
Spain sioK
Philippines DubsteP In-game leader
Australia SandMan Host Commentator
Canada c4Lypso
Tunisia bramz Rifler
Canada kVIN_S Observer
Brazil dread
Turkey hardstyle Coach Manager
Poland frz Rifler
Russia tonyblack Rifler
Sweden PyromaRnE
Australia IyeN
Chile Tio Support Awper
United States jdm64 Awper
Australia peekay Coach Commentator
Sweden Telsek
Sweden hyvlarn
United Kingdom ec1s Entry fragger
Norway yakin
Sweden dalito Coach
Sweden Szanto Awper
Sweden phyrre
South Korea zeff Rifler
United States ichibaNNN
United Kingdom jakem In-game leader
Brazil Nath
India Excali Rifler Awper
Sweden pb
Germany Blizzard BIG
Russia toff
Sweden bdN
Sweden Tentpole
United States artStar
Brazil napeR Awper
Vietnam kotk Rifler
Sweden Swift
France GMX Rifler
Norway StiG
Chile TK Lurker Support
Ukraine kekc
Sweden DomiNate
Netherlands AirRaid
China HZ Entry fragger
Sweden psyket
Estonia cheti
Norway ensa
Brazil spacca Broadcast analyst Commentator
Mongolia erkaSt In-game leader Entry fragger
Chile FiReMaNNN In-game leader
United Kingdom Sliggy Observer
China k1nchiNs Entry fragger
Bulgaria nk4y Rifler Awper
Hong Kong ZKi
Russia LeX
China yzl Rifler
India Ace Rifler
Sweden Archi
Thailand Reality In-game leader Awper
Russia HEL1
Poland jrz
Denmark wantz
Canada wabbit Awper
Thailand Leaf In-game leader Awper
France Sf Rifler
Jordan Foolz Rifler
China Mr.six Awper
India hellff Support Entry fragger
United States draWsouL Rifler
Australia jokes
Denmark pzyclone
Germany nooky In-game leader Rifler
Austria uLTi
Sweden nordQvist
Germany BMLN In-game leader
Brazil Savage Commentator Broadcast analyst
United States raz In-game leader
Canada els