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Random list of 100 retired players/coaches/commentators etc.
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World Player Team Role Role 2

Spain thinkii Rifler
Poland mausi
United States s0m Entry fragger
Netherlands Blaze
China K1ngZ
Norway ultra
Sweden saMan
Denmark gravityy
United Kingdom ec1s Entry fragger
Canada jasonR In-game leader Entry fragger
United States draWsouL Rifler
Germany Gery
United States focs
United States pauLy Rifler
Sweden Souledge
France ArK94 Support
Russia Sally
Sweden olander
Canada CAth Rifler
United Kingdom Kryptix Rifler
United States neptune Entry fragger
United States juv3nile
Norway Cazzidy
South Korea k1Ng Rifler
United States bENITA
Finland zet0r
Brazil maeda Support
Chile CalquiN Awper In-game leader
Thailand JinNy In-game leader Awper
China bigun
France rodeN Rifler
Denmark KS
Lithuania Carcass Awper
Canada APE
Greece tsack Entry fragger
Sweden crypt
Portugal zpr
France CREA^ Rifler
United States just9n Rifler
China Lamplight Entry fragger
Denmark EXR
Hungary NOFEAR
United Kingdom fearLess Awper
Finland Shiri
Japan barce Rifler
Sweden Queen Rifler
Algeria thyx
Germany loomit
France AlluM3tt3 Awper
Norway noLA
Sweden rvd
Indonesia adrnking Rifler
United States raz In-game leader
Poland FAALE
United States tconnors Rifler
Sweden xeron
Poland RETO
United States juice
Russia Dober
Kazakhstan fANTASTIKA
South Korea Rb Rifler
United States yay Rifler
Denmark mupzG
Tunisia bramz Rifler
Brazil gaabxx Awper
Peru VAATI Entry fragger
South Korea kAyle Rifler
Sweden RaxxE
Denmark pzyclone
United Kingdom Russ Awper
United States bee-1os- Rifler Manager
Norway Saidonz Awper
Sweden qp
Sweden Firat
Spain iRene
Sweden Hurley Rifler
United States n0s4m
United States ShahZaM Awper
Russia Ed1k In-game leader
United States Fighter
Denmark KK
Finland dRiim
Denmark xanzir
United States Hare In-game leader
Canada DUM0RE
Poland Falon
Germany oddo
United Kingdom Powell Awper
Germany fl0w Rifler
Sweden IsKall
France SaAku
Latvia Independent In-game leader Awper
Australia benoR
Sweden ScreaM
Sweden fury
Japan takej Rifler
Sweden Ezki Rifler
Canada StrongLegs In-game leader Commentator