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Random list of 100 retired players/coaches/commentators etc.
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World Player Team Role Role 2

Sweden aNNa Rifler
China insane Rifler
China karl
Sweden relIk
France Yoshi
Switzerland spIder
United States reD
Sweden Filur
Thailand MAIROLLS Rifler
Chile alejandrinho Rifler
United States Chet Coach Analyst
China KSA Rifler
Turkey Izzy Awper
United Kingdom beta
Denmark zaider
Sweden ScreaM
United Kingdom PEZ Support
Sweden zneel Lurker
Germany creo
China 9 Awper Rifler
Poland LUULIGUZMAN Rifler Support
Chile feLiZnOJkE Rifler
Japan noppo
Sweden Jumpy Coach
France NSTY In-game leader
China Lamplight Entry fragger
United States KSharp
United States zander
Germany silver
Brazil pedin
Sweden vilden
Thailand 0bi Coach
Finland aslak Awper
Belgium Ex6TenZ In-game leader Rifler
Poland mausi
United States Warden Manager
Sweden draken Awper
Canada Subroza Rifler
United States jmitchell
Brazil bld In-game leader
Vietnam Zac Rifler
United States tconnors Rifler
China Inory Rifler
Vietnam NORT In-game leader
Netherlands kajsk1ng
United States Keiti Rifler
Portugal marq
United States vanity In-game leader Awper
Brazil GW Awper
Ukraine pops In-game leader
Japan neth Entry fragger Awper
Brazil ryotzz Entry fragger
Uruguay Pablusa Rifler
Vietnam crazyguy Awper
Germany b4d
Sweden eddeman In-game leader Entry fragger
United States Hiko Lurker
Sweden pinne
Denmark Starhydra
Denmark Squidi
Tunisia bramz Rifler
France LaAw
Kazakhstan keeN Rifler
United States witmer In-game leader
Finland joel b Rifler
United States Ethan Rifler
Norway Cazzidy
Netherlands mikeS Awper
United States zecK Coach
India hellff Support Entry fragger
United States tr1p
Sweden Kallberg Rifler
United States osorandom Coach
United States goodfornothing
Philippines dispenser
United Kingdom nEiLZiNHo Coach In-game leader
China Sa7evA Rifler
United Kingdom pt Rifler
Australia chuch
Australia Jinxx
Finland coali
Brazil xed
United States mummAy
Canada emode Commentator
Slovakia .PhP In-game leader Rifler
Sweden AWWE
Philippines Papichulo Entry fragger
Spain Aguila Entry fragger
Sweden frenz
Sweden Luciano
Brazil Crash
France maleK In-game leader
Brazil pred
China Jewelry Awper
Singapore Tommy Entry fragger
Germany yb Coach
United States Cooper Awper
Sweden shadow Awper
Finland BASiC
United States moto