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s1mple: Results

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Detailed Results[edit]

2021-12-19A11stA1S-TierOfflineBLAST PremierBLAST Premier: World Final 2021Natus Vincere2 : 1Gambit Esports$500,000
2021-11-29A11stA8MiscOnlineBLAST PremierBLAST Premier World Leaderboard 2021Natus Vincere 
2021-11-28A11stA1S-TierOfflineBLAST PremierBLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2021Natus Vincere2 : 1Team Vitality$225,000
2021-11-07A11stA1S-TierOfflinePGL Major Stockholm 2021PGL Major Stockholm 2021Natus Vincere2 : 0G2 Esports$1,000,000
2021-10-03A22ndA2A-TierOnlineIEMIntel Extreme Masters XVI - Fall: CISNatus Vincere0 : 2Gambit Esports$12,000
2021-10-03A11stA8MiscOnlineRegional Major RankingsRegional Major Rankings 2021: CISNatus Vincere 
2021-09-26A1A31st - 3rdA1S-TierOnlineBLAST PremierBLAST Premier: Fall Groups 2021Natus Vincere2 : 0FaZe Clan$25,000
2021-09-12A11stA1S-TierOnlineESL Pro LeagueESL Pro League Season 14Natus Vincere3 : 2Team Vitality$195,000
2021-09-12A11stA8MiscOffline/OnlineIntel Grand SlamIntel Grand Slam Season 3Natus Vincere4/4/0Grp. S.$1,000,000
2021-07-18A11stA1S-TierOfflineIEMIntel Extreme Masters XVI - CologneNatus Vincere3 : 0G2 Esports$400,000
2021-07-04A11stA2A-TierOnlineStarLadder CIS RMR 2021StarLadder CIS RMR 2021Natus Vincere3 : 2Gambit Esports$40,000
2021-06-27ZZZZDA9Showm.OnlineNAVI PATCHNAVI PATCHTeam s1mple1 : 1Team m0NESY 
2021-06-20A22ndA1S-TierOnlineBLAST PremierBLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2021Natus Vincere0 : 2Gambit Esports$85,000
2021-06-01A55thA2A-TierOnlineEPIC LeagueEPIC CIS League Spring 2021Natus Vincere2 : 0Entropiq$3,500
2021-05-09A11stA1S-TierOnlineDreamHack MastersDreamHack Masters Spring 2021Natus Vincere3 : 0Gambit Esports$100,000
2021-04-03A9B39th - 12thA1S-TierOnlineESL Pro LeagueESL Pro League Season 13Natus Vincere0 : 2Complexity Gaming$25,000
2021-02-26A5A65th - 6thA1S-TierOnlineIEMIntel Extreme Masters XV - World ChampionshipNatus Vincere0 : 2Gambit Esports$40,000
2021-02-14A1A31st - 3rdA1S-TierOnlineBLAST PremierBLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2021Natus Vincere2 : 0FaZe Clan$25,000
2021-01-24A11stA1S-TierOnlineBLAST PremierBLAST Premier: Global Final 2020Natus Vincere2 : 0Astralis$600,000
2020-12-20A33rdA8MiscOffline/OnlineBLAST PremierBLAST Premier Circuit 2020Natus Vincere 
2020-12-19A3A43rd - 4thA1S-TierOnlineIEMIntel Extreme Masters XV - Global ChallengeNatus Vincere1 : 2Astralis$50,000
2020-12-13A44thA1S-TierOnlineBLAST PremierBLAST Premier: Fall 2020Natus Vincere0 : 2Astralis$25,000
2020-11-22A22ndA1S-TierOnlineIEMIntel Extreme Masters XV - Beijing Online: EuropeNatus Vincere2 : 3Team Vitality$30,000
2020-10-28A4A64th - 6thA1S-TierOnlineBLAST PremierBLAST Premier: Fall 2020 Regular SeasonNatus Vincere1 : 2OG$12,500
2020-10-25A44thA2A-TierOnlineIEMIntel Extreme Masters XV - New York Online: CISNatus VincereFF - WTeam SpiritTeam Spirit$4,000
2020-10-25A22ndA8MiscOnlineRegional Major RankingsRegional Major Rankings: Rio Major 2020 - CISNatus Vincere 
2020-10-04A22ndA1S-TierOnlineESL Pro LeagueESL Pro League Season 12: EuropeNatus Vincere2 : 3Astralis$54,000
2020-08-25A9B39th - 12thA1S-TierOnlineESL OneESL One: Cologne 2020 Online - EuropeNatus Vincere0 : 2Ninjas in Pyjamas$4,500
2020-08-01ZZZZWA9Showm.OnlineUnknown GameNa`Vi 2010 vs NAVI 2020 ShowmatchNa`Vi 2010 vs NAVI 2020 ShowmatchNatus Vincere4 : 2Natus Vincere 2010Natus Vincere 2010 
2020-06-30B413thA6MonthlyOnlineFACEIT Pro LeagueFACEIT Pro League - Europe: June 2020Natus Vincere$500
2020-06-28A11stA2A-TierOnlineWePlay! Clutch IslandWePlay! Clutch IslandNatus Vincere2 : 0Team SpiritTeam Spirit$15,000
2020-06-21A44thA1S-TierOnlineBLAST PremierBLAST Premier: Spring 2020 European FinalsNatus Vincere1 : 2Team Vitality$20,000
2020-06-12A44thA1S-TierOnlineDreamHack MastersDreamHack Masters Spring 2020: EuropeNatus Vincere0 : 2FaZe Clan$16,000
2020-05-31A11stA9Showm.OnlineGamers Without Borders 2020Gamers Without Borders 2020Natus Vincere3 : 2mousesports 
2020-05-10A7A87th - 8thA2A-TierOnlineESL OneESL One: Road to Rio - CISNatus Vincere2/3Grp. S.$2,000
2020-04-12A44thA1S-TierOnlineESL Pro LeagueESL Pro League Season 11: EuropeNatus Vincere3/2Grp. S.$43,000
2020-03-01A11stA1S-TierOfflineIEMIntel Extreme Masters XIV - World ChampionshipNatus Vincere3 : 0G2 Esports$250,000
2020-02-09A1A31st - 3rdA1S-TierOfflineBLAST PremierBLAST Premier: Spring 2020 Regular SeasonNatus Vincere2 : 0Complexity Gaming$50,000
2020-02-06A22ndA2A-TierOfflineICE Challenge 2020ICE Challenge 2020Natus Vincere1 : 3mousesports$50,000
2019-12-21A5A65th - 6thA1S-TierOfflineEPICENTEREPICENTER 2019Natus Vincere0 : 2Evil Geniuses$15,000
2019-12-07A3A43rd - 4thA1S-TierOfflineESL Pro LeagueESL Pro League Season 10 - FinalsNatus Vincere1 : 2Fnatic$40,000
2019-11-02A33rdA2A-TierOfflineBLAST Pro SeriesBLAST Pro Series: Copenhagen 2019Natus Vincere2/2/1Grp. S.$25,000
2019-10-23B4B713th - 16thA1S-TierOfflineStarSeries i-LeagueStarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 8Natus Vincere0 : 2Heroic$5,000
2019-10-19A1A41st - 4thA1S-TierOfflineESL Pro LeagueESL Pro League Season 10 - EuropeNatus Vincere3/0Grp. S. 
2019-10-05A3A43rd - 4thA1S-TierOfflineDreamHack MastersDreamHack Masters Malmö 2019Natus Vincere1 : 2Team Vitality$22,000
2019-09-20A11stA9Showm.OfflineOMEN ChallengeOMEN Challenge 2019Natus Vincere18 - 17France NBK-$30,000
2019-09-14A66thA2A-TierOfflineBLAST Pro SeriesBLAST Pro Series: Moscow 2019Natus Vincere0/1/4Grp. S.$5,000
2019-09-06A5A85th - 8thA1S-TierOfflineStarLadder Berlin Major 2019StarLadder Berlin Major 2019Natus Vincere0 : 2NRG Esports$35,000
2019-08-31B211thA6MonthlyOnlineFACEIT Pro LeagueFACEIT Pro League - Europe: August 2019Natus Vincere$500
2019-07-06A3A43rd - 4thA1S-TierOfflineESL OneESL One: Cologne 2019Natus Vincere0 : 2Team Liquid$22,000
2019-06-30A22ndA6MonthlyOnlineFACEIT Pro LeagueFACEIT Pro League - Europe: June 2019Natus Vincere$3,000
2019-06-22A9B39th - 12thA3B-TierOnlineLOOT.BET Smack My Beach CupLOOT.BET Smack My Beach Cupcats0 : 2forZe 
2019-05-23A9B19th - 10thA1S-TierOfflineESL Pro LeagueESL Pro League Season 9 - EuropeNatus Vincere1/2Grp. S.$10,000
2019-05-11A44thA2A-TierOfflineBLAST Pro SeriesBLAST Pro Series: Madrid 2019Natus Vincere2/3Grp. S.$15,000
2019-04-13A55thA2A-TierOfflineBLAST Pro SeriesBLAST Pro Series: Miami 2019Natus Vincere2/0/3Grp. S.$10,000
2019-04-07A11stA1S-TierOfflineStarSeries i-LeagueStarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 7Natus Vincere3 : 0Fnatic$250,000
2019-03-21A44thA7WeeklyOnlineFACEIT Pro LeagueFACEIT Pro League - Europe: March 2019Natus Vincere$500
2019-03-07A77thA7WeeklyOnlineFACEIT Pro LeagueFACEIT Pro League - Europe: March 2019Natus Vincere$200
2019-03-02A3A43rd - 4thA1S-TierOfflineIEMIntel Extreme Masters XIII - Katowice Major 2019Natus Vincere1 : 2ENCE$70,000
2019-02-07A22ndA2A-TierOfflineGG.Bet Ice Challenge 2019GG.Bet Ice Challenge 2019Natus Vincere0 : 2North$10,000
2018-12-27A11stA7WeeklyOnlineFACEIT Pro LeagueFACEIT Pro League - Europe: December 2018Natus Vincere$1,500
2018-12-15A22ndA2A-TierOfflineBLAST Pro SeriesBLAST Pro Series: Lisbon 2018Natus Vincere1 : 2Astralis$50,000
2018-12-09A3A63rd - 6thA8MiscOfflineIntel Grand SlamIntel Grand Slam Season 1Natus Vincere1/1/0IGS 
2018-12-07A5A65th - 6thA1S-TierOfflineESL Pro LeagueESL Pro League Season 8 - FinalsNatus Vincere0 : 2Team Liquid$32,000
2018-11-19A77thA7WeeklyOnlineFACEIT Pro LeagueFACEIT Pro League - North America: November 2018Natus Vincere$200
2018-11-14A22ndA1S-TierOnlineESL Pro LeagueESL Pro League Season 8 - EuropeNatus Vincere18/8Grp. S. 
2018-11-07B4B713th - 16thA1S-TierOfflineIEMIntel Extreme Masters XIII - ChicagoNatus Vincere0 : 2BIG$4,000
2018-11-03A11stA2A-TierOfflineBLAST Pro SeriesBLAST Pro Series: Copenhagen 2018Natus Vincere2 : 0Ninjas in Pyjamas$125,000
2018-10-31B514thA6MonthlyOnlineFACEIT Pro LeagueFACEIT Pro League - Europe: October 2018Natus Vincere$500
2018-10-28A22ndA1S-TierOfflineEPICENTEREPICENTER 2018Natus Vincere0 : 2FaZe Clan$75,000
2018-09-28A5A65th - 6thA1S-TierOfflineESL OneESL One: New York 2018Natus Vincere0 : 2Gambit Esports$8,500
2018-09-23A22ndA1S-TierOfflineFACEIT MajorFACEIT Major: London 2018Natus Vincere0 : 2Astralis$150,000
2018-09-01A5A85th - 8thA1S-TierOfflineDreamHack MastersDreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018Natus Vincere0 : 2North$10,000
2018-07-28A3A43rd - 4thA1S-TierOfflineELEAGUEELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018Natus Vincere0 : 2Team Liquid$80,000
2018-07-08A11stA1S-TierOfflineESL OneESL One: Cologne 2018Natus Vincere3 : 1BIG$125,000
2018-06-18A11stA2A-TierOfflineCS:GO Asia ChampionshipsCS:GO Asia Championships 2018Natus Vincere2 :$150,000
2018-06-03A11stA1S-TierOfflineStarSeries i-LeagueStarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 5Natus Vincere2 : 0NRG Esports$125,000
2018-05-19A3A43rd - 4thA1S-TierOfflineESL Pro LeagueESL Pro League Season 7 - FinalsNatus Vincere0 : 2Team Liquid$55,000
2018-05-19A33rdA7WeeklyOnlineFACEIT Pro LeagueFACEIT Pro League - North America: May 2018Natus Vincere$700
2018-04-26A33rdA1S-TierOnlineESL Pro LeagueESL Pro League Season 7 - EuropeNatus Vincere18/8Grp. S. 
2018-04-22A22ndA1S-TierOfflineDreamHack MastersDreamHack Masters Marseille 2018Natus Vincere0 : 2Astralis$50,000
2018-03-31A33rdA6MonthlyOnlineFACEIT Pro LeagueFACEIT Pro League - Europe: March 2018Natus Vincere$2,000
2018-03-09A33rdA5QualifierOnlineECSECS Season 5 - European Challenger CupNatus Vincere1 : 2GODSENT 
2018-02-25A22ndA1S-TierOfflineStarLadder i-League StarSeriesStarLadder & i-League StarSeries Season 4Natus Vincere1 : 2mousesports$50,000
2018-02-08A5A85th - 8thA4C-TierOnlineFarmskins ChampionshipFarmskins Championship #2Natus Vincere0 : 2Epsilon eSports 
2018-02-05A1A21st - 2ndA5QualifierOnline/OfflineESL Pro LeagueESL Pro League Season 6 - Europe: RelegationNatus Vincere2 : 1GODSENT 
2018-02-04A7A87th - 8thA5QualifierOnlineIEMIEM XII - World Championship: European Closed QualifierNatus Vincere1 : 2North 
2018-01-27A3A43rd - 4thA1S-TierOfflineELEAGUEELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018Natus Vincere0 : 2FaZe Clan$70,000
2017-12-28A11stA4C-TierOnlineLOOT.BET CupLOOT.BET Cup #2mousesports2 : 0Heroic 
2017-12-03A11stA2A-TierOfflineDreamHack OpenDreamHack Open Winter 2017Natus Vincere2 : 0mousesports$50,000
2017-11-30A44thA6MonthlyOnlineFACEIT Pro LeagueFACEIT Pro League - Europe: November 2017Natus Vincere$1,500
2017-11-26A11stA2A-TierOfflineWorld Electronic Sports GamesWESG 2017 Europe FinalsTeam UkraineTeam Ukraine2 : 1GODSENT$40,000
2017-11-15A44thA3B-TierOnlineWorld Cyber ArenaWorld Cyber Arena 2017 - Europe Main StageNatus Vincere1 : 2BIG$2,184.06
2017-11-11B312thA1S-TierOnlineESL Pro LeagueESL Pro League Season 6 - EuropeNatus Vincere10/16Grp. S.$11,500
2017-10-12A22ndA5QualifierOnlineEPICENTEREPICENTER 2017 - CIS Closed QualifierNatus Vincere1 : 2Vega Squadron 
2017-10-02A5A85th - 8thA5QualifierOnlineIEMIntel Extreme Masters XII - Oakland: European QualifierNatus Vincere1 : 2Team LDLC 
2017-09-27A11stA5QualifierOnlineWorld Electronic Sports GamesWESG 2017 Ukraine QualifierTeam UkraineTeam Ukraine2 : 0pro100 
2017-09-15A5A65th - 6thA1S-TierOfflineESL OneESL One: New York 2017Natus Vincere0 : 2Cloud9$8,500
2017-09-09A9B39th - 12thA1S-TierOfflineELEAGUEELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2017Natus Vincere0 : 2G2 Esports$8,750
2017-09-03A5A85th - 8thA1S-TierOfflineDreamHack MastersDreamHack Masters Malmö 2017Natus Vincere1 : 2Ninjas in Pyjamas$10,000
2017-07-19B3B512th - 14thA1S-TierOfflinePGL MajorPGL Major Kraków 2017Natus Vincere12 - 16Fnatic$8,750
2017-07-08A3A43rd - 4thA1S-TierOfflineESL OneESL One: Cologne 2017Natus Vincere0 : 2Cloud9$20,000
2017-06-18A22ndA2A-TierOfflineAdrenaline Cyber LeagueAdrenaline Cyber League 2017Natus Vincere1 :$25,000
2017-05-31A9B19th - 10thA1S-TierOfflineESL Pro LeagueESL Pro League Season 5 - FinalsNatus Vincere2/3Grp. S.$35,000
2017-05-11A55thA1S-TierOnlineESL Pro LeagueESL Pro League Season 5 - EuropeNatus Vincere14/12Grp. S. 
2017-05-07A5A65th - 6thA2A-TierOfflineDreamHack OpenDreamHack Open Tours 2017Natus Vincere1 : 2Misfits Gaming$3,000
2017-04-09A3A43rd - 4thA1S-TierOfflineStarLadder i-League StarSeriesStarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3Natus Vincere0 : 2Astralis$25,000
2017-03-03A5A65th - 6thA1S-TierOfflineIEMIntel Extreme Masters XI - World ChampionshipNatus Vincere0 : 2Astralis$13,000
2017-02-18A5A85th - 8thA1S-TierOfflineDreamHack MastersDreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017Natus Vincere0 : 2SK Gaming$15,000
2017-02-05A1A21st - 2ndA5QualifierOnlineIEMIEM XI - World Championship - EU Closed QualifierNatus Vincere2 : 0Heroic 
2017-01-27A5A85th - 8thA1S-TierOfflineELEAGUEELEAGUE Major: Atlanta 2017Natus Vincere1 : 2Astralis$35,000
2016-11-16A9B19th - 10thA1S-TierOfflineIEMIntel Extreme Masters XI - OaklandNatus Vincere2/3Grp. S.$5,500
2016-11-12A9B39th - 12thA1S-TierOfflineELEAGUEELEAGUE Season 2Natus Vincere0 : 2SK Gaming$30,000
2016-10-23A3A43rd - 4thA1S-TierOfflineEPICENTEREPICENTER 2016Natus Vincere1 : 2Team Dignitas$40,000
2016-10-13A88thA1S-TierOnlineESL Pro LeagueESL Pro League Season 4 - EuropeNatus Vincere13/13Grp. S.$15,500
2016-10-02A11stA1S-TierOfflineESL OneESL One: New York 2016Natus Vincere2 :$125,000
2016-09-08B4B713th - 16thA1S-TierOfflineStarLadder i-League StarSeriesStarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 2Natus Vincere16 - 19Astralis$3,000
2016-08-25ZZZZLA9Showm.OfflineWild Wild Bootcamp Showmatch #3Wild Wild Bootcamp Showmatch #3Uchiha1 : 2GingaKapuera 
2016-08-24ZZZZWA9Showm.OfflineWild Wild Bootcamp Showmatch #2Wild Wild Bootcamp Showmatch #2Natus Vincere1 : 1SK Gaming 
2016-08-23ZZZZWA9Showm.OfflineWild Wild Bootcamp Showmatch #1Wild Wild Bootcamp Showmatch #1Natus Vincere2 : 0SK Gaming 
2016-07-31B615thA6MonthlyOnlineFACEIT Pro LeagueFACEIT Pro League - Europe: July 2016Team Liquid$500
2016-07-10A22ndA1S-TierOfflineESL OneESL One: Cologne 2016Team Liquid0 : 2SK Gaming$150,000
2016-07-03C3C621st - 24thA5QualifierOnlineOperation: Kinguin #3 - Group StageOperation: Kinguin #3 - Group StageWorst PlayersWorst Players1/3Grp. S. 
2016-06-25A5A65th - 6thA1S-TierOfflineECSEsports Championship Series Season 1 - FinalsTeam Liquid1 : 2G2 Esports$65,000
2016-05-29A9B79th - 16thA5QualifierOnlineDreamHack ZOWIE OpenDreamHack Summer 2016 Closed Qualifier #1Worst PlayersWorst Players1 : 2tRICKED eSport 
2016-05-21A5A65th - 6thA1S-TierOfflineStarLadder i-League StarSeriesStarLadder i-League Invitational #1Worst PlayersWorst Players1 : 2GODSENT$3,000
2016-04-26A44thA1S-TierOnlineESL Pro LeagueESL Pro League Season 3 - North AmericaTeam Liquid14/8Grp. S. 
2016-04-13B4B713th - 16thA1S-TierOfflineDreamHack MastersDreamHack Masters Malmö 2016Team Liquid19 - 22TYLOO$2,000
2016-04-03A3A43rd - 4thA1S-TierOfflineMLGMLG Major Championship: Columbus 2016Team Liquid0 : 2Luminosity Gaming$70,000
2016-04-01A11stA6MonthlyOnlineESEA Rank SESEA Rank S - Europe: March 2016Team Liquid$5,000
2016-03-20A22ndA3B-TierOnlineiBUYPOWER InvitationaliBUYPOWER Invitational 2016 - SpringTeam Liquid1 : 2Cloud9$4,000
2016-03-07A3A43rd - 4thA5QualifierOnlineCEVOCEVO Gfinity Pro-League Season 9 - NA Qualifier #1Team Liquid1 : 2OpTic Gaming 
2016-02-29A66thA6MonthlyOnlineFACEIT Pro LeagueFACEIT Pro League - North America: February 2016Team Liquid$1,200
2016-02-27A5A85th - 8thA5QualifierOfflineMLGMLG Major Championship: Columbus 2016 - Offline QualifierTeam Liquid2 : 1HellRaisers 
2016-02-21A1A21st - 2ndA5QualifierOnlineDreamHack MastersDreamHack Masters Malmö 2016 - North American QualifierTeam Liquid2 : 0Counter Logic Gaming 
2016-02-14A5A85th - 8thA5QualifierOnlineIEMIEM Season X WC- North AmericanTeam Liquid1 : 2Tempo Storm 
2016-01-31A33rdA6MonthlyOnlineFACEIT Pro LeagueFACEIT Pro League - Europe: January 2016Team Liquid$2,000
2015-12-16A1A21st - 2ndA5QualifierOnlineGlobal eSports Cup - Season 1 - CIS Group StageGlobal eSports Cup - Season 1 - CIS Group StageFlipSid3 Tactics2 : 1RebelsRebels 
2015-12-15A5A85th - 8thA5QualifierOnlineELEAGUEELEAGUE Road to Vegas: European QualifierFlipSid3 Tactics0 : 2Vexed Gaming 
2015-12-14A22ndA2A-TierOnlineGOCLCS:GO Champions League Season 2HellRaisers2 : 3Team Dignitas$15,000
2015-12-11A11stA7WeeklyOnlineQuickShot ArenaQuickShot Arena #18FlipSid3 Tactics2 : 1Team YPTeam YP$1,500
2015-11-03A9B39th - 12thA5QualifierOnlineStarSeriesStarLadder i-League StarSeries XIV: EuropeOrgless.hu1/-/2Grp. S. 
2015-10-15A5A85th - 8thA5QualifierOnlineFragbite MastersFragbite Masters Season 5: Round of 16HellRaisers0 : 2Ninjas in Pyjamas 
2015-10-13A33rdA5QualifierOnlineCEVOCEVO Season 8 Professional EuropeHellRaisers4/6/1Grp. S. 
2015-10-05A99thA3B-TierOnlineGameAgents League #2GameAgents League #2Worst PlayersWorst Players2/4/4Grp. S. 
2015-09-26A9B39th - 12thA5QualifierOfflineDreamHack OpenDreamHack Open Stockholm 2015HellRaisers1 : 2Vexed Gaming 
2015-09-13A9B79th - 16thA5QualifierOnlineDreamHackDreamHack Stockholm 2015 - European Qualifier #2Worst PlayersWorst Players0 : 2k1ck eSports.huk1ck 
2015-09-13A5A65th - 6thA5QualifierOnlineUprise Champions Cup Season 3: Group StageUprise Champions Cup Season 3: Group StageNostalgieNostalgie1/-/2Grp. S. 
2015-09-12A1A81st - 8thA5QualifierOnlineDreamHackDreamHack Stockholm 2015 - European Open Qualifier #2Worst PlayersWorst Players16 - 12Los Jefes 
2015-09-08A33rdA7WeeklyOnlineD!ngITD!ngIT Weekly Cup #16Worst PlayersWorst Players14 - 16Los Jefes 
2015-09-02A5A65th - 6thA2A-TierOnlineCounter Pit LeagueCounter Pit LeagueFlipSid3 Tactics0 : 1Natus Vincere$2,000
2015-08-31B211thA6MonthlyOnlineFACEIT Pro LeagueFACEIT Pro League - Europe: August 2015Worst PlayersWorst Players$500
2015-08-30C7D525th - 32ndA4C-TierOnlineProSeriesStarLadder ProSeries XIVWorst PlayersWorst Players0/-/3Grp. S. 
2015-08-16A9B79th - 16thA5QualifierOnlineDreamHackDreamHack London 2015 - EU Pre-Qualifier #2Evolution.DarkEvolution.Dark0 : 1Vega Squadron 
2015-08-13A22ndA7WeeklyOnlineD!ngITD!ngIT Weekly Cup #11EvolutionEvolution1 : 2UX Gaming$500
2015-08-07A9B79th - 16thA5QualifierOnlineCS:GO Championship SeriesCS:GO Championship Series: Season 1 European Qualifier #1EvolutionEvolution0 : 1bo 
2015-07-29A3A53rd - 5thA7WeeklyOnline99Damage Arena99Damage Arena 10EvolutionEvolution0 : 2nEophytenEophyte 
2015-07-28A11stA7WeeklyOnlineD!ngITD!ngIT Weekly Cup #10Evolution.DarkEvolution.Dark2 : 0Team OrbitTeam Orbit$1,500
2015-07-26A5A85th - 8thA4C-TierOnlinexFunction MastersxFunction Masters IIIEvolutionEvolution0 : Esports Esports Club 
2015-07-23A5A85th - 8thA5QualifierOnlineGameAgents League #2 - QualifierEvolutionEvolution0 : 2Reason Gaming.dkReason 
2015-07-12A3A43rd - 4thA1S-TierOfflineESWCElectronic Sports World Cup 2015FlipSid3 Tactics0 : 2Natus Vincere$8,000
2015-07-08A88thA5QualifierOnlineFACEITFACEIT League 2015 Stage 2 - EuropeFlipSid3 Tactics4/10Grp. S. 
2015-07-03A7A87th - 8thA2A-TierOnlineGOCLCS:GO Champions League Season 1FlipSid3 Tactics1 : 2HellRaisers 
2015-06-25A22ndA5QualifierOfflineGaming Paradise - Closed QualifierFlipSid3 Tactics0 : 3Team Kinguin 
2015-06-21A3A43rd - 4thA1S-TierOnline/OfflineStarSeriesStarLadder StarSeries XIIIFlipSid3 Tactics0 : 2Natus Vincere$5,500
2015-06-18A11stA5QualifierOfflineESWCESWC 2015 - CIS QualifierFlipSid3 Tactics2 : 0ACESACES 
2015-06-13A5A85th - 8thA1S-TierOfflineDreamHack OpenDreamHack Open Summer 2015FlipSid3 Tactics11 - 16Titan$2,000
2015-06-01A1A21st - 2ndA5QualifierOnlineFACEIT League 2015 Stage 2 - European QualifierFACEIT League 2015 Stage 2 - European QualifierFlipSid3 Tactics2 : 0LGB eSports 
2015-05-31B4B713th - 16thA5QualifierOnlineFragbite MastersFragbite Masters Season 4: Online StageFlipSid3 Tactics0 : 2nEophytenEophyte 
2015-05-30A1A21st - 2ndA5QualifierOnlineDreamHackDreamHack Summer 2015 Online QualifierFlipSid3 Tactics3 : 0Team Dignitas 
2015-05-19A7A87th - 8thA2A-TierOnline/OfflineGSLGame Show CS:GO League Season 2FlipSid3 Tactics0 : 
2015-05-10A5A65th - 6thA1S-TierOfflineDreamHack OpenDreamHack Open Tours 2015FlipSid3 Tactics4 - 16Team Dignitas$2,000
2015-04-21A1A21st - 2ndA5QualifierOnlineDreamHack Tours 2015: Online QualifierDreamHack Tours 2015: Online QualifierFlipSid3 Tactics3 : 1Team WhiteTeam White 
2015-04-19A11stA3B-TierOfflineCIS Championship VoronezhFlipSid3 Tactics3 : 0HellRaisers$5,000
2015-04-09A7A87th - 8thA5QualifierOnlineCEVOCEVO Season 7 - Professional Placement EUFlipSid3 Tactics0 : 2Gamers2 
2015-04-08A33rdA2A-TierOnlineCS:GO Championship SeriesCS:GO Championship Series Kick-off Season: Last ChanceFlipSid3 Tactics0 : 3Fnatic$1,000
2015-04-05A44thA2A-TierOfflineCopenhagen GamesCopenhagen Games 2015FlipSid3 Tactics4 - 16Team Dignitas$1,075.33
2015-03-24A7A87th - 8thA3B-TierOnlineCS:GO Championship SeriesCS:GO Championship Series Kick-off Season: Group StageFlipSid3 Tactics0 : 2Natus Vincere 
2015-03-09A77thA1S-TierOnline/OfflineStarSeriesStarLadder StarSeries XIIFlipSid3 Tactics0 : 2Natus Vincere 
2015-03-04A11stA5QualifierOnlineCS:GO Championship SeriesCS:GO Championship Series Kick-off Season: Qualifier #1FlipSid3 Tactics3 : 1HellRaisers 
2015-01-31A55thA4C-TierOnlineCIS Rising League #2FlipSid3 Tactics1/0Grp. S. 
2015-01-19A5A85th - 8thA5QualifierOnlineFACEITFACEIT League 2015 Stage I - European Closed QualifierdAT Team1 : 2No Problem!No Problem! 
2015-01-11A22ndA3B-TierOnlineFACEIT I EuropeFACEIT I EuropeHellRaisers0 : 3Team$3,000
2014-11-28A5A85th - 8thA1S-TierOfflineDreamHackDreamHack Winter 2014HellRaisers0 : 2Ninjas in Pyjamas$10,000
2014-11-04A9B79th - 16thA4C-TierOnlineEuropean Championship 2014UkraineUkraine0 : 2RussiaRussia 
2014-11-02A5A85th - 8thA1S-TierOfflineESWCESWC 2014HellRaisers0 : 2Fnatic 
2014-10-27A9B39th - 12thA1S-TierOnline/OfflineFragbite MastersFragbite Masters Season 3HellRaisers1 : 2Copenhagen Wolves 
2014-10-22A55thA5QualifierOnlineDreamHack Winter 2014 - European Closed QualifierDreamHack Winter 2014 - European Closed QualifierHellRaisers2 : 0myXMG 
2014-10-12A11stA5QualifierOnlineESWC 2014 Ukrainian QualifierESWC 2014 Ukrainian QualifierHellRaisers3 : 2ASUS CyberZoneASUS CyberZone 
2014-10-05A22ndA2A-TierOnline/OfflineGSLGame Show League Season 1HellRaisers2 : 3Natus Vincere$5,000
2014-09-24A22ndA7WeeklyOnlineCKOTHCaseking of the Hill 9 by AlpenföhnHellRaisers1 : 2Fnatic$321.52
2014-08-24A11stA4C-TierOnlineProSeriesSLTV ProSeries XAmazing GamingAmazing Gaming2 : 11sh0t$700
2014-06-07A3A43rd - 4thA5QualifierOnlineAssemblyAssembly Summer 2014 - Qualifier #1Amazing GamingAmazing Gaming0 : 2NO SIR!NO SIR! 
2014-04-13A11stA4C-TierOfflineVoronezh Cup 2014Hashtag2 : 097club97club$4,150
2014-04-08B514thA5QualifierOnlineStarSeriesStarLadder StarSeries IX - Round RobinCourage GamingCourage Gaming1/2/11Grp. S. 
2014-03-08B8D517th - 32ndA5QualifierOnlineFBM Season 2: Qualifier 4Courage GamingCourage Gaming0 : 1GamePubGamePub 
2014-03-06B8D517th - 32ndA5QualifierOnlineFBM Season 2: Qualifier 3Courage GamingCourage Gaming0 : 
2014-03-04D6H133rd - 64thA5QualifierOnlineFBM Season 2: Qualifier 2Courage GamingCourage Gaming0 : 1Copcepbl 
2014-02-02ZZZZDQA5QualifierOnlineEMS One: Katowice 2014 - CIS Qualifier: Cup #3Courage GamingCourage Gaming