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[e][h] Semmler
Person Information
Auguste Massonnat
June 28, 1988 (1988-06-28) (age 32)
Years Active (Talent):
2013 - 2017
2019 - Present
Alternate IDs:
2012-??-?? – 2014-??-??
2014-07-13 – 2018-??-??

Auguste "Semmler" Massonnat, also known as SemmlerTheRiot, is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive caster and host, who for two years also moved over to Overwatch League. He is one of the main personalities seen in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene. He has casted many tournaments worldwide, which include Valve sponsored Majors and league finals. His main casting partner in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is Anders Blume.


Semmler started out as a shoutcaster and broadcaster for the game Bloodline Champions. He was originally from the USA, but had moved to Sweden to be a part of The GD Studio. He transitioned into a more active role in the StarCraft community with tournament hosting opportunties, but later switched to become a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive shoutcaster on the WebTV NiPgamingTV. Semmler and his co-caster, Anders Blume, went on to form Room On Fire and became co-owners after leaving NiPgamingTV.

In December 2017, Semmler was reportedly set to move to Overwatch League, this was later confirmed by MonteCristo in the new year as he released the announced complete casting lineup for the inaugural season. [1] As a result of moving to Overwatch and casting the Blizzard game, he moved from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to casting the Overwatch League full-time.

After casting the Overwatch League for two years, Semmler departed to return to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, most notably as a desk host for Flashpoint.

Notable Events as Broadcast Talent[edit]


  • Is a passionate Street Fighter fan.