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[e][h]FAVBET TeamFAVBET Team Smash
Player Information
Олександр Турчин
Romanized Name:
Oleksandr Turchyn
June 22, 2002 (age 21)
Years Active (Player):
2018 – Present
Approx. Total Winnings:
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2020-01-11 – 2020-02-07
EC Kyiv (Substitute)
2020-02-07 – 2020-03-29
2020-03-29 – 2020-04-05
Esports Club Kyiv (Inactive)
2020-04-05 – 2020-09-27
2020-09-27 – 2020-10-??
Esports Club Kyiv (Inactive)
2020-10-?? – 2022-08-28
2022-08-28 – 2022-10-04
Esports Club Kyiv (Inactive)
2022-10-04 – 2023-01-17
IKLA (Inactive)
2023-06-18 – 2024-03-16

Counter-Strike 2
2024-03-16 – 2024-05-20
2024-05-20 – Present

Oleksandr "Smash" Turchyn (born June 22, 2002) is a Ukrainian professional Counter-Strike 2 player and a former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player.


2024-03-091stC-TierOnlineCounter-Strike 2United21 Season 11: Division 2United21 Season 11: Division 2United21 Season 11: Division 2ESC Gaming2 : 0GamerLegion Academy$2,000
2022-09-043rd - 4thB-TierOnlineGlobal OffensiveChampion of Champions TourChampion of Champions TourCCT Season 1 Central Europe Series #1Esports Club Kyiv0 : 2MIBRMIBR$5,000
2022-07-031stC-TierOnlineGlobal OffensiveEsport TourEsport TourEsport Tour 2022: Series #2Esports Club Kyiv2 : 0Sangal Esports$3,108.74
2022-02-163rd - 4thB-TierOnlineGlobal OffensiveMalta VibesMalta VibesMalta Vibes Knockout Series #6Esports Club Kyiv1 : 21shot1shot$4,000
2022-01-132ndC-TierOnlineGlobal OffensiveBACK TO BACK TournamentBACK TO BACK TournamentBACK TO BACK TournamentEsports Club Kyiv1 : 2Run or Die$4,000
2021-11-281stC-TierOfflineGlobal OffensiveUPEA Ukrainian Championship 2021UPEA Ukrainian Championship 2021UPEA Ukrainian Championship 2021Esports Club Kyiv2 : 1okuraokura$6,812.67
2021-11-183rdB-TierOfflineGlobal OffensiveInternational Esports FederationInternational Esports FederationIESF World Championship 2021Esports Club Kyiv1 : 2BLUEJAYS$4,000
2021-04-111stC-TierOnlineGlobal OffensiveMETA Open Spring 2021META Open Spring 2021META Open Spring 2021Esports Club Kyiv2 : 1100PingGods$2,000
2020-12-081stC-TierOnlineGlobal OffensiveESEAESEAESEA Season 35: Main Division - EuropeEsports Club Kyiv3 : 1SPARX ESPORTSSPARX ESPORTS$3,250
2020-10-251stC-TierOnlineGlobal OffensiveESEA/Cash CupESEA/Cash CupESEA Cash Cup: Europe - Autumn 2020 #2Esports Club Kyiv2 : 1LowLandLions$3,000
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