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Player Information
Tyler Wood
August 13, 1985 (age 38)
Years Active (Player):
2002 – 2015
Alternate IDs:
Approx. Total Winnings:
200?-??-?? – 2004-??-??
2004-??-?? – 2007-06-11
2008-12-14 – 2011-07-28
2011-10-10 – 2012-07-30

Counter-Strike: Source
2007-06-11 – 2008-11-18

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
2013-05-05 – 2013-09-25
2013-09-25 – 2014-05-07
2014-05-07 – 2014-08-22
2014-08-22 – 2015-07-03

Tyler "Storm" Wood (born August 13, 1985) is a retired American professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Counter-Strike: Source and Counter-Strike player. He is most well known for his tenures with compLexity Gaming and Evil Geniuses, where he managed to attain most of the few American victories at international competitions in Counter-Strike before retiring in 2012. He would later return in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with his life-long companion Warden, but eventually retired once again after modest results with eLevate.


2010-09-061stA-TierOfflineCounter-StrikeMSI Beat ITMSI Beat ITMSI Beat IT! 2010Evil Geniuses2 : 1Fnatic$15,000
2009-12-131stS-TierOfflineCounter-StrikeIntel Extreme MastersIntel Extreme MastersIEM IV American Championship FinalsEvil Geniuses2 : 0compLexity Gaming$15,000
2009-09-121stA-TierOfflineCounter-StrikeGameGuneGameGuneGameGune Mexico 2009Evil Geniuses2 : 0WeMade FOX$17,986.74
2007-12-091stA-TierOfflineSourceChampionship Gaming SeriesChampionship Gaming SeriesCGS 2007 Individual TournamentLos Angeles Complexity10 - 6Rio Sinistro$25,000
2007-09-301stA-TierOfflineSourceDigitalLife 2007Los Angeles Complexity16 - 4TurmoilTurmoil$10,000
2006-07-231stA-TierOfflineCounter-StrikeChampionship Gaming SeriesChampionship Gaming SeriesChampionship Gaming Invitational 2006compLexity Gaming10 - 5Team 3D$50,000
2006-07-091stS-TierOfflineCounter-StrikeCPLCPLCPL Summer 2006compLexity Gaming2 : 0ALTERNATE aTTaX$40,000
2006-05-032ndS-TierOfflineCounter-StrikeWEGWEGWEG Masters 2006compLexity Gaming0 : 2wNv Teamwork$20,000
2006-03-261stA-TierOfflineCounter-StrikeGlobal Gaming LeagueGlobal Gaming LeagueGGL/ClanBase Trans-Atlantic ShowdowncompLexity Gaming2 : 1mousesports$17,500
2005-07-101stS-TierOfflineCounter-StrikeElectronic Sports World CupElectronic Sports World CupESWC 2005compLexity Gaming16 - 6SK GamingSK Gaming$40,000
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  • When longtime teammate Warden got married in November 2015, Storm served as one of his groomsmen along with fRoD. [1]