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Company Information
Parent Company:
Profesionnal Gaming League
Linköping, Sweden Sweden


2013 is the year when Sverok together with associations and partners enters the e-sports scene seriously. Swedish e-sports Cup (Svenska e-sportcupen) consists of three tournaments with online qualification rounds - open and free for all participants. The best of the online qualifiers will have the opportunity to participate in three major finals in Norrköping, Västerås and Jönköping. Last but not least there will be a pure and simple online qualifier where the winners go straight to the finals as Wild Cards. The tournaments culminating in a Grand Final in Gothenburg with four participating players / team in each game. The total prize money is the 800,000 SEK.

Swedish e-sports Cup (Svenska e-sportcupen) is a partnership between game hobby association Sverok and its e-sports associations, Com Hem, Svenska Mässan, TV4 Group, SpelArena, Västerås and Co., NLAN and Press2play. The idea is that through stable and long-term partnerships promote grassroots movement within the Swedish e-sport. The Swedish e-sports Cup (Svenska e-sportcupen) , everyone is welcome, regardless of previous level and experience.



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Com Hem is the largest cable operator in Sweden based on the number of connected homes and the number of unique subscribers, and is a leading provider of analog and digital television, including on-demand and high-definition television, high-speed broadband and fixed-telephony services. We provide our services to subscribers in our footprint, which consists of approximately 1.78 million homes, or 37% of all homes in Sweden, and offer the market's broadest range of television services.

A core element of our strategy is providing our services combined in triple-play bundles, which offer our subscribers the convenience of receiving digital television, high-speed broadband and fixed-telephony services from a single provider at an attractive price. Our network covers all major metropolitan areas in Sweden, including Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Uppsala. The company was established in 1983, has approximately 950 employees and head offices in Stockholm. Com Hem is held by BC Partners Limited, and has notes listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.


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Sverok is an umbrella organization that gathers a big portion of the Swedish gaming hobby – and with more than 120 000 members in more than 950 clubs all over the country, it is the largest youth organization in Sweden. Activities include roleplaying games, board games, miniature games, LARPs, collectible card games, LAN parties, airsoft, paintball and more. Note that no activities that involve gambling are accepted in Sverok.

The individual clubs are largely autonomous and highly diverse, and anybody may join one –or start one of their own together with fellow gamers. These clubs arrange their own happenings, activities and events with support from Sverok, including financial aid, web services, experience exchanges, marketing, insurance and a great network of contacts.

Like many other youth organizations in Sweden, Sverok is mainly funded by the Swedish government. As such it strives for accessibility, easy participation and an open, democratic process. The purpose of this support is to give young people the opportunity to be involved in their hobbies on their own terms, and to support a democratic development in all areas of life.