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[e][h]Team ALTERNATE
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2003-??-?? - Organisation
2012-09-XX -

Team ALTERNATE is a German eSports organization founded in 2003. The organization would later rebrand to ALTERNATE aTTaX.


Right after being support or headsponsor of several other e-sport teams in May 2003 Alternate decided to establish an own team and create a novelty in e-sport through being the first works team in e-sport history. In collaboration with Peter "Chucky" Schlosser we were able to present our first lineup on the 2003 Gamesconvention with following members:

Michael "Yoshi" Timm, team management
Alexander "Thanatos" Bräampuumlckel, event manager
Peter "Chucky" Schlosser, team Captain
Constantin "2talk" Boeckhaus, team organization
Jens "FINAL" Faller, player
Karl "ricster" Szobolovszky, player
Sebastian "Sebbo" Bug, Spieler
Torsten "TroNiCo" Hamacher, player
Jan "Moon" Stolle, player
Jan "Nookie" Höfling, player

During the first months of 2004 there were several changes within the lineup among others our team manager Johannes "sick" Sick joined which were responsible for the incoming successes in summer 2004. The team managed to prevail in the ESL Pro Series qualification and astonishingly also accomplished to win the spot of the german representative for WCG 2004 in San Francisco, which was held in October 2004. Although no one of our players had experienced an international tournament before we were able to overcome every competitor till the quarter final against corea.[1]

At the end of the year the team started expanding to a true multigaming clan due to the affiliation of several of the most successful FIFA players in Germany. After a number of changes in the Counterstrike-lineup in winter 2004 the young team managed to achieve their first international hit by finishing third at the Samsung Euro Championship in Hannover 2005. During the sommer month of 2005 both of our teams were able to claim various successes in the ESL Pro Series and were even able to win the vice title in FIFA 05 as a team. Later in 2005 the FIFA team was followed by a Counterstrike Source team which was directed by Peter "Chucky" Schlosser and a Counterstrike female team, the first of its kind in a professional clan with high reputation. The actual breakthrough followed in 2006. At first we were able to engage the Need for Speed World and Euro Champion Niklas "Sliver" Timmermann who right away managed to defend his Euro Championship title in March 2006. Meanwhile our FIFA player Julian "Jul" Schmolz dominated every 1on1 tournament he attended and logically came out as the winner of the top-class Gamestar League. Winning back their old performance level our Counterstrike team finished first at the ESWC qualifier, meaning they are seeded as the german representative in Paris. Another highlight of the year were the ESL Pro Series finals held in Cologne where for the first time ever a Counterstrike team of Team Alternate accomplished to win the finals. Additionally our in-game-leader Navid "kapio" Javadi got elected for the title Most Valuable Player of the Season. At the peak of their success they furthermore managed to bring home the third place on the ESWC beating nearly every heavyweight of the Counterstrike scene and even reaching the second place on the Intel Summer Championship. To top it all off they surprisingly fought their way through the whole tournament tree of the World Series of Video Games with only a skeleton staff having 2 stand-ins and came out as the first german world champion in Counterstrike ever![2]

This title was followed by some big changes within nearly all of our teams. Half of the Counterstrike male team left the clan to play for opposing teams, the whole Counterstrike female team left into inactivity and the FIFA project got scrubbed due to missing motivation and success. Solely the Need for Speed team constantly turned in good results in every tournament they participated providing three out of three representatives at the World Cyber Games 2006 in Monza At the end of the year a new Counterstrike female lineup was presented and right away tied in with the successes of the old lineup.
The year 2007 started with the Samsung Euro Championship held in Hannover where our Need for Speed player crovex participated as german representative. Due to missing experience in offline tournaments he unfortunately only reached the fourth place, which i still a great result for a 16 year old player at the very beginning of his career. In the meantime the new formed Counterstrike lineup and our Counterstrike Source team dominated the ESL Pro Series, winning the Summer Finals in both categories. In the end of 2007 the Need for Speed team again set the pace for WCG Nationals and sent over three representatives for Germany to Seattle.[3]


Player Roster[edit]


Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Germany syrsoN Florian Rische 2014-12-17 [14] 2015-??-?? Planetkey Dynamics
Austria skAi Jürgen Rabl 2014-12-17 [14] 2015-??-?? LeiSuRe
Belgium r0b Robin Barth 2014-12-17 [14] 2015-03-??
Germany enkay J Niclas Krumhorn 2014-12-17 [14] 2015-03-30 [6] PENTA Sports
Germany KRAEUTERHUMPEN Patrick Jakobi 2014-12-17 [14] 2015-02-23 [5] BLUEJAYS
Temporary stand-ins
ID Name Replacing ID Name Tournament(s)
Germany jenson   Jens Kappes
ESL Meisterschaft Spring 2015 Cup 1, 2, 4
Germany stefan   Stefan Hach
ESL Meisterschaft Spring 2015 Cup 4
2014 German Squad
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Germany smn Simon Beck 2014-06-12 [9] 2014-11-17 [12]
Germany zonixx Michele Köhler 2014-06-12 [9] 2014-12-17 [13] mousesports
Germany approx Manuel Zeitz 2014-06-12 [9] 2014-12-17 [13] EYES ON U
Turkey gob b Fatih Dayik 2014-09-19 [11] 2014-12-17 [13] mousesports
Germany tiziaN Tizian Feldbusch 2014-09-19 [11] 2014-12-17 [13] Playing Ducks
Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Germany rAx Marcel Klenner 2014-07-01 [10] 2014-09-19 [11] Team Gamerdesk
Germany crisby Christian Schmitt 2014-07-01 [10] 2014-09-19 [11] Playing Ducks
Turkey xall Koray Yaman 2014-06-12 [9] 2014-07-01 [10] dotpiXels e.V.
Germany tahsiN Tahsin Broschk 2014-06-12 [9] 2014-07-01 [10] dotpiXels e.V.
2013-2014 German Squad
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Germany kRYSTAL Kevin Amend 2013-10-07 [21] 2014-06-03 [8] Berzerk
Switzerland SolEk Manuel Zeindler 2013-10-07 [21] 2014-06-03 [8] Berzerk
Germany fel1x Felix Zech 2013-10-07 [21] 2014-06-03 [8] Berzerk
Germany asmo Azmican Berberoglu 2013-10-07 [21] 2014-06-03 [8] Berzerk
Germany alexRr Alexander Frisch 2014-05-?? 2014-06-03 [8] Berzerk
Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Germany Rak Christian Puhlvers 2013-10-07 [21] 2014-05-15 [7] Playing Ducks
2012-2013 German Squad
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Germany fel1x Felix Zech 2012-09-?? 2013-09-?? Berzerk
Germany kRYSTAL Kevin Amend 2012-09-?? 2013-09-?? Berzerk
Switzerland SolEk Manuel Zeindler 2012-09-?? 2013-09-?? Berzerk
Germany asmo Azmican Berberoglu 2013-09-14 [20] 2013-09-?? Berzerk
Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Germany tiziaN Tizian Feldbusch 2013-05-28 [18] 2013-09-10 [19] mousesports
Germany crisby Christian Schmitt 2013-05-15 [16] 2013-09-10 [19] mousesports
Germany mnL Manuel Oberlein 2012-09-?? 2013-05-28 [17] logiX e.V.
Germany Rak Christian Puhlvers 2012-09-?? 2013-05-12 [15] Berzerk


Former Squad
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Germany kathi Kathleen Letsch 2015-07-01 EURONICS Gaming Female
Russia Knopk@ Olya Khoroshilova 2015-07-01 EURONICS Gaming Female
Germany sTani Jacky Lange 2015-03-26 2015-05-16
Spain Aidy Aida García 2015-03-26 2015-07-01 EURONICS Gaming Female
Serbia zon1Q Kristina Stevanovic 2015-03-26 2015-07-01 EURONICS Gaming Female
Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Germany beyoNd Melanie Gutsche 2015-03-26 Bad Monkey Gaming
Germany Christina Hülzer 2015-03-26
France CeleN Laure Denivelle 2015-03-26
Spain iRene Irene Sanchez 2013-11-26 rip
Sweden zAAz Zainab Turkie 2011-08-29 2013-11-26 rip
Sweden JeNnY Jennifer Dziersan 2013-08-11 2013-09-08
Germany shushu Lena Babic 2013-08-11 Bad Monkey Gaming


Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Switzerland SolEk Manuel Zeindler
Germany Rak Christian Hermenau-Puhlvers
Germany eSca Marek Giebel
Germany kRYSTAL Kevin Amend
Germany fel1x Felix Zech
Austria flo0 Florian Jautz
Germany crisby Christian Schmitt
Germany .JLN
Germany KRAEUTERHUMPEN Patrick Jakobi
Germany hossa Oliver Keller
Germany mnL Manuel Oberlein
Austria GreX Gregor Brunner
Germany Thorsten


Former Squad
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Germany approx Manuel Zeitz 2011-07-22 2012-09-07 Team xXx
Germany Roman R. Roman Reinhardt 2011-07-22 2012-09-07
Germany Kapio Navid Javadi 2011-07-22 2012-09-07
Germany Troubley Tobias Tabbert 2011-08-17 2012-09-07
Germany Tixo Manuel Makohl 2011-12-19 2012-09-07 Planetkey Dynamics
Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Germany paN Benjamin von Mulert 2011-09-14 2011-09-30
Germany hool Julian Walter 2011-07-22 2011-09-14
Germany crisby Christian Schmitt 2011-01-06 2011-08-28
Germany chrizzo Christoph Krämer 2011-01-23 2011-07-22
Germany gerdi Gerhard Grimm 2011-01-23 2011-07-22
Germany ChRRRRp Christian Porten 2011-01-06 2011-06-23
Germany KenaN Kenyon Temmel 2010-06-27 2011-06-23
Germany CHEF-KOCH David Nagel 2011-01-06 2011-03-15
Germany seraph Direnc Öz 2011-01-21
Germany mooN Jan Stolle 2011-01-06
Germany Roman R. Roman Reinhardt 2011-01-06
Germany approx Manuel Zeitz 2010-??-?? mousesports
Germany b4d Bastian Gaffron 2010-01-08 2010-08-06
Germany paN Benjamin von Mulert 2010-01-08
Germany roman Roman Ausserdorfer 2009-01-05
Germany fleks Martin Wehrmann 2008-09-?? 2008-12-24
Germany CHEF-KOCH David Nagel 2008-09-??
Germany Chucky Peter Schlosser
Germany Kapio Navid Javadi 2006-11-24
Germany roman Roman Ausserdorfer 2006-11-24
Germany bastian Bastian Fischer 2006-11-24
Germany loomit Christoph Normann 2006-11-24
Germany Tixo Manuel Makohl


ID Name Position
Germany Carsten Kellmann CEO

Team achievements[edit]

Date Placement Tier Tournament Results Prize
2012-12-09 A11st A2Major ESL Pro Series Germany Winter 2012 2 : 0 $9,695.56
2012-04-29 A11st A2Major ESL Pro Series Germany Spring 2012 - CS: Source 2 : 0 $12,326.68
2012-04-07 A22nd A2Major Copenhagen Games 2012 - Source 1 : 2 $6,153.85
2009-03-05 A22nd A1Premier IEM III European Championship Finals 0 : 1 $10,000
2008-03-09 A33rd A1Premier Intel Extreme Masters II 0 : 1 $15,000
2008-02-23 A33rd A1Premier NGL-One Season IV 1 : 2 $5,000
2007-09-16 A33rd A2Major Intel Challenge Cup 2007 12 - 16 $8,000
2006-12-10 A11st A1Premier WSVG 2006: New York 21 - 16 $50,000
2006-07-09 A22nd A1Premier 2006 CPL Summer 0 : 2 $27,000
2006-07-02 A33rd A1Premier ESWC 2006 16 - 19 $24,000
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