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Team France

[e][h]Team France
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France is the largest country in Western Europe and the third-largest in Europe as a whole. France is a country whose metropolitan territory is located in Western Europe and that also comprises various overseas islands and territories located in other continents. Metropolitan France extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel and the North Sea, and from the Rhine to the Atlantic Ocean. French people often refer to Metropolitan France as L`Hexagone (The “Hexagon”) because of the geometric shape of its territory. France is a unitary semi-presidential republic. Its main ideals are expressed in the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. Metropolitan France is bordered by Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, Andorra, and Spain. France has been one of the world’s foremost powers for many centuries. Capital city is also the largest one, Paris, with over 12 million inhabitants. Paris has many nicknames, but its most famous is “La Ville-Lumière” (“The City of Light”). France as a whole has 65.300.000 people.


Date Placement Tier Type Tournament Result Prize
2019-11-30 A33rd - 4th A5Qualifier Online WESG 2019 Female Europe Qualifier #1 0 : 2 $0
2019-03-13 A55 - 6th A2A-Tier Offline World Electronic Sports Games 2018 Female 1/1/1 Grp. S. $0
2018-11-18 A11st A5Qualifier Online WESG 2018 Female - Europe 2 : 0 $0
2018-11-09 A33rd - 4th A5Qualifier Online WESG 2018 Female - Europe: Open Qualifier #1 0 : 2 $0
2016-10-09 A33rd - 4th A2A-Tier Offline The World Championships 2016 1 : 2 $10,000
2016-09-22 A33rd A5Qualifier Online The World Championships 2016 - European Qualifier W : FF $0
2015-10-11 A11st A1S-Tier Online/Offline The World Championships 2015 3 : 1 $50,000
2015-10-01 A11st - 8th A5Qualifier Online TWC 2015: European Qualifier 2 : 0 $0
2014-12-15 A11st A4C-Tier Online European Championship 2014 2 : 1 $6,000
2013-12-17 A22nd A2A-Tier Online European Championship 2013 1 : 3 $1,000
2011-05-05 A11st A4C-Tier Online ClanBase NationsCup XIV 2 : 0 $0
2010-08-22 A33rd A2A-Tier Online/Offline European Nations Champions 2010 CS:Source 2 : 0 $2,282.62
2010-08-22 A55 - 6th A2A-Tier Online/Offline European Nations Champions 2010 1 : 2 $635.55
2010-08-22 A33rd A2A-Tier Online/Offline European Nations Champions 2010 Female 2 : 0 $1,524.66
2010-04-21 A55 - 8th A4C-Tier Online ClanBase NationsCup XIII 1 : 2 $0
2009-08-22 A44th A2A-Tier Online/Offline European Nations Champions 2009 0 : 2 $1,434.13
2009-08-22 A22nd A2A-Tier Online/Offline European Nations Champions 2009 CS:Source 1 : 2 $1,434.13
2009-05-24 A55 - 8th A4C-Tier Online ClanBase NationsCup XII 0 : 2 $0
2008-08-22 A22nd A2A-Tier Online/Offline European Nations Champions 2008 CS:Source 14 - 16 $3,693.5
2006-05-21 A33rd - 4th A4C-Tier Online ClanBase NationsCup IX 9 - 16 $0
2005-08-19 A44th A2A-Tier Offline European Nations Champions 2005 12 - 16 $1,845.75
2004-02-05 A22nd A4C-Tier Online ClanBase NationsCup V 3 - 25 $0
2003-01-31 A22nd A4C-Tier Online ClanBase Female NationsCup I 6 - 7 $0


Gold Silver Bronze
Clanbase NationsCup V
Clanbase NationsCup XIV
ESEC European Championship 2013
ESEC European Championship 2014
E-Frag/The_World_Championships The World Championships 2015


European Championship 2014
1France Happy6France KQLY11 TBD
2 France apEX7France matHEND12 TBD
3France GMX8France shox13 TBD
4France kennyS9France Sf14 TBD
5France kioShiMa10France Uzzziii15 TBD
European Championship 2013
1France SmithZz6France KQLY11 TBD
2 France kennyS7France kioShiMa12 TBD
3France apEX8France SIXER13 TBD
4France NBK9France HaRts14 TBD
5France shox10France Uzzziii15 TBD
NationsCup XV
1France MAJ3R6France atLaNtis11 TBD
2 France SIXER7France mshz12 TBD
3France nota8France mSx13 TBD
4France HaRts9 TBD14 TBD
5France drizzer10 TBD15 TBD
NationsCup XIV
1France MAJ3R6France atLaNtis11 TBD
2 France SIXER7France loduN12 TBD
3France Diodel8France mshz13 TBD
4France HaRts9 TBD14 TBD
5France drizzer10 TBD15 TBD
ESL ENC Season 2010
1France R!Go6France Geno11 TBD
2 France instanz7France MAJ3R12 TBD
3France MaT8France Yoshi13 TBD
4France ioRek9France mSx14 TBD
5France loduN10France SIXER15 TBD
ESL ENC Season 2009
1France R!Go6France Geno11 TBD
2 France nota7France MAJ3R12 TBD
3France HaRts8France Yoshi13 TBD
4France ioRek9France mSx14 TBD
5France loduN10France SIXER15 TBD
NationsCup XII
1France MAJ3R6France Geno11 TBD
2 France SIXER7 TBD12 TBD
3France R!Go8 TBD13 TBD
4France ioRek9 TBD14 TBD
5France mSx10 TBD15 TBD
ESL ENC Season 2008
1France bisou6France HaRts11 TBD
2 France YanK7France R!Go12 TBD
3France OliGan8France ioRek13 TBD
4France MaYeRs9France mSx14 TBD
5France Yoshi10France SIXER15 TBD
ESL ENC Season 2007
1France YanK6France Geno11 TBD
2 France blacknight7France R!Go12 TBD
3France OliGan8France ioRek13 TBD
4France YoRLiN9France ferg14 TBD
5France Xp310France Blqcko15 TBD
ESL ENC Season 2006
1France bisou6France Geno11 TBD
2 France Dr.Crow7 TBD12 TBD
3France OliGan8 TBD13 TBD
4France RoScO9 TBD14 TBD
5France MaT10 TBD15 TBD
NationsCup IX
1France Curiel6France MaT11 TBD
2 France OliGan7France RoScO12 TBD
3France MaYeRs8France bisou13 TBD
4France YoRLiN9 TBD14 TBD
5France Geno10 TBD15 TBD
NationsCup VIII
1France Curiel6 TBD11 TBD
2 France falco7 TBD12 TBD
3France KaRa8 TBD13 TBD
4France YoRLiN9 TBD14 TBD
5France ZatO10 TBD15 TBD
ESL ENC Season 2005
1France bisou6France Geno11 TBD
2 France MaYeRs7 TBD12 TBD
3France OliGan8 TBD13 TBD
4France dim2k9 TBD14 TBD
5France MaT10 TBD15 TBD
NationsCup VII
1France JoN1oP6France Baldours11 TBD
2 France MaT-7France YoRLiN12 TBD
3France Mash8 TBD13 TBD
4France Geno9 TBD14 TBD
5France Olicharan10 TBD15 TBD
ESL ENC Season 2004
1France SnipeR6France HaRts11 TBD
2 France MaYeRs7France Koin12 TBD
3France Issam8France XpReS13 TBD
4France bisou9France MoMaN14 TBD
5France latOr10 TBD15 TBD
NationsCup VII
1France JoN1oP6France MaT11 TBD
2 France Mash7France Olicharan12 TBD
3France Baldours8France Geno13 TBD
4France YoRLiN9 TBD14 TBD
5France MoMaN10 TBD15 TBD
NationsCup V
1France Issam6France bisou11 TBD
2 France latOr7France HaRts12 TBD
3France dim2k8France d0bz13 TBD
4France SnipeR9France Baldours14 TBD
5France MoMaN10 TBD15 TBD
NationsCup IV
1France Blanka6France Xc!teR11 TBD
2 France latOr7 TBD12 TBD
3France Baldours8 TBD13 TBD
4France MaYeRs9 TBD14 TBD
5France OliGan10 TBD15 TBD
NationsCup II
1France bisou6France dim2k11 TBD
2 France Aligre7France Rodhan12 TBD
3France BloodSh1ne8France r0nan13 TBD
4France MaYeRs9 TBD14 TBD
5France OliGan10 TBD15 TBD
NationsCup I
1France Arkon6France Voodoo11France Robroy
2 France denpxc7France KabaL12France OliGan
3France Hourdeau8France MaYeRs13 TBD
4France Maarek9France rYo14 TBD
5France Rodhan10France axiOn15 TBD