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Sweden is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. Sweden borders Norway and Finland, and is connected to Denmark by a bridge-tunnel across the Öresund. At 450,295 square kilometres (173,860 sq mi), Sweden is the third-largest country in the European Union by area, with a total population of about 9.5 million. Sweden has a low population density of 21 inhabitants per square kilometre (54 /sq mi) with the population mostly concentrated to the southern half of the country. About 85% of the population live in urban areas. Sweden’s capital city is Stockholm, which is also the largest city. Since the early 19th century Sweden has been at peace and has avoided war.

Today, Sweden is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy form of government and a highly developed economy. Sweden has the world’s eighth-highest per capita income. In 2011, it ranked fourth in the world in The Economist’s Democracy Index, seventh in the 2013 United Nations’ Human Development Index (third on the inequality-adjusted HDI) and third on the 2012 Legatum Prosperity Index.

In 2012, the World Economic Forum ranked Sweden as the fourth-most competitive country in the world. According to the United Nations, it has the third-lowest infant mortality rate in the world. In 2010, Sweden also had one of the lowest Gini coefficients of all developed countries (0.25), making Sweden one of the world’s most equal countries in terms of income. Sweden’s wealth, however, is distributed much less equally than its income, with a wealth Gini coefficient of 0.85, which is higher than the European average of 0.8.

In 2013, The Economist declared that the Nordic countries “are probably the best-governed in the world,” with Sweden in first place. Also in 2013, The Reputation Institute declared Sweden to be the 2nd most reputable country on Earth.


Date Placement Tier Tournament Result Prize
2018-03-17 A44th A2Major World Electronic Sports Games 2017: Female 1 : 2 $10,000
2018-02-10 A44th A3Minor Northern European Minor Championship 2018 0 : 2 $0
2017-10-18 A55 - 8th A7Qualifier WESG 2017 Sweden Qualifier 14 - 16 $0
2016-10-08 A55 - 8th A2Major The World Championships 2016 1 : 2 $2,500
2016-09-19 A11st - 2nd A7Qualifier The World Championships 2016 - European Qualifier 3 : 0 $0
2015-10-11 A33rd - 4th A1Premier The World Championships 2015 1 : 2 $7,500
2015-09-30 A11st - 8th A7Qualifier TWC 2015: European Qualifier 2 : 0 $0
2014-12-15 A33rd A3Minor European Championship 1 : 2 $1,000
2013-12-17 A33rd - 4th A2Major European Championship 1 : 2 $0
2012-04-12 A11st A3Minor ClanBase NationsCup XV 2 : 0 $0
2011-05-05 A22nd A3Minor ClanBase NationsCup XIV 0 : 2 $0
2010-08-22 A44th A2Major European Nations Champions 2010 0 : 2 $889
2010-08-22 A11st A2Major European Nations Champions 2010 2 : 0 $7,626.6
2010-04-21 A11st A3Minor ClanBase NationsCup XIII 2 : 1 $0
2009-08-22 A11st A2Major European Nations Champions 2009 2 : 0 $5,736.5
2009-05-24 A11st A3Minor ClanBase NationsCup XII 2 : 1 $0
2008-08-22 A11st A2Major European Nations Champions 2008 16 - 13 $22,160.99
2008-04-28 A33rd A3Minor ClanBase NationsCup XI 2 : 0 $0
2006-08-27 A11st A2Major European Nations Champions 2006 21 - 19 $19,128.75
2006-05-21 A11st A3Minor ClanBase NationsCup IX 42 - 26 $0
2005-08-28 A11st A3Minor ClanBase NationsCup VIII 16 - 13 $0
2005-01-30 A22nd A3Minor ClanBase NationsCup VII 14 - 16 $0
2004-09-05 A11st A2Major European Nations Champions 2004 16 - 4 $6,030.02
2004-02-05 A55 - 8th A3Minor ClanBase NationsCup V 21 - 25 $0
2003-09-16 A11st A3Minor ClanBase NationsCup IV 26 - 14 $0
2003-03-02 A33rd A3Minor ClanBase NationsCup III 39 - 9 $0
2003-01-31 A11st A3Minor ClanBase Female NationsCup I 7 - 6 $0
2002-09-07 A11st A3Minor ClanBase NationsCup II 34 - 14 $0
2002-03-03 A11st A3Minor ClanBase NationsCup I 7 - 6 $0


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Clanbase NationsCup II
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ESEC European Championship 2013
ESEC European Championship 2014
E-Frag/The_World_Championships The World Championships 2015
E-Frag/The_World_Championships The World Championships 2016


Northern European Minor Championship 2018
1Sweden Avoy6 TBD11 TBD
3Sweden Adam8 TBD13 TBD
4Sweden Lajne9 TBD14 TBD
5Sweden hamba10 TBD15 TBD
European Championship 2014
1Sweden friberg6Sweden flusha11 TBD
2 Sweden GeT_RiGhT7Sweden pyth12 TBD
3Sweden JW8Sweden twist13 TBD
4Sweden pronax9Sweden schneider14 TBD
5Sweden olofmeister10Sweden dennis15 TBD
European Championship 2013
1Sweden Xizt6Sweden Devilwalk11 TBD
2 Sweden f0rest7Sweden MODDII12 TBD
3Sweden Fifflaren8Sweden rdl13 TBD
4Sweden friberg9 TBD14 TBD
5Sweden GeT_RiGhT10 TBD15 TBD
NationsCup XV
1Sweden pronax6Sweden face11Sweden huggan
2 Sweden MODDII7Sweden f0rest12Sweden TBD
3Sweden GeT_RiGhT8Sweden dennis13Sweden TBD
4Sweden Xizt9Sweden keiz14Sweden TBD
5Sweden zneel10Sweden manne15Sweden TBD
NationsCup XIV
1Sweden MODDII6Sweden GeT_RiGhT11Sweden TBD
2 Sweden Xizt7Sweden keiz12Sweden TBD
3Sweden BARBARR8Sweden manne13Sweden TBD
4Sweden pronax9Sweden hyvlarn14Sweden TBD
5Sweden FYRR7310Sweden TBD15Sweden TBD
NationsCup XIII
1Sweden Gux6Sweden GeT_RiGhT11Sweden TBD
2 Sweden FYRR737Sweden threat12Sweden TBD
3Sweden zet8Sweden MODDII13Sweden TBD
4Sweden Jumpy9Sweden face14Sweden TBD
5Sweden Delpan10Sweden TBD15Sweden TBD
ESL ENC Season 2009
1Sweden face6Sweden TBD11Sweden TBD
2 Sweden Gux7Sweden TBD12Sweden TBD
3Sweden GeT_RiGhT8Sweden TBD13Sweden TBD
4Sweden cArn9Sweden TBD14Sweden TBD
5Sweden allen10Sweden TBD15Sweden TBD
NationsCup XII
1Sweden cArn6Sweden Tentpole11Sweden TBD
2 Sweden GeT_RiGhT7Sweden walle12Sweden TBD
3Sweden threat8Sweden zneel13Sweden TBD
4Sweden face9Sweden TBD14Sweden TBD
5Sweden FYRR7310Sweden TBD15Sweden TBD
ESL ENC Season 2008
1Sweden cArn6Sweden TBD11Sweden TBD
2 Sweden dsn7Sweden TBD12Sweden TBD
3Sweden f0rest8Sweden TBD13Sweden TBD
4Sweden Tentpole9Sweden TBD14Sweden TBD
5Sweden allen10Sweden TBD15Sweden TBD
NationsCup XI
1Sweden allen6Sweden Archi11Sweden TBD
2 Sweden Gux7Sweden Tentpole12Sweden TBD
3Sweden face8Sweden dsn13Sweden TBD
4Sweden SpawN9Sweden GeT_RiGhT14Sweden TBD
5Sweden JAEGARN10Sweden niko15Sweden TBD
ESL ENC Season 2007
1Sweden SpawN6Sweden walle11Sweden TBD
2 Sweden fisker7Sweden ins12Sweden TBD
3Sweden allen8Sweden f0rest13Sweden TBD
4Sweden RobbaN9Sweden Red14Sweden TBD
5Sweden HeatoN10Sweden TBD15Sweden TBD
NationsCup X
1Sweden speedi6Sweden TBD11Sweden TBD
2 Sweden SpawN7Sweden TBD12Sweden TBD
3Sweden RobbaN8Sweden TBD13Sweden TBD
4Sweden allen9Sweden TBD14Sweden TBD
5Sweden dns10Sweden TBD15Sweden TBD
ESL ENC Season 2006
1Sweden f0rest6Sweden TBD11Sweden TBD
2 Sweden ins7Sweden TBD12Sweden TBD
3Sweden zet8Sweden TBD13Sweden TBD
4Sweden SpawN9Sweden TBD14Sweden TBD
5Sweden Red10Sweden TBD15Sweden TBD
NationsCup VII
1Sweden TBD6Sweden TBD11Sweden TBD
2 Sweden TBD7Sweden TBD12Sweden TBD
3Sweden TBD8Sweden TBD13Sweden TBD
4Sweden TBD9Sweden TBD14Sweden TBD
5Sweden TBD10Sweden TBD15Sweden TBD
NationsCup VI
1Sweden Vesslan6Sweden walle11Sweden TBD
2 Sweden quick7Sweden cArn12Sweden TBD
3Sweden Hyper8Sweden Calippo13Sweden TBD
4Sweden SpawN9Sweden TBD14Sweden TBD
5Sweden Bullen10Sweden TBD15Sweden TBD
ESL ENC Season 2004
1Sweden SpawN6Sweden TBD11Sweden TBD
2 Sweden HeatoN7Sweden TBD12Sweden TBD
3Sweden walle8Sweden TBD13Sweden TBD
4Sweden TBD9Sweden TBD14Sweden TBD
5Sweden TBD10Sweden TBD15Sweden TBD
NationsCup V
1Sweden Hyper6Sweden Potti11Sweden Hartman
2 Sweden fisker7Sweden Rwa12Sweden TBD
3Sweden HeatoN8Sweden Spawn13Sweden TBD
4Sweden Legenden9Sweden Bullen14Sweden TBD
5Sweden Lucchese10Sweden zaffe15Sweden TBD
NationsCup III
1Sweden ahl6Sweden brunk11Sweden TBD
2 Sweden ScreaM7Sweden Venom12Sweden TBD
3Sweden HeatoN8Sweden Souledge13Sweden TBD
4Sweden Potti9Sweden log1c14Sweden TBD
5Sweden Swift10Sweden Rwa15Sweden TBD
NationsCup II
1Sweden TBD6Sweden TBD11Sweden TBD
2 Sweden TBD7Sweden TBD12Sweden TBD
3Sweden TBD8Sweden TBD13Sweden TBD
4Sweden TBD9Sweden TBD14Sweden TBD
5Sweden TBD10Sweden TBD15Sweden TBD
NationsCup I
1Sweden TBD6Sweden TBD11Sweden TBD
2 Sweden TBD7Sweden TBD12Sweden TBD
3Sweden TBD8Sweden TBD13Sweden TBD
4Sweden TBD9Sweden TBD14Sweden TBD
5Sweden TBD10Sweden TBD15Sweden TBD