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[e][h] trace
Player Information
Martin Alexander Bang Heldt
July 1, 1990 (1990-07-01) (age 29)
Years Active (Player):
2007 – 2016
2018 – Present
Approx. Total Winnings:
Alternate IDs:
Counter-Strike 1.6:
XXXX – 2004-11-01
XXXX – 2007-06-05
2007-??-?? – 2007-10-13
2007-10-13 – 2007-11-29
2007-11-29 – 2008-05-11
2008-06-02 – XXXX
2008-08-09 – 2008-??-??
2008-??-?? – 2008-11-18
2009-01-22 – 2009-??-??
2009-??-?? – 2009-??-??
2009-??-?? – 2009-09-23
2009-09-23 – 2011-11-02
2012-01-31 – 2012-04-13
2012-04-16 – 2012-04-22

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:

2012-06-26 – 2013-07-09
2015-12-08 – 2016-??-??

Martin "trace" Bang Heldt (born July 1, 1990) is a Danish professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player and former Counter-Strike 1.6 player. Starting out in the Danish Counter-Strike 1.6-scene, trace was known as a high-class aimer and was at his peak, in mTw, considered to be one of the best players at the time. Before joining the famous, the best Danish team of all time, trace played under several good teams on the Danish scene, including fearme, ATS-Gaming, Spirits of Amiga[1], wooSai [2] and MoD. In 2010, he and was the second best team in the world, only with Natus Vincere above them. 2010 was a year, where most of the international event had the Ukrainians on the top of the podium, with the Danes right behind them.

Professional career[edit]

In 2009, trace joined replacing Mohammed 'MJE' Eid, who left for retirement.[3] Trace won his first ever event with the Danish giants, gaining the top spot at the small Danish LAN SLAP LIVE#19. Later, Oliver 'minet' Minet replaced Jonas 'whimp' Svendsen, and the of 2009-2010 was complete. managed to win the online league ESL Nordic two times in a row, before the disbandment of the tournament. Even though the Danish powerhouse was, by many, considered the best team in the world at that time, the Danes were forever placed second at almost all event. Among these second places, the players have medals from tournaments like DreamHack Winter 2009, SEC 2010, DreamHack Winter 2010, World Cyber Games 2010, Intel Extreme Masters V European Championship and many more.

However, the team did succeed in winning DreamHack Summer 2010 beating Swedish H2k Gaming 2-0 in the Grand Final.

The chapter of the great Danes of ended after their last event, Intel Extreme Masters VI New York, ending 5-6th, however using two substitutes throughout the tournament, HLTV.orgs very own Martin 'Nix0n' Winther in the group stage and later Christian 'turkizh' Bindslev in the playoffs.

After the fall of the Danish powerhouse, trace joined up with Timm 'ArcadioN' Henriksen and Xapso, later known as, before joining SK Gaming. However, after some disappointing results, such as 4th at the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship 2012 and 5-6th at Copenhagen Games 2012, the team decided to remove trace. However, trace said to the Danish website that the communication was the main problem, and that was what lead to the kick.

Later that year, trace joined his fellow countrymen Finn 'karrigan' Andersen and Michael 'Friis' Jørgensen in fnatic. Having just won Copenhagen Games 2012, fnatic looked strong, and the team continued to dominate the 1.6-scene, winning both GameGune 2012, PGS 2012 and DreamHack Bucharest 2012 before making the switch to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Having lost his motivation and general liking of the game, trace has now decided to retire from professional Counter-Strike.


Date Placement Tier Type Tournament Team Result Prize
2013-04-14 A22nd A1S-Tier Online/Offline ESL Major Series One - Spring 2013 0 : 2 $7,000
2012-10-21 A11st A2A-Tier Offline DreamHack Bucharest 2012 2 : 0 $5,000
2012-10-14 A11st A2A-Tier Offline Pro Gamer Series Exponor 2012 2 : 1 $11,655.4
2012-07-28 A11st A2A-Tier Offline GameGune 2012 2 : 1 $14,785.61
2011-01-23 A22nd A1S-Tier Offline IEM V European Championship Finals 1 : 2 $9,500
2010-10-03 A22nd A1S-Tier Offline World Cyber Games 2010 1 : 2 $10,000
2010-06-22 A11st A1S-Tier Offline DreamHack Summer 2010 2 : 0 $7,814.17
2009-12-06 A22nd A2A-Tier Offline Arbalet Europe 2009 13 - 16 $10,000
2009-11-28 A22nd A1S-Tier Offline DreamHack Winter 2009 1 : 2 $7,172.59
2009-11-15 A33rd A1S-Tier Offline World Cyber Games 2009 2 : 0 $10,000
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HLTV Highlights[edit]


  • Was voted the 3rd best player of 2010.[4]
  • Was voted the 4th best player of 2011.[5]