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Stigma eSports

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[e][h]Stigma eSports
Team Information
United Kingdom Rhys Fridge Lacy
Team Captain:
Finland valle
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Stigma eSports is a British eSports organisation first founded in 2017 by Rhys "Fridge" Lacy, Originally a single-game team, they've since expanded have teams in games such as CS:GO, PUBG, Fortnite, CoD, Hearthstone and more. Stigma has competed in many tournaments including; XTC Easter; Hound League; EAL; Insomnia Lan. A total staff and talent overhaul in 2019 has seen them rebuilding before picking up a Finnish CS:GO roster in March who breezed ESEA open in their inaugural season.

Player Roster[edit]


Finland Stigma eSports Main Team
ID Name Join Date
Finland japE Jasper Svensberg 13.03.2019
Finland Tanku Tanku Pohjolainen 13.03.2019
Finland jelo Joel Lentonen 13.03.2019
Finland valle Captain Valtteri Kopio 13.03.2019
Finland onni Onni Lukkarila 13.03.2019



ID Name Position Join Date
United Kingdom Fridgey Rhys Lacy Owner 2017-05-04
United Kingdom Folie Charlie Koncher Owner 2019-03-09

Team achievements[edit]

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