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In-Game Viewmodel Settings[edit]

The viewmodel can be changed in-game under Help & Options > Game Settings in which there is only one option to change the viewmodel:

Viewmodel Position[edit]

  • Desktop
viewmodel_presetpos "1"
  • Couch
viewmodel_presetpos "2"
  • Classic
viewmodel_presetpos "3"

Advanced Viewmodel Settings[edit]

Using the Console, the viewmodel can be modified beyond the in-game menu options using the following cvars:

Custom Viewmodel Position[edit]

  • viewmodel_presetpos must be set to "0" in order to use custom viewmodel cvars.
viewmodel_presetpos "0"
  • viewmodel_fov can be set anywhere from "54" to "68" and determines the field of view of the viewmodel.
viewmodel_fov "54 to 68"
  • viewmodel_offset_x can be set anywhere from "-2" to "2.5" and determines the x axis of the viewmodel.
viewmodel_offset_x "-2 to 2.5"
  • viewmodel_offset_y can be set anywhere from "-2" to "2" and determines the y axis of the viewmodel.
viewmodel_offset_y "-2 to 2"
  • viewmodel_offset_z can be set anywhere from "-2" to "2" and determines the z axis of the viewmodel.
viewmodel_offset_z "-2 to 2"

Custom 'Bobbing' cvars[edit]

(Still being researched and needs further editing.)

  • cl_bob_lower_amt
  • cl_bob_version
  • cl_bobamt_lat
  • cl_bobamt_vert
  • cl_bobcycle
  • cl_bobup
  • cl_viewmodel_shift_left_amt
  • cl_viewmodel_shift_right_amt

Other Viewmodel cvars[edit]

  • cl_righthand can be set to "0" or "1" with "1" being default and enabling a right hand viewmodel.
cl_righthand "0 or 1"

Default Preset Viewmodel cvars[edit]

  • Classic
viewmodel_fov "68"
viewmodel_offset_x "2.5"
viewmodel_offset_y "0"
viewmodel_offset_z "-1.5"
viewmodel_presetpos "3"

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