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Team Information
Poland Jakub "kuben" Gurczynski
Russia Roman "dvoryrom" Dvoryankin
Team Captain:
Poland Filip "NEO" Kubski
Total Earnings:
2003-??-?? Organization is a well-established Russian esports organization, mostly famous for their teams in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2. The organisation is known for hosting the majority of the players from the original Golden Five and Poland's most popular CS:GO roster, which has fans all around the world, who are known for their passion in supporting the squad.

History[edit] was formed back in 2003, and gained it's first roster in the Counter Strike scene back in 1.6, with the earliest squad formed in 2006/2007 consisting of Russian and Ukrainian players from that era including the likes of Kane, Zeus and Edward. The organisation continued to host various CIS-based rosters for the rest of 1.6 and into CS:GO, with the final iteration of the CIS-based CS:GO roster becoming the first team to defeat Ninjas in Pyjamas on LAN and end their 87-0 streak. The roster eventually split into Astana Dragons and KerchNET, when the team disbanded in July of 2013.

In January of 2014, signed AGAiN, a team comprising of the majority of the famous Golden Five roster from 1.6 (TaZ, NEO and pashaBiceps) and two younger players (Snax and byali), and their roster is famous for their amazing fanbase and explosive playstyle, the last for which they have been dubbed "Virtus.plow". This roster has stayed with the organisation with no roster changes, besides the addition of kuben as coach in early 2015, and is the longest standing 5-man roster in CS:GO to date. The team is prone to periods of ups and downs but remains one of the most successful teams in CS:GO of all-time, having accumulated several high-profile tournament wins in the past, most notably winning the EMS One: Katowice Major back in March of 2014. The roster has signed contracts with the organisation to remain a part of until 2020. [1]

  • is formed.
  • February 2nd - announced that kuben joined the team as their coach.[11]
  • August 23rd - lost at the semifinals of ESL One: Cologne 2015 against fnatic.
  • December 19th - announced that their current five players have signed long-term contracts that keep them tied to the organization until 2020.[12]

Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Join Date
Poland NEO Filip Kubski 2014-01-25 [8]
Poland pashaBiceps Jarosław Jarząbkowski 2014-01-25 [8]
Poland byali Paweł Bieliński 2014-01-25 [8]
Poland MICHU Michał Müller 2018-03-22 [15]
Poland morelz (Stand-in) Piotr Taterka 2018-06-27 [16]
Poland kuben (Coach) Jakub Gurczyński 2015-02-02 [11]


Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Poland Snax Janusz Pogorzelski 2014-01-25 [8] 2018-06-27 [16] mousesports
Poland MICHU (Loan)
Michał Müller 2018-02-06 [13] 2018-03-22 [15]
Poland TaZ Wiktor Wojtas 2014-01-25 [8] 2018-03-12 [14] Team Kinguin
Temporary stand-ins
ID Name Replacing ID Name Tournament(s)
Poland morelz  
Piotr Taterka
Poland Snax Janusz Pogorzelski ESEA Season 28: Premier (vs. Vexed Gaming, Valiance)
DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018: European Qualifier
Poland MICHU  
Michał Müller
Poland Snax Janusz Pogorzelski Intel Extreme Masters Season X San Jose[18]
Poland MICHU  
Michał Müller
Poland Snax Janusz Pogorzelski Gfinity Spring Masters I
Sweden olofmeister  
Olof Kajbjer
Poland NEO Filip Kubski Caseking King of Kings
Poland MICHU  
Michał Müller
Poland pasha Jarosław Jarząbkowski Game Show League Season 1
Poland MINISE  
Jacek Jeziak
Poland Snax Janusz Pogorzelski Fragbite Masters Season 3
CIS 2012-2013 CIS CS:GO Squad
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Ukraine kUcheR Emil Akhundov 2012-10-09 [2] 2013-07-18 [7] KerchNET
Ukraine ANGE1 Kirill Karasov 2012-10-09 [2] 2013-07-18 [7] Astana Dragons
Russia Dosia Mihail Stolyarov 2012-10-24 [4] 2013-07-18 [7] Astana Dragons
Russia Fox Sergey Stolyarov 2012-10-24 [4] 2013-07-18 [7] KerchNET
Slovakia GuardiaN Ladislav Kovács 2013-06-02 [6] 2013-07-18 [7] Natus Vincere
Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Kazakhstan AdreN Dauren Kystaubayev 2012-10-09 [2] 2013-06-02 [6] Astana Dragons
Russia evil Michael Garanin 2012-10-09 [2] 2012-10-24 [4] zNation
Ukraine craft1k Taras Voitenko 2012-10-09 [2] 2012-10-13 [3] KerchNET


Former 1.6 Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Russia LeX Aleksey Kolesnikov 2011-04-18 Iron Will
Russia hooch Dmitry Bogdanov 2008-12-20 2009-11-21 UNiTED
Ukraine xaoc Alexey Kucherov 2012-03-13 2012-10-09
Russia kibaken Anton Kolesnikov 2011-06-16 2011-12-24 zNation
Russia micE Vadim Zimin 2011-06-16 2011-12-15
Russia hacker Roman Abramov 2011-06-16 2011-10-19
Russia Talisman Alexander Talismanov 2011-04-18 Iron Will
Russia VofkiN Vladimir Shmakov 2011-04-18 Iron Will
Russia F_1N Ivan Kochugov 2011-04-18 2011-06-16 Art of Cybergame
Russia HEL1 Aleksey Novikov 2011-04-18
Russia F_1N Ivan Kochugov 2007-06-14 forZe
Russia HEL1 Aleksey Novikov 2007-06-14 forZe
Russia ROMJkE Roman Makarov 2007-05-17 2009-11-21 UNiTED
Russia Dio Nikita Trifonov 2009-06-07 2009-11-21
Russia groove Konstantin Pikiner 2009-11-21 UNiTED
Russia diNGo Denis Kolomenskiy 2008-12-20 2009-11-07
Russia Xenitron Ivan Totsky 2008-12-20 2009-06-06
Ukraine kane Mykhailo Blagin 2008-06-02 2008-12-20 pro100
Russia Sally Viktor Filimonchenko 2006-12-15 2008-06-02 forZe
Russia Snoop Boris Podvalshchikov 2006-12-15 2007-05-17 forZe
Ukraine Edward Ioann Sukhariev 2007-08-14 2008-12-20 pro100
Ukraine Zeus Danylo Teslenko 2007-08-14 2008-12-20 pro100



ID Name Position Join Date
Russia Sneg Anton Cherepennikov Owner
Russia dvoryrom Roman Dvoryankin General Manager
Poland KubiK Kuba Kubiak Trial Analyst 2018-07-10 [17]


Former Organization
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Organization
Ukraine lmbt Sergey Bezhanov Manager 2013-??-?? 2013-07-19 Astana Dragons


Date Placement Tier Tournament Results Prize
2017-10-29 A22nd A1Premier EPICENTER 2017 2 : 3 $100,000
2017-02-19 A11st A1Premier DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017 2 : 1 $200,000
2017-01-29 A22nd A1Premier ELEAGUE Major: Atlanta 2017 1 : 2 $150,000
2017-01-15 A33rd A1Premier World Electronic Sports Games 2016 2 : 0 $200,000
2016-10-23 A22nd A1Premier EPICENTER 2016 1 : 2 $100,000
2016-09-18 A11st A1Premier DreamHack Open Bucharest 2016 2 : 0 $50,000
2016-07-30 A11st A1Premier ELEAGUE Season 1 2 : 0 $400,000
2015-09-12 A11st A1Premier ESL ESEA Pro League Invitational 3 : 2 $100,000
2015-04-19 A11st A1Premier ESEA Season 18 - Global Invite Division 2 : 1 $70,000
2014-03-16 A11st A1Premier ESL Major Series One Katowice 2014 2 : 0 $100,000
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