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[e][h] walle
Player Information
Dennis Wallenberg
October 21, 1986 (1986-10-21) (age 32)
Years Active (Player):
Approx. Total Winnings:
2002 – 2002
2002-12-09 – 2002-12-26
2002-12-26 – 2003-??-??
2003-01-12 – 2003-05-12
2003-??-??– 2004-01-20
2004-??-??– 2004-02-??
2004-02-10 - 2005-01-22
2004-11-15 - 2005-01-22
Eyeballers (Stand-in)
2005-01-22 - 2005-??-??
2005-04-27 - 2005-05-28
2005-05-28 - 2007-08-30
2007-09-27 - 2010-12-07

Dennis "walle" Wallenberg was a former Swedish professional Counter-Strike 1.6 player.


The first thing to make walle a household name and deservedly so was the first two broderna wallenberg movies, starring him and his brother miniwalle. These movies may have been filled with unofficial footage against non-professionals but they still stand today as some of the craziest CS movies ever made in terms of raw skill level on display. Competitively walle first appears for us internationally playing for LuLAN at CPL Denmark at the end of 2003 and placing 5th. He then formed a team called spiXel in early 2004, sponsored by a LAN cafe of the same name, featuring a host of players who has been on the fringes of the top level in Swedish but never made it the distance.

spiXel and walle set out to impress from the outset. In April they won a Swedish LAN called krangparty, notably beating a mix team of fisker, SpawN, vesslan, quick and solido on the way to that victory. Then at the ESWC Swedish qualifier, they placed 2nd to qualify for the event, narrowly losing to SK Gaming. All of this should have been a sign of things to come but at the time Sweden had two big name teams in SK Gaming and Adrenaline so few people paid attention to spiXel and walle. At ESWC 2004 spiXel famously pulled off an enormous upset placing 2nd and beating vesslan's Adrenaline (the previous year's ESWC champions) After this it was clear that not only was spiXel a team to be respected but its players were also now on a level similar to that of Sweden's biggest CS stars. The team also won season 6 of the Swedish Esport League.

In September walle's brother, miniwalle, was brought into the spiXel fold. This move seemed to work immediately as spiXel beat NoA (with stand-ins ahl and XeqtR) to win OsloLAN. At Nollelva results were mixed as walle and spiXel lost to underdogs ICSU then beat NoA again before losing to SK Gaming in overtime to wind up in 3rd place. Rumours emerged about sponsorship difficulties from the internet cafe and walle took his team-mate Bullen and joined Eyeballers along with some of their core who had won the previous CPL. Going into CPL Winter 2004 with no SK Gaming attending Eyeballers were considered the European favourites, not least since their team looked like a veritable dream team of 2004's risen stars with walle, Bullen and vilden. After beating NoA in the upper bracket on de_nuke thanks to a flash bug decision which saw all the remaining rounds go Eyeballers's way they cruised to the final where they awaited NoA. NoA famously became the first team to come from the lower bracket to win a CPL and so walle and his team-mates had to settle for 2nd.

In 2005 walle was picked as one of the European all-stars for the GGL for their all-star game at E3. As a member of mTw (featuring some of his spiXel team-mates) walle was expected to attend WEG season 2 with them but chose to break his contract and instead head to Ninjas in Pyjamas, he was even at the time banned from future WEGs for wasting travel expenses. In Ninjas in Pyjamas he teamed up with legends HeatoN and Potti and up and coming stars ins and zet. Looking back on this team they should have been one of the best teams in the world but for whatever reasons they never closed out any tournaments to pick up genuinely impressive placings at the majors in comparison to their talent. At ESWC 2005 they failed to progress out of the 2nd group stage after losing to CompLexity Gaming and x6tence. They would get their revenge on the Spaniards at GameGune winning the event over them in the finals.

Things seemed to be heading on the right path with a 2nd at CPL UK for walle and Ninjas in Pyjamas. That Winter's CPL proved a less than favourable ending to the year though. Firstly they had to face SK Gaming early on in the tournament in the upper bracket and on de_cbble. Then when they seemed to have picked up speed and were making a run through the lower bracket they lost to JMC taking 4th overall. At WEG season 3 the team finished 4th again continuing their disappointing run. It would take a mixing up of the roster and talent like RobbaN and SpawN being brought in to make Ninjas in Pyjamas a contender for bigger titles.

In 2006 they won WEF and kode5 over fnatic and wNv.gm respectively. At the WCG walle picked up a silver medal as his team lost to Pentagram in the finals. The team then won WSVG Dreamhack and CPL Nordic to complete what had been a stunning turnaround of a year, including many domestic victories over fnatic. The low points had been 5th at ESWC, 7th at WSVG finals in NY and failure to make the top16 at CPL Winter. This Ninjas in Pyjamas team effectively died when RobbaN and SpawN left. This lead to a chain reaction of zet leaving for CGS and ins to fnatic. New lineups were attempted including one featuring tentpolebut these proved ineffective against top level competition.

walle found his way to SK Gaming at the end of September in 2007 and began turning that franchise around. They took 2nd at Extreme Masters in LA almost immediately and followed that with a 2nd at Dreamhack's WGT for 2007. 2008 began with SK Gaming and walle taking a not great but not terrible 4th place at the EM event in Hanover. This was followed by a victory at Dreamhack Skelleftea over mibr. 2008 was a year of indecision as SK Gaming tried working GeT_RiGhT into the team in place of SpawNbut without success and kept going back and forth. Kode5 was a bright spot as walle and his team took 3rd. They also beat fnatic in the ESWC qualifier and took 3rd at DreamHack Summer. ESWC was less than a success with a 5th place resulting at both the Masters and the grand finals. SK Gaming then shook their team up by removing SpawN and replacing him with zet.

This proved to be a spark for the team as walle and his SK Gaming brothers as they won the WCG spot ahead of fnatic, they then won EM over mibr. At the next EM event in Montreal they took 2nd behind fnatic but in Dubai, they had to settle for a disappointing 5th. Another 5th followed at WEM. Things began to look up again most recently with another WCG silver medal for walle and a victory at Dreamhack finals (placing ahead of mTw, MYM and fnatic). So it is that we are brought up to right now where walle's SK Gaming sits amongst a pool of teams who are now battling for the world #1 spot. [1]

Impact and legacy[edit]

walle's impact was meaningful from the outset in that the art of AWPing in Sweden had become a dying tradition. The old heroes of vesslan, Swift, Hyb and Souledge were in the latter parts of their careers and all the then modern day players seemed to be riflers. walle emerged as a player who had the complete range of AWP skill from impressive tracking shots to amazing up close noscopes. More importantly, he wowed us all online first and in movies but then was able to build up his LAN performance and confidence to a level where he could do the same things against the world's top teams. As one of the world's best AWPers, he has also walked an interesting tightrope simultaneously leading SK Gaming as their strat caller. For some AWPers this would be extremely difficult but walle seems to have adapted his style very well so that he is using his AWP to make specific picks and help bolster the strats he is calling, in a way similar to that of mooN's play though more impactful.

His legacy will be of being one of the great fan favourite AWPers who made it through to the very top of the competition where so many others didn't or couldn't. He is also someone who has repeatedly taken the biggest responsibilities in his teams on his shoulders, knowing he has the dedication and willpower to get his teams to another level. It's easy to simply move from team to team after every poor placing and wait until you strike gold; to actually work on building chemistry within a unit and then elevating the overall team's play is another task entirely. walle has had his ups and downs but his resume already looks mighty impressive and he has more than a few amazing highlight rounds from the world's biggest competitions for us to remember him by when he hangs up his mouse. [1]


Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Result Prize
2010-09-05 A11st A2Major SEC 2010 2 : 0 $19,318.84
2009-10-03 A11st A1Premier IEM IV Global Challenge Chengdu 2 : 0 $15,000
2008-11-29 A11st A1Premier DreamHack Winter 2008 2 : 1 $12,333.65
2008-11-08 A22nd A1Premier World Cyber Games 2008 1 : 2 $25,000
2008-10-05 A11st A1Premier IEM III Global Challenge Los Angeles 2 : 0 $25,000
2008-03-29 A11st A1Premier DreamHack Skellefteå 2 : 0 $16,223
2006-10-22 A22nd A1Premier World Cyber Games 2006 1 : 2 $30,000
2006-09-29 A11st A1Premier KODE5 2006 16 - 8 $25,000
2006-08-27 A11st A1Premier NGL-One Season I 2 : 1 $25,495.2
2006-06-20 A11st A1Premier WSVG DreamHack Summer 2006 16 - 11 $12,500
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