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[e][h] Wildeity
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Person Information
Faraz Abro
October 18, 1998 (1998-10-18) (age 22)
Years Active (Talent):
2017 – Present

Faraz "Wildeity" Abro (born October 18, 1998) is a Pakistani professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive commentator. He started as a semi-competitive player but quickly turned to casting after being introduced to a few local events within Pakistan.

Notable Events as Broadcast Talent[edit]

DateTierTournamentPositionPartner List
2021-06-27 A3B-TierEuropean Development Championship Season 4Commentator
2021-05-30 A2A-TierEpic Esports EventsEPIC CIS League Spring 2021Commentator
2021-05-23 A3B-Tierblast risingBLAST Rising 2021Commentator
2021-05-05 A2A-TierSpring Sweet Spring #1Commentator
2021-04-07 A2A-TierSnow Sweet Snow #3Commentator
2021-04-04 A2A-TierPinnacle CupCommentator
2020-12-16 A3B-TierNine to Five #7Commentator
2020-11-25 A3B-TierNine to Five #6Commentator
2020-11-04 A3B-TierNine to Five #5Commentator
2020-09-17 A3B-TierNine to Five #4Commentator
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  • Owns a duck that sometimes makes an appearance in streams (intentional or not)
  • Started focusing on broadcasting as a profession rather than a hobby under the tutelage of Teatime