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World Electronic Sports Games 2019

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[e][h]World Electronic Sports Games 2019
League Information
China Chongqing
Prize Pool:
$1,000,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Dust II • Inferno • Mirage • Nuke • Overpass • Train • Vertigo

This tournament is confirmed to have been postponed. [1]
If the new dates for this tournament have been announced, please update this page.


Broadcast Talent[edit]


  • Group Stage:
    • Format is TBA

  • Playoffs:
    • Single-Elimination bracket
    • All matches are Bo3

Prize Pool[edit]

$1,000,000 USD are spread among the teams as seen below:


   Note: Team roster change notes have been moved to their respective team cards, press the Notes button to toggle them.

1 TBD 
2 TBD 
3 TBD 
4 TBD 
5 TBD 
1 TBD 
2 TBD 
3 TBD 
4 TBD 
5 TBD 
1 TBD 
2 TBD 
3 TBD 
4 TBD 
5 TBD 
1 TBD 
2 TBD 
3 TBD 
4 TBD 
5 TBD 
1 January 14th - Endpoint sign the Phoenix roster. [2]
2 February 20th - Endpoint sign Ireland RossR as the team's coach. [3]
3 September 10th - United Kingdom Thomas is acquired by Team Envy. [4]
4 September 16th - Endpoint sign Israel flameZ. [5]
1 January 17th - North replace Denmark JUGi with Denmark MSL. [6][7]
2 February 11th - North replace Denmark mithR with Sweden Jumpy. [8][9]
3 May 15th - Denmark Kjaerbye is placed on medical leave, Denmark kristou is acquired on loan from AGF Esport. [10][11]
4 July 2nd - Denmark kristou returns to AGF Esport following the end of his loan to North. [12]
5 July 10th - North part ways with Denmark Kjaerbye. [13]
6 August 21st - North sign Sweden Lekr0. [14]
7 November 24th - North bench Denmark MSL and Denmark aizy and recall Denmark kristou from his loan to AGF Esport. Sweden kreaz is added on trial. [15]
1 March 12th - Heroic's lineup is acquired by FunPlus Phoenix. [16]
2 April 5th - Heroic confirm that the deal with FunPlus Phoenix to acquire their roster has fallen through and as a result the roster returns to Heroic. Additionally, they bench Denmark es3tag and Denmark Snappi. [17]
3 April 8th - Heroic acquire Denmark TeSeS from Copenhagen Flames. [18]
4 April 13th - Heroic part ways with Denmark LOMME. [19]
5 April 20th - Heroic acquire Denmark niko from OpTic Gaming. [20]
6 April 29th - Heroic acquire Denmark HUNDEN from MAD Lions as coach. [21]
7 September 1st - Heroic suspend Denmark HUNDEN following his coaching ban from ESL and DreamHack. [22]
1 July 28th - Movistar Riders bench Spain EasTor. [23]
2 August 6th - Movistar Riders sign Denmark larsen and Estonia shokz as Spain loWel is benched. [24]
Illuminar Gaming
1 TBD 
2 TBD 
3 TBD 
4 TBD 
5 TBD 
1 February 10th - Illuminar Gaming bench Poland oskarish and Poland STOMP. [25]
2 March 1st - Illuminar Gaming acquire Poland jedqr from Wisła Kraków. [26]
3 April 3rd - Illuminar Gaming bench Poland mono and Poland jedqr and sign Poland Snax, Poland Vegi, and Poland mouz. [27]
4 July 12th - Poland reatz steps down from Illuminar Gaming, Poland rallen joins as a stand-in. [28]
5 July 26th - Illuminar Gaming part ways with Poland rallen. [29]
6 August 5th - Poland innocent is acquired by MAD Lions. [30]
7 August 6th - Poland reatz returns to the starting lineup. [31]
8 September 14th - Illuminar Gaming sign Poland phr. [32]
9 December 23rd - Illuminar Gaming transfer list their lineup. [33]
1 May 8th - Serbia sarenii leaves Juggernauts. [34]
2 May 9th - France devoduvek joins Juggernauts. [35]
3 June 2nd - France devoduvek leaves Juggernauts. [36]
4 June 26th - Juggernauts are signed by Level Up esports. Serbia soLo transitions into being a player. [37]
5 July 20th - Serbia soLo leaves Level Up esports. [38]
6 August 1st - Level Up esports sign North Macedonia Necrogenes1s. [39]
7 September 15th - Level Up esports add Serbia fajkus as coach. [40]
8 November 5th - Level Up esports part ways with Serbia dEE and Serbia DiMKE. [41]
9 November 8th - Level Up esports sign Serbia HOLMES and Serbia Dav. [42]
10 November 23rd - Level Up esports release their lineup. They will continue playing together as Saints. [43]
1 November 29th - Belarus ROBO leaves Nemiga Gaming. [44]
2 November 30th - Nemiga Gaming sign Kazakhstan spellfull. [45]
3 January 8th - Nemiga Gaming part ways with Kazakhstan spellfull. [46]
4 January 24th - Nemiga Gaming sign Russia speed4k. [47]
1 January 3rd, 2020 - Chaos Esports Club bench United States Infinite. [48]
2 January 10th, 2020 - Chaos Esports Club sign United Kingdom smooya however they will be unable to use him as the team would not meet the 3/5 nationality requirement. [49]
3 January 26th, 2020 - Chaos Esports Club replace Russia wippie with United States vanity. As a result, United Kingdom smooya will be able to play with the lineup. [50]
4 February 8th, 2020 - Chaos Esports Club replace United States Shakezullah with United States mCe. [51]
5 March 13th, 2020 - Chaos Esports Club replace United States ben1337 with United States SicK. [52]
6 March 20th, 2020 - Chaos Esports Club temporarily bench United Kingdom smooya due to visa issues. [53]
7 March 30th, 2020 - Chaos Esports Club part ways with United Kingdom smooya. [54]
8 April 5th, 2020 - Chaos Esports Club acquire United States Voltage from Triumph. [55]
9 April 21st, 2020 - United States SicK retires from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and leaves Chaos Esports Club. [56]
10 May 5th, 2020 - Chaos Esports Club parts ways with United States cam. United States Xeppaa joins on a permanent basis. United States leaf joins on a trial basis. [57]
11 May 12th, 2020 - Chaos Esports Club part ways with United States leaf and terminate his trial. Canada Jonji joins as a stand-in. [58]
12 June 4th, 2020 - Chaos Esports Club sign United States leaf and Canada Jonji on a permanent basis as United States Voltage steps down from the team. [59]
13 August 31st, 2020 - Canada steel retires from professional Counter-Strike and leaves the team. [60]
14 September 1st - Chaos Esports Club sign Mexico MarKE. [61]
1 TBD 
2 TBD 
3 TBD 
4 TBD 
5 TBD 
1 January 15th - Canada missharvey steps down from her coaching position while Canada effys takes over as the team's coach. Canada c4Lypso joins as Canada effys' replacement. [62]
2 March 11th - LiViD Gaming release their team. They reform as Distict 7. [63]
3 April 15th - Canada gMd leaves District 7. [64]
4 April 24th - Canada miLLe leaves District 7 while Canada KOLER and Canada effys join the team. [65]
5 April 30th - District 7 disband. It is unknown what will happen to their spot in WESG 2019. [66]
1 TBD 
2 TBD 
3 TBD 
4 TBD 
5 TBD 
1 TBD 
2 TBD 
3 TBD 
4 TBD 
5 TBD 
1 TBD 
2 TBD 
3 TBD 
4 TBD 
5 TBD 
1 December 16th - China Not7 retires to take care of family, China XinKoiNg joins as a replacement. [67][68][69]
2 December 20th - Lynn Vision Gaming announcement China Stanj as team's coach. [69]
3 May 7th - Lynn Vision Gaming trials China Mr.mao. [70]
4 June 3rd - China Mr.mao replaces China Yvonne on Lynn Vision Gaming's starting lineup after completing his trial. [71]
5 September 2nd - China EXPRO joins Lynn Vision Gaming on trial as China Mr.mao is benched. [72][73]
6 September 15th - China Mr.mao returns to the active lineup. [74]
7 October 20th - China expro completes his trial successfully and joins Lynn Vision Gaming. [74]
8 October 22nd - Lynn Vision Gaming bench China XinKoiNg. [74]
9 December 10th - China XinKoiNg returns to the Lynn Vision Gaming's active lineup. [75]
1 TBD 
2 TBD 
3 TBD 
4 TBD 
5 TBD 
1 November 16th - Big Time Regal Gaming bench Indonesia adrnkiNg. [76]
2 January 20th - Big Time Regal Gaming sign South Korea XigN, and add China zWin as a permanent member of the lineup. Additionally, Indonesia Eeyore leaves the team. Big Time Regal Gaming will need to use two more Indonesian players to meet the 3/5 nationality requirement of the qualifier spot. [77]
3 February 1st - Big Time Regal Gaming bench China Drea3er while Hong Kong HeiB transitions into being a starter. [78]
4 March 6th - Big Time Regal Gaming part ways with HeiB. [79]
5 April 7th - Big Time Regal Gaming part ways with China zWin. [80]
6 April 16th - Big Time Regal Gaming signs Indonesia Eeyore while Indonesia adrnking returns to the active lineup. [81]
7 April 17th - Big Time Regal Gaming part ways with China Drea3er. [80]
8 May 1th - Big Time Regal Gaming add Thailand Geniuss on trial and bench Indonesia adrnking. [70]
9 May 28th - Thailand Geniuss completes his trial successfully and joins Big Time Regal Gaming on a permanent basis. [82]
10 July 27th - Thailand MYM joins Big Time Regal Gaming as a trial coach. China start transitions into being the team's manager. [83][84]
11 September 1st - Thailand MYM completes this trial successfully and joins Big Time Regal Gaming on a permanent basis. [85]
12 September 23rd - Indonesia ImpressioN leaves Big Time Regal Gaming. [86]
13 September 28th - Indonesia Eeyore leaves Big Time Regal Gaming. [87]
14 October 2nd - Big Time Regal Gaming disbands following alleged breaches of the players' contracts. It is unknown what will become of their spot in the main event. [88][89]
1 TBD 
2 TBD 
3 TBD 
4 TBD 
5 TBD 
1 May 3rd - Ground Zero Gaming part ways with Australia Kingfisher. [90]
2 May 8th - Australia void leaves Ground Zero Gaming. [91]
3 May 14th - Ground Zero Gaming sign Australia Liki. [92]
4 May 26th - Ground Zero Gaming sign United States HudzM as coach. [93]
5 August 11th - Ground Zero Gaming replace Australia PEARSS and Australia Liki with Australia Mayker and Australia Laes. [94]
6 September 20th - Ground Zero Gaming part ways with United States HudzM. [95]
1 TBD 
2 TBD 
3 TBD 
4 TBD 
5 TBD 
1 TBD 
2 TBD 
3 TBD 
4 TBD 
5 TBD 
1 TBD 
2 TBD 
3 TBD 
4 TBD 
5 TBD 
1 September 29th - Energy Esports release their team. It is unknown what will happen to their spot in WESG 2019. [96]


Group Stage[edit]

For detailed match results of the Group Stage, click here.

World Electronic Sports Games/2019/Group Stage


World Electronic Sports Games/2019/Playoffs

Additional Content[edit]


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Videos and Photos[edit]




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