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WESG 2019 Asia-Pacific

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[e][h]WESG 2019 Asia-Pacific
League Information
Macau Macau
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Dust II • Inferno • Mirage • Nuke • Overpass • Train • Vertigo

This tournament has been cancelled. [1]
If this is incorrect or the tournament has been re-established, please update this page.


Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Commentator:
    • TBA


  • Format is TBA

Prize Pool[edit]

$TBA USD are spread among the teams as seen below:


1 March 20th - China Viva and China XiaosaGe leave Rising-Stars to join Invictus Gaming. [2]
2 April 12th - China shuadapai is acquired by O2 Esports. [3]
3 April 26th - China bottle is acquired by OneThree. China HZ later retires, leaving the status of Rising-Stars' spot unknown. [4]
1 December 16th - TYLOO withraw from the event due to scheduling issues, OneThree.TSG replaces them. [5]
2 January 28th - Russia dosia and Kazakhstan mou leave OneThree.TSG. [6]
3 April 7th - China Not7 becomes the team's coach. [4]
4 April 8th - China ChildKing is moved to the starting lineup. [4]
5 April 26th - OneThree bench China Ayeon and acquire bottle from Rising-Stars. [4]
6 June 6th - China Not7 replaces China ChildKing on OneThree 's starting lineup. [7]
7 June 30th - OneThree sign China gas on trial. [8]
8 July 1st - China Karsa and China Not7 become coaches, China ChildKing returns on OneThree's starting lineup, and China polite joins on trial. [8]
9 July 24th - OneThree acquire China MarT1n on loan from JiJieHao. [9]
10 July 31st - China ChildKing is moved to a substitute position. [10]
11 August 14th - OneThree part ways with China polite. [11]
12 August 20th - China gas completes his trial successfully and joins the team on a permanent basis. [10]
13 September 5th - OneThree rebrands to Wings Up Gaming. China bottle is acquired by Invictus Gaming while China ChildKing returns to the active lineup. [12][13]
14 October 1st - Wings Up Gaming sign China MarT1n from JiJieHao. [14]
1 December 21st - ViCi Gaming withdraw the tournament, Invictus Gaming is invited in their place. [15]
2 January 27th - Russia Koshak leaves Invictus Gaming. [16]
3 March 11th - China EXPRO leaves Invictus Gaming. [17]
4 March 20th - Invictus Gaming sign China DeStRoYeR, China Viva, China XiaosaGe, and Russia killmatic. Russia V4D1M leaves the team. [2]
5 March 30th - Invictus Gaming bench Russia killmatic. [18]
6 April 4th - Invictus Gaming acquire China 0i on loan from Big Time Regal Gaming. [18]
7 June 1st - Invictus Gaming sign China 0i from Big Time Regal Gaming. [7]
8 September 5th - Invictus Gaming acquire China bottle from Wings Up Gaming. [12]
9 September 6th - Invictus Gaming part ways with China 0i. [19]
1 January 7th - Singapore Benkai and Singapore splashske leave dream[S]cape to join Huat Zai. [20]
2 February 10th - France alecks, Indonesia Bobosaur, and Malaysia d4v41 leave dream[S]cape to join Paper Rex. It is currently unknown what will happen to their former spot. [21]
1 November 4th - Lucid Dream bench Thailand qqGod. [22][23]
2 November 7th - Thailand Akino joins Lucid Dream. [24]
3 January 26th - Lucid Dream part ways with Thailand wannafly and Thailand Akino. [25]
4 February 6th - Lucid Dream sign South Korea Jinx and South Korea Lakia. [26]
5 May 19th - South Korea Jinx and South Korea Lakia leave Lucid Dream and retire from competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. [27]
6 June 1st - Lucid Dream acquire Thailand SeveN89 from Beyond Esports and sign Thailand foxz. [28]
7 June 5th - Thailand cbbk steps down from Lucid Dream. [29]
8 June 11th - Thailand Leaf joins Lucid Dream as a stand-in. [30]
9 July 15th - Lucid Dream disband, leaving the status of their spot unknown. [31]
1 December 16th - acquire AVANGAR's roster. [32]
2 May 23rd - aquire Latvia YEKINDAR from pro100 as Kazakhstan buster will be taking a break from the game. [33]
3 August 4th - part ways with Kazakhstan AdreN. [34]
4 August 8th - Kazakhstan buster returns to the starting lineup. [35]
1 February 5th - Syman Gaming add Sweden kreaz and Kazakhstan mou on a trial basis. Kazakhstan Ramz1kBO$$ is benched. [36]
2 June 6th - Syman Gaming part ways with Sweden kreaz and sign Kazakhstan kade0. [37]
3 August 13th - Syman Gaming rebrand as K23. [38]
4 September 2nd - K23 suspend Kazakhstan Solaar pending an investigation of his usage of the coach bug at Malta Vibes Week 8. [39]
1 October 4th - India SkRossi leaves BL4ZE Esports and retires from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. [40]
2 December 31st - India Rossi's contract expires and he leaves BL4ZE Esports. [41]
1 January 5th - Global Esports part ways with United States dayV1D. [42]
2 April 6th - Global Esports sign India Ace. [43]
3 May 29th - India Ace leaves Global Esports and retire from competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. [44]
4 June 5th - Global Esports sign India SpawN while India Antidote steps down from the active lineup. [45]
5 June 18th - Global Esports cut India SpawN. [46]
6 August 13th - Global Esports sign India Lightningfast. [47]
7 October 7th - Global Esports transfer India HellrangeR and India hellff to their new VALORANT division. [48]
8 December 2nd - India DEATHMAKER leaves Global Esports and retires from competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to pursue a career in VALORANT. [49]
1 March 3rd - NASR Esports sign og3od eSports. [50]
2 March 25th - Jordan Just1ce leaves NASR Esports. [51]
3 April 15th - NASR Esports sign Iraq klee. [52]
4 May 14th - NASR Esports bench Jordan proxyyb. [53]
5 May 21st - NASR Esports sign Iraq bibu. [54]
6 June 14th - Jordan proxyyb is released from his contract. [55]
7 July 25th - NASR Esports part ways with Iraq klee. [56]
8 September 1st - NASR Esports sign Hungary gejmzilla. [57]
1 Janaury 26th - YaLLa Esports part ways with Jordan 3ARK00Z. [58]
2 January 30th - Algeria Lyhn joins YaLLa Esports as the team's coach. [59]
3 February 11th - YaLLa Esports sign Bosnia and Herzegovina Katalic. [60]
4 March 4th - YaLLa Esports replace Bosnia and Herzegovina Katalic with Czech Republic fredi. [61]
5 April 8th - Czech Republic fredi leaves to join Team Brute. [62]
6 June 21st - YaLLa Esports sign Lebanon Joker. [63]
7 July 23rd - Algeria Kheops steps down from YaLLa Esports. [64]
8 September 1st - YaLLa Esports sign Lebanon ValaK. [65]
9 October 20th - Lebanon DEAD steps down from YaLLa Esports and is replaced by Estonia eku. [66]
1 April 28th - Camel Riders replace Jordan JOKER with Iraq Ejram and add Pakistan TeaTime as coach. [67]
2 June 5th - The Camel Riders core is signed by Divine Vendetta. [68]
3 July 18th - United Kingdom ashhh leaves Divine Vendetta. [69]
4 September 12th - Divine Vendetta part way with India havoK and sign United Arab Emirates Pogba. [70]
1 April 30th - South Korea Rb retires from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. [71]
1 March 3rd - Absolute retire. It is currently unknown what will happen to their former spot. [72]
1 January 11th - AUGUST part ways with Mongolia Zilkenberg, Mongolia neuz, and Mongolia flyNN. [73][74]
2 January 14th - AUGUST add Mongolia ncl and Mongolia nin9. [75]
3 March 1st - AUGUST join TIGER.
4 October 13th - TIGER part ways with Mongolia ncl while Mongolia cool4st and Mongolia rate join the team. [76]
5 October 27th - Mongolia erkaSt is acquired by NG Esports. [77]
6 December 20th - Mongolia flyNN joins TIGER as coach. [78]
1 April 18th - Chiefs Esports Club sign Australia yam as coach. [79]
2 May 15th - Chiefs Esports Club part ways with Australia Jinxx, Australia SkulL, and Australia Mayker. [80]
3 May 22nd - Chiefs Esports Club acquire Australia zeph from Incept eSports as well as New Zealand soju_j and Australia Vexite from VERTEX to complete their roster. [81]
4 July 5th - Chiefs Esports Club sign Australia ofnu. [82]
5 August 6th - Avant Gaming acquire Australia HUGHMUNGUS from Chiefs Esports Club. [83]
6 October 5th - New Zealand soju_j steps down from Chiefs Esports Club. [84]
7 October 20th - Chiefs Esports Club re-sign Australia HUGHMUNGUS. [85]
8 October 21st - New Zealand ofnu is acquired by Avant Gaming. [86]


Group Stage[edit]


Additional Content[edit]


LanguageEnglish Speaking


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