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Y-Games PRO Series 2021

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[e][h]Y-Games PRO Series 2021
League Information
Y-Games PRO Series
Slovakia Nitra
Prize Pool:
€22,750 EUR
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:


Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Observer:
    • Slovakia BuKY (Martin Bukovský)


  • Regular Season: April 16th - September 17th, 2021
    • Round-Robin format
      • All teams play each other once
      • All matches are Bo2
  • Playoffs: September 21st - September 24th, 2021
    • Single-Elimination bracket
    • All matches are Bo3
  • Top 4 Czech/Slovak teams advance to Majstrovstá SR 2021

Prize Pool[edit]

€22,750 EUR (~$ USD) are spread among the teams as seen below:

Converted USD prizes are based on the currency exchange rate (taken from on September 24th, 2021: 1 EUR = USD.


BRUTE Evolution
1Czech Republic Habyzz
1Czech Republic Frixos
2Czech Republic boby
3Czech Republic W0LF
4Slovakia MirkeeS
5Czech Republic MATYZ
Budapest Five
1Hungary Kamion
2Hungary torzsi
1Hungary coolio
2Hungary kory
3Hungary fleav
4Netherlands FASHR
5Bulgaria mar
CSpain Cr0n0s
1 April 19th - Budapest Five bench Hungary bodito and add Hungary Kamion on trial. [1]
2 May 17th - Budapest Five release Hungary Kamion. [2]
3 May 20th - Netherlands FASHR joins Budapest Five on trial. [3]
4 May 31st - Hungary torzsi is acquired by an undisclosed team. Bulgaria mar joins on trial. [4][3]
5 June 7th - Netherlands FASHR completes his trial successfully and joins Budapest Five on a permanent basis. [5]
1Poland Prism
2Poland Demho
1Poland Crityourface
2Poland nejk
3Poland P1TER
4Poland kirbie
5Poland Lipton
CPoland MdN
1 May 31st - CLEANTmix bench Poland Demho and Poland Prism and sign Poland kirbie and Poland Lipton. [6]
Dark Tigers
1Slovakia fino
1Slovakia ZEDc
2Slovakia system
3Czech Republic Aralio
4Slovakia outex
5Czech Republic Majky
1 April 10th - Slovakia MAXX and Slovakia zyored are acquired by GTZ Bulls Esports. [7]
2 April 20th - Dark Tigers sign Czech Republic Aralio and Slovakia outex. [8]
1Czech Republic shrubyy
1Slovakia Rutk0
2Slovakia Abdel
3Czech Republic Lueg
4Czech Republic DOCKSTAR
5Slovakia OxidE
1 June 2nd - Czech Republic shrubyy leaves DEFEATERS. [9]
Dynamo Eclot
1Czech Republic stinx
2Czech Republic Majky
1Czech Republic desty
2Czech Republic Mix
3Czech Republic Lastík
4Czech Republic K1-FiDa
5 TBD 
1 May 24th - ECLOT rebrand to Dynamo Eclot. [10]
2 June 11th - Dynamo Eclot release Czech Republic stinx and Czech Republic Majky. [11]
3 June 12th - Dynamo Eclot sign Czech Republic K1-FiDa. [12]
1Ukraine Hkta
2Ukraine OWNER
3Ukraine kr1vda
4Ukraine nat1ve
5Ukraine r1nkle
CUkraine rjy
1 May 23rd - Marlian eSports part ways with their roster. They continue to play together as ex-Marlian eSports. [13]
Sissi State Punks
1Germany DreaM
CGermany hyouka
1Germany rapala
2Germany Jockel
3Germany Ponke
4Germany glaVed
5Germany preet
CGermany cover
1 April 19th - Germany preet replaces Germany DreaM for international events for an indefinite time period due to personal reasons. [14]
2 April 21st - Germany hyouka parts ways with Sissi State Punks. [15]
3 May 15th - Germany DreaM parts ways with Sissi State Punks. [16]
4 June 1st - Sissi State Punks sign Germany cover as coach. [17]


Regular Season[edit]


League Standings
1. CLEANTmix4-2-0154-91+6314p
2. ex-Marlian eSports3-3-0177-140+3712p
3. Budapest Five3-2-0152-101+5111p
4. Dark Tigers3-2-1178-147+3111p
5. ENTERPRISE esports2-4-0173-147+2610p
6. Sissi State Punks2-2-1138-118+208p
7. Dynamo Eclot1-3-2139-166-276p
8. Team Sampi1-1-3125-137-124p
9. eEriness0-4-1111-129-184p
10. DEFEATERS1-1-4114-136-224p
11. eSuba Youngsters0-2-386-150-642p
12. BRUTE Evolution0-0-575-160-850p

Detailed Results[edit]

Round 1[edit]
Round 2[edit]
Round 3[edit]
Round 4[edit]
Round 5[edit]
Round 6[edit]
Round 7[edit]
Round 8[edit]
Round 9[edit]
Round 10[edit]
Round 11[edit]


Grand Final

Additional Content[edit]





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