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AEF Dota 2 League Season 4

[e][h]AEF Dota 2 League Season 4
League Information
Online & Offline
Australia Australia
Feb 5 - Apr 7, 2018

The AEF Dota 2 League an online league tournament organised by Australian eSports Federation returns for its fourth season with a total prize pool of 4,850 AUD and gaming peripherals, with three divisions.


  • Group Stage
    • Three Divisions
    • A 2-0 win provides 3 points for the winner
    • A 2-1 win gives 2 point for the winner
    • A 1-2 loss gives 1 point
    • A tiebreaker series to be played if required with most 2-0 wins would be prioritised first
    • All Divisions play in a weekly single round robin where the highest points would determine the winner
    • Top 4 of Division 1 teams play in a finals series in a 4 team double elimination bracket on the to determine the top 4 seedings

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