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[e][h] Abeng
Player Information
Abeng Dicdican
Alternate IDs:
Approx. Total Earnings:
2014-06-01 — 2014-08-22
2015-06-19 — 2015-08-26
2017-03-24 — 2017-04-??
2017-09-07 — 2018-02-04
2018-01-07 — 2019-02-20
2019-04-30 — 2019-05-24
2019-11-22 — 2019-12-14
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Abeng "Abeng" Dicdican is a Filipino professional Dota 2 player.


2021-07-06BA2ndA2Tier 3Moon Studio Asian TigersMoon Studio Asian TigersExecrationExecrationExecration0 : 3OB Esports x NeonOB Esports x Neon$2,000
2020-12-27CA3rdA1Tier 2Huya Winter InvitationalHuya Winter InvitationalNeon EsportsNeon EsportsNeon Esports0 : 2Royal Never Give UpRoyal Never Give Up$13,758
2019-05-27AA1stA2Tier Rampage Series Rampage Series #5Neon EsportsNeon EsportsNeon Esports3 : 0Cignal UltraCignal Ultra$3,923
2019-05-19AA1stA2Tier 3Sin Esports Dota 2 League Season 1Sin Esports Dota 2 League Season 1Neon EsportsNeon EsportsNeon EsportsW : FFSterling Global DragonsSterling Global Dragons$2,914
2019-04-25AA1stA2Tier 3Dota2 Rainbow Cup Season 2Dota2 Rainbow Cup Season 2Neon EsportsNeon EsportsNeon Esports3 : 1Photon GamingPhoton Gaming$5,000
2019-03-12BA2ndA2Tier 3joinDOTA League Season 15 AsiajoinDOTA League Season 15 AsiaNeon EsportsNeon EsportsNeon Esports1 : 3DeToNatorDeToNator$1,250
2019-02-20AA1stA2Tier 3Asia Pro League Season 2Asia Pro League Season 2Neon EsportsNeon EsportsNeon Esports3 : 2496 Gaming496 Gaming$3,705
2019-02-17AA1stA2Tier Rampage Series Rampage Series #4Neon EsportsNeon EsportsNeon Esports3 : 1Cignal UltraCignal Ultra$3,953
2019-01-18BA2ndA2Tier 3ANGGAME China vs SEA #3 - Online FinalANGGAME China vs SEA #3 - Online FinalNeon EsportsNeon EsportsNeon Esports1 : 3IamPoint ClubIamPoint Club$5,911
2018-12-15AA1stA6QualifierAsia Pacific Predator League 2019 Philippines QualifierAsia Pacific Predator League 2019 Philippines QualifierNeon EsportsNeon EsportsNeon Esports$2,286
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