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[e][h] Aretes
Player Information
Jeanpierre Rivera Perez
Signature Hero:
Undying Lich Oracle
Approx. Total Earnings:
2019-08-02 — 2019-12-02
2019-12-07 — 2020-01-17
2020-01-17 — 2020-04-21
2020-04-21 — 2020-11-04
2021-01-06 — 2021-03-10
2021-03-10 — 2021-03-23
Latam Defenders (Inactive)
2021-03-23 — 2021-06-15
2021-06-15 — 2021-07-04
Upcoming Matches
No Upcoming Matches
Upcoming Tournaments
No upcoming tournaments

Jeanpierre Rivera "Aretes" Perez is a Peruvian professional Dota 2 player who last played for Latam Defenders.



On March 10th, Aretes was suspended by his then-current team Latam Defenders for racist comments after being called out by Zyori.[1][2]


2021-09-12GA7 - 8thA2Tier 3Movistar Liga Pro Gaming Season 10Movistar Liga Pro Gaming Season 10Team UnknownTeam UnknownTeam Unknown1/2/1Grp S.$420
2021-03-20EA5 - 6thA2Tier 3Movistar Liga Pro Gaming Season 8Movistar Liga Pro Gaming Season 8Latam DefendersLatam DefendersLatam Defenders1 : 2Infinity EsportsInfinity Esports$500
2021-02-26HA8thA1Tier 2OGA DPC South America Regional League Season 1: Upper DivisionOGA DPC South America Regional League Season 1: Upper DivisionLatam DefendersLatam DefendersLatam Defenders1/-/6Grp S.$22,000
2020-12-19EA5 - 6thA2Tier 3Movistar Liga Pro Gaming Final SeriesMovistar Liga Pro Gaming Final SeriesEgoBoysEgoBoysEgoBoys0 : 2Team UnknownTeam Unknown$1,000
2020-12-06GA7 - 8thA1Tier 2Realms Collide: The Burning DarknessRealms Collide: The Burning DarknessEgoBoysEgoBoysEgoBoys1 : 2Thunder PredatorThunder Predator$4,000
2020-04-26AA1stA3Tier 4Reto Cifrut Dota 2Reto Cifrut Dota 2Incubus ClubIncubus GamingIncubus Gaming2 : 1Gorillaz-PrideGorillaz-Pride$212
2020-03-28AA1stA4MonthlyEpulze Monthly Cup North America March 2020Epulze Monthly Cup North America March 2020Incubus ClubIncubus GamingIncubus Gaming1 : 0ZCREWZCREW$350
2019-12-21BA2ndA2Tier 3World Electronic Sports Games 2019 LatAM SouthWorld Electronic Sports Games 2019 LatAM SouthOmega GamingOmega GamingOmega Gaming0 : 2Impetus EsportsImpetus Esports$938
2019-11-06DA4thA2Tier 3Movistar Liga Pro Gaming Season 1Movistar Liga Pro Gaming Season 1Incubus ClubIncubus GamingIncubus Gaming0 : 2Team UnknownTeam Unknown$300
2019-10-20DA4thA2Tier 3Cup Of The Ancients Season 2Cup Of The Ancients Season 2Incubus ClubIncubus GamingIncubus Gaming0 : 2Thunder PredatorThunder Predator$547
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