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[e][h]Team LiquidTeam Liquid BSJ Arkosh GamingArkosh Gaming
Player Information
Brian Canavan
June 2, 1992 (age 30)
Years Active (Player):
2015 - Present
Current Role:
Alternate IDs:
BananaSlamJamma, Pale Horse
Approx. Total Winnings:
Signature Hero:
Phantom Lancer Slark Juggernaut
2015-01-25 — 2015-02-21
2015-02-21 — 2015-02-26
2015-02-26 — 2015-05-18
2015-09-?? — 2015-11-09
2015-11-09 — 2015-12-06
2015-12-06 — 2016-06-??
2016-06-?? — 2016-09-??
2016-10-?? — 2017-03-26
2017-05-06 — 2019-09-??
compLexity (Streamer)
2017-08-29 — 2018-01-02
2018-01-02 — 2018-02-02
2018-02-03 — 2018-??-??
2018-06-14 — 2018-06-23
2018-09-27 — 2018-10-??
2020-10-30 - Present
2021-06-15 - Present
Team Liquid (Streamer)

Brian "BSJ" Canavan is an American professional Dota 2 streamer, analyst, and former player. He joined Team Liquid as a content creator in June 2021, and is currently playing for Arkosh Gaming under the pseudonym Pale Horse.


BSJ began playing Dota 2 shortly before The International 2012. He entered the competitive scene in early 2015, after achieving the number one rank in the NADotA Elite League. He was picked up by DeMoN with his team Summer's Rift. The team had some mild success, qualifying for his first LAN in May of that year. However, the team would end up finishing last place. A month later, issues within the team sparked an unpleasant disband of the team a month later after failing to qualify for TI5. Since then, BSJ has continued to stream on Twitch for Complexity Gaming.

He has had some experience with professional teams while doing so, including Team Freedom. Undeterred from the lack of success, BSJ made his own resurgence of Team Leviathan for the 2017-18 DPC year. Through the second half of 2017, the team would surprise some of the established NA teams in the major and minor qualifiers. The most notable result was when they knocked off Evil Geniuses in the Starladder i-League Invitational #3 NA qualifiers. However, the team never managed to breakthrough against the rest of the NA Dota scene. Issues with lack of practicing among the players, Leviathan would disband at the end of 2017. BSJ was later picked up by VGJ.Storm with good friend monkeys-forever in early 2018. Unfortunately, the team never managed to qualify for a DPC event, and was disbanded only a month later.

Despite not having a team for the rest of the DPC season, BSJ enjoyed analyzing and casting at DPC events such as The Summit 8 and 9, MDL Changsha, and The International 2018. People may recognize him casting frequently with other notable NA casters Kyle and GrandGrant.

The beginning of the 2018 DPC season treated BSJ well. Reuniting with former teammates Jubei and monkeys-forever, their new team ROOONS qualified for DreamLeague Season 10 and the inaugural season of the North American Dota Challengers League. Through these accomplishments, ROOONS found themselves invited to a few other notable LAN's, such as Red Bull Guardians and the World Showdown of Esports. The results were lackluster, finishing dead last in each of these tournaments, and by participating in these LAN's made them forfeit the NADCL season due to scheduling conflicts.



2022-04-23DA4thA2Tier 3DPC NA 2021/2022 Tour 2: Division IIDota Pro CircuitDota Pro CircuitDPC NA 2021/2022 Tour 2: Division IIArkosh GamingArkosh GamingArkosh Gaming4/-/3Grp S.$11,000
2022-01-20GA7thA1Tier 2DPC NA 2021/2022 Tour 1: Division IDota Pro CircuitDota Pro CircuitDPC NA 2021/2022 Tour 1: Division IArkosh GamingArkosh GamingArkosh Gaming1/-/6Grp S.$23,000
2021-05-22BA2ndA2Tier 3Dota Pro Circuit 2021: S2 - North America Lower DivisionDota Pro CircuitDota Pro CircuitDota Pro Circuit 2021: S2 - North America Lower DivisionArkosh GamingArkosh GamingArkosh Gaming6/-/1Grp S.$16,000
2021-02-27CA3rdA2Tier 3Dota Pro Circuit 2021: S1 - North America Lower DivisionDota Pro CircuitDota Pro CircuitDota Pro Circuit 2021: S1 - North America Lower DivisionArkosh GamingArkosh GamingArkosh Gaming5/-/2Grp S.$15,000
2020-06-09BA2ndA7Show M.Twitch Rivals: DOTA 2 Showdown - North AmericaTwitch RivalsTwitch RivalsTwitch Rivals: DOTA 2 Showdown - North AmericaTeam BananaSlamJammaTeam BananaSlamJammaTeam BananaSlamJamma0 : 2Team lelisdotaTeam lelisdota$11,500
2019-11-02AA1stA2Tier 3World Electronic Sports Games 2019 USA Closed QualifierWorld Electronic Sports GamesWorld Electronic Sports GamesWorld Electronic Sports Games 2019 USA Closed QualifierNA's FinestNA's FinestNA's Finest3 : 0ZugzwangZugzwang$15,000
2019-06-06AA1stA7Show M.Twitch Rivals: DOTA 2 ShowdownTwitch RivalsTwitch RivalsTwitch Rivals: DOTA 2 ShowdownTeam AdmiralBulldogTeam AdmiralBulldogTeam AdmiralBulldog2 : 0Team Funn1kTeam Funn1k$19,000
2017-11-16AA1stA2Tier 3Blood in the Streets AmericasBlood in the Streets AmericasTeam LeviathanTeam LeviathanTeam Leviathan3 : 1SacredSacred$5,000
2016-12-30AA1stA2Tier 3ProDotA Cup Americas #8ProDotA CupProDotA CupProDotA Cup Americas #8Team FreedomTeam FreedomTeam Freedom3 : 0InfamousInfamous$3,500
2015-03-01AA1stA2Tier 3Dota 2 Canada Cup - Season 4Dota 2 BEAT InvitationalDota 2 BEAT InvitationalDota 2 Canada Cup - Season 4Champions of Summer's RiftSummer's RiftSummer's Rift3 : 1Wheel WhreckWheel Whreck$4,250
Complete list of results in any tournament
DateTierTournamentPositionPartner List
2021-10-17A1Tier 1The InternationalThe InternationalThe International 2021Analyst
2021-08-29A1Tier 1ESL OneESL OneESL One Fall 2021Commentator
2021-06-13A1Tier 1Dota Pro CircuitDota Pro CircuitWePlay AniMajorAnalyst/Commentator
2020-09-06A1Tier 1OMEGA LeagueOMEGA LeagueOMEGA League: Europe Immortal DivisionCasters/Analyst
2020-03-22A1Tier 1ESL OneESL OneESL One Los Angeles 2020Analyst
2019-12-22A1Tier 1ONE Esports InvitationalONE Esports InvitationalONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational SingaporeCommentator
2019-08-25A1Tier 1The InternationalThe InternationalThe International 2019Analyst
2018-11-18A1Tier 1Kuala Lumpur MajorKuala Lumpur MajorThe Kuala Lumpur MajorAnalyst
2018-08-25A1Tier 1The InternationalThe InternationalThe International 2018Commentator/Analyst
2018-05-20A1Tier 1Mars Dota 2 LeagueMars Dota 2 LeagueMDL Changsha MajorCaster
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