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Enjoy your banishment.

Banish renders the target invulnerable and untargetable. However, abilities from the user can still affect those banished. For example, Outworld Devourer's Sanity's Eclipse will affect units banished by his own Astral Imprisonment, and Shadow Demon's Shadow Poison, Soul Catcher, and Demonic Purge all affect units banished by his own Disruption.
Banishes are commonly used to dodge spells, escape death, or prepare for skillshot attacks.

Banish Abilities[edit]

Hero Ability
Brewmaster Primal Split
Chaos Knight Phantasm
Lifestealer Infest
Naga Siren Mirror Image
Outworld Devourer Astral Imprisonment
Phantom Lancer Doppelganger
Phoenix Supernova
Puck Phase Shift
Riki Tricks of the Trade
Shadow Demon Disruption
Tusk Snowball
Item Ability
Manta Style Mirror Image

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