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[e][h]Team LiquidTeam Liquid Blitz
Player Information
William Lee
May 21, 1990 (age 31)
Years Active (Player):
2013 - 2018,
Current Role:
Alternate IDs:
Approx. Total Winnings:
Signature Hero:
Storm Spirit Timbersaw Queen of Pain
2012-05-12 — 2012-10-20
2012-12-05 — 2013-02-01
2013-10-13 — 2013-10-27
2013-11-17 — 2013-12-03
2014-01-03 — 2015-01-13
2015-08-23 — 2015-10-02
FIRE (Sub)
2016-??-?? — 2016-07-27
Team Liquid (Coach)
2016-08-25 — 2017-04-14
Digital Chaos (Coach)
2017-04-14 — 2017-05-31
Thunderbirds (Coach)
2017-05-31 — 2017-08-01
Planet Odd (Coach)
2019-10-12 — Present
Team Liquid (Coach)

William "Blitz" Lee is a American former professional Dota 2 player and currently coaching Team Liquid.


As a Player[edit]

August 28th, 2013 it was revealed that Blitz had decided to postpone returning to school to head to Korea to join the up-and-coming Korean Dota 2 scene.[1] In November 2013 Blitz joined For Our Utopia (Previously known as FXO) to participate in NSL Season 2.[2] After For Our Utopia was knocked out of Nexon Sponsorship League Season 2 by MVP Phoenix, Blitz left the team and it was disbanded.

On January 2nd, 2014, Blitz joined up with SexyBamboe, Eosin, Corey and Purge to form team Zephyr for Nexon Sponsorship League Season 3.[3]

As a Caster and Coach[edit]

Blitz made the move to becoming a full-time caster with joinDOTA on January 28th, 2015 following the disbandment of Team Zephyr.[4] He was subsequently invited to cast The International 2015.[5]. About a month before Shanghai Major, he chose to coach Team Liquid, and after the event took a break from casting to work as a coach.[6] After working as a coach for several months, Blitz announced that he had left Team Liquid to cast The International 2016.[7]

After The International concluded, Blitz announced in a blog post that he intended to take a break from casting to pursue a full-time coaching or management role.[6] On August 25, he was announced to be the new coach for Digital Chaos.[8] Two months later, he joined MoonduckTV as a part-time caster.[9]

In April 2017, Blitz joined Digital Chaos's squad in leaving the organization to help form Thunderbirds. Following The International 2017, Blitz returned to broadcasting, working at premier events such as ESL One Hamburg 2017 and DAC 2018 as both a caster and an analyst.


2021-10-17AA1stA7Show M.The International 2021: All-Star MatchThe InternationalThe InternationalThe International 2021: All-Star MatchTeam GolemTeam GolemTeam Golem1 : 0Team ThunderhideTeam Thunderhide 
2018-11-25CA3 - 4thA2Tier 3North American Dota Challengers League Season 1North American Dota Challengers League Season 1Vendetta (Team)VendettaVendetta0 : 2Black SheepBlack Sheep$1,500
2016-10-24BA2ndA6QualifierBoston Major 2016: Americas Open Qualifier #1Boston Major 2016: Americas Open Qualifier #1Vegetables Esports ClubVegetables Esports ClubVegetables Esports Club0 : 2Prodota GamingProdota Gaming 
2014-12-20DA4thA1Tier 2Korea Dota League Season 4Korea Dota 2 LeagueKorea Dota 2 LeagueKorea Dota League Season 4ZephyrZephyrZephyr0 : 2MVP PhoenixMVP Phoenix$5,000
2014-10-05DA4thA1Tier 2Korea Dota League Season 3Korea Dota 2 LeagueKorea Dota 2 LeagueKorea Dota League Season 3ZephyrZephyrZephyr3/-/9Grp S.$5,652
2014-06-22AA1 - 2ndA6QualifierKorea Dota League Season 2 RelegationKorea Dota 2 LeagueKorea Dota 2 LeagueKorea Dota League Season 2 RelegationZephyrZephyrZephyr2 : 0MVP HOT6ixMVP HOT6ix 
2014-06-15CA3rdA1Tier 2Korea Dota League Season 2 Tier 1Korea Dota 2 LeagueKorea Dota 2 LeagueKorea Dota League Season 2 Tier 1ZephyrZephyrZephyr3/-/3Grp S.$15,743
2014-04-12AA1stA1Tier 2Korean Dota LeagueKorea Dota 2 LeagueKorea Dota 2 LeagueKorean Dota LeagueZephyrZephyrZephyr3 : 0MVP PhoenixMVP Phoenix$14,435
2014-03-26AA1stA1Tier 2Korean Dota League Tier 1Korea Dota 2 LeagueKorea Dota 2 LeagueKorean Dota League Tier 1ZephyrZephyrZephyr6/-/0Grp S.$33,387
2014-02-15AA1stA0Tier 1Nexon Sponsorship League Season 3Nexon Sponsorship LeagueNexon Sponsorship LeagueNexon Sponsorship League Season 3ZephyrZephyrZephyr3 : 0EoT HammerEoT Hammer$56,330
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2020-01-25EA5 - 6thA0Tier 1DreamLeague Season 13DreamLeagueDreamLeagueDreamLeague Season 13Team LiquidTeam LiquidTeam Liquid1 : 2AllianceAlliance$60,000
2019-11-22EA5 - 6thA0Tier 1MDL Chengdu MajorMars Dota 2 LeagueMars Dota 2 LeagueMDL Chengdu MajorTeam LiquidTeam LiquidTeam Liquid0 : 2Evil GeniusesEvil Geniuses$60,000
2019-10-19DA4thA1Tier 2DreamLeague Season 12DreamLeagueDreamLeagueDreamLeague Season 12Team LiquidTeam LiquidTeam Liquid0 : 2Demon SlayersDemon Slayers$25,000
2017-07-22BA2ndA1Tier 2DreamLeague Season 7DreamLeagueDreamLeagueDreamLeague Season 7Planet OddPlanet OddPlanet Odd2 : 3Team LiquidTeam Liquid$45,000
2017-06-18BA2ndA0Tier 1Galaxy BattlesGalaxy BattlesGalaxy BattlesGalaxy BattlesPlanet OddPlanet OddPlanet Odd0 : 3NewbeeNewbee$22,500
2017-04-28IG9 - 16thA0Tier 1The Kiev Major 2017Dota Major ChampionshipsDota Major ChampionshipsThe Kiev Major 2017ThunderbirdsThunderbirdsThunderbirds0 : 2Evil GeniusesEvil Geniuses$62,500
2017-01-08AA1stA0Tier 1ESL One Genting 2017ESL OneESL OneESL One Genting 2017Chaos Esports ClubDigital ChaosDigital Chaos3 : 2NewbeeNewbee$125,000
2016-12-10CA3 - 4thA0Tier 1The Boston Major 2016Dota Major ChampionshipsDota Major ChampionshipsThe Boston Major 2016Chaos Esports ClubDigital ChaosDigital Chaos0 : 2Ad FinemAd Finem$250,000
2016-07-17CA3rdA0Tier 1The Summit 5DOTA SummitDOTA SummitThe Summit 5Team LiquidTeam LiquidTeam Liquid1 : 2OGOG$13,136
2016-06-12BA2ndA0Tier 1The Manila Major 2016Dota Major ChampionshipsDota Major ChampionshipsThe Manila Major 2016Team LiquidTeam LiquidTeam Liquid1 : 3OGOG$405,000
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DateTierTournamentPositionPartner List
2019-08-25A1Tier 1The InternationalThe InternationalThe International 2019Analyst
2019-05-12A1Tier 1Mars Dota 2 LeagueMars Dota 2 LeagueMDL Disneyland® Paris MajorCommentator
2018-08-25A1Tier 1The InternationalThe InternationalThe International 2018Commentator/Analyst
2017-08-12A1Tier 1The InternationalThe InternationalThe International 2017Analyst
2016-08-13A1Tier 1The InternationalThe InternationalThe International 2016Commentator
2016-03-06A1Tier 1Dota Major ChampionshipsDota Major ChampionshipsThe Shanghai Major 2016Commentator/Analyst
2015-11-21A1Tier 1Dota Major ChampionshipsDota Major ChampionshipsThe Frankfurt Major 2015Analyst
2015-08-08A1Tier 1The InternationalThe InternationalThe International 2015Commentator
2015-02-09A1Tier 1Dota 2 Asia ChampionshipsDota 2 Asia ChampionshipsDota 2 Asia Championships 2015Commentator
2014-07-21A1Tier 1The InternationalThe InternationalThe International 2014Commentator
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