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[e][h] Cak3z
Player Information
Clay Winkler
Signature Hero:
Approx. Total Earnings:
2013-??-?? — 2014-01-20
2014-01-20 — 2014-05-31

Clay "Cak3z" Winkler is an American player who most recently played for Team eHug.


2014-05-15EF5 - 11thA6QualifierThe International 2014: Americas QualifiersThe InternationalThe International 2014: Americas QualifiersTeam eHugTeam eHugTeam eHug6/-/4Grp S. 
2014-05-10EC5 - 8thA6QualifierThe Summit 1 American QualifiersThe Summit 1 American QualifiersTeam eHugTeam eHugTeam eHug2/-/5Grp S. 
2014-05-04EC5 - 8thA6QualifierESL One Frankfurt - American QualifiersESL OneESL One Frankfurt - American QualifiersTeam eHugTeam eHugTeam eHug0 : 2Union GamingUnion Gaming 
2014-04-05DA4 - 5thA1Tier 2MLG T.K.O. AmericaMLG T.K.O. AmericaTeam eHugTeam eHugTeam eHug2/-/6Grp S.$1,500
2014-03-09DA4thA1Tier 2Monster Energy InvitationalMonster Energy InvitationalTeam eHugTeam eHugTeam eHug0 : 2Team LiquidTeam Liquid 
2014-01-12CA3 - 4thA1Tier 2Pinnacle Pro-AmPinnacle Pro-AmPretty Boy SwagPretty Boy SwagPretty Boy Swag1 : 2RoX.KISRoX.KIS 
2013-12-31BA2ndA2Tier 3Dota 2 Canada Cup - Season 2Dota 2 Canada CupDota 2 Canada Cup - Season 2Pretty Boy SwagPretty Boy SwagPretty Boy Swag2 : 3SwagenteigerSwagenteiger$300
2013-11-24ED5 - 9thA0Tier 1MLG Championship ColumbusMLG Championship ColumbusPretty Boy SwagPretty Boy SwagPretty Boy Swag0/-/8Grp S.$2,739
2013-10-18BA2ndA1Tier 2MLG Fall InvitationalMLG Fall InvitationalPretty Boy SwagPretty Boy SwagPretty Boy Swag1 : 2Team DignitasTeam Dignitas$5,000
2013-05-02BA2ndA2Tier 3atoD Showdown 3atoD Showdown 3Pretty Boy SwagPretty Boy SwagPretty Boy Swag1 : 2Team EmpireTeam Empire 
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