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Feel my blade!

Cleave causes a melee unit's attacks to deal a percentage of its auto-attack damage to secondary units in a cone following the direction of the attack. Cleave does not hit the primary target. Cleave cannot miss when hitting secondary targets.

Cleave damage is applied to each unit individually and is not amplified or reduced by the damage the primary target had taken. Cleave damage itself is physical and does not affect ethereal units, wards, and buildings. Critical Strike will multiply the damage of cleave.

Multiple sources of cleave fully stack but operate independently from each other in their area. For example, a 500 radius cleave and a 250 radius cleave will deal their damage normally, but stack only in the intersecting area. Each cleave source causes its own instance of damage for the affected units. Each damage instance is reduced by Damage Block.

It is possible for a hero to have more than 100% cleave because the percentages stack additively. For example, 100% cleave + 35% cleave = 135% cleave. This results in cleaved units taking more damage than the initial target of the attack.

Cleave Abilities[edit]

Hero Abilities
Hero Ability Cleave Damage
Kunkka Kunkka Tidebringer 165%
Sven Sven Great Cleave 30% / 50% / 70% / 90%
Magnus Magnus Empower 14% / 34% / 54% / 74%
Talent Abilities
Hero Talent Cleave Damage
Alchemist Alchemist Level 20 Talent 40%
Doom Doom Level 25 Talent 175%

Item Abilities
Item Ability Cleave Damage
link= Battle Fury Battle Fury Battle Fury Cleave 60%

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