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Damage Over Time

Feel the burn.

Damage Over Time (also known as DOT) is a spell that causes damage multiple times at a set interval over its duration. Most damage over time is dealt per second, but some spells will deal their damage at a different rate. While some values may be expressed per second, the damage may actually be dealt in smaller instances over shorter periods of time. This can cause a range of different interactions within the game.

Damage Over Time Abilities[edit]

Hero Abilities
Hero Ability
Alchemist Acid Spray
Ancient Apparition Cold Feet
Ice Blast
Axe Battle Hunger
Bane Nightmare
Fiend's Grip
Batrider Flamebreak
Flaming Lasso (Aghanim's Scepter)
Clockwerk Battery Assault
Crystal Maiden Frostbite
Freezing Field
Dark Seer Ion Shell
Dazzle Poison Touch
Death Prophet Spirit Siphon
Disruptor Thunder Strike
Static Storm
Doom Scorched Earth
Infernal Blade
Doom Doom
Earth Spirit Magnetize
Ember Spirit Searing Chains
Flame Guard
Enigma Malefice
Midnight Pulse
Black Hole
Gyrocopter Rocket Barrage
Huskar Burning Spear
Invoker Ice Wall
Chaos Meteor
Jakiro Dual Breath
Liquid Fire
Juggernaut Blade Fury
Kunkka Torrent
Leshrac Diabolic Edict
Pulse Nova
Luna Eclipse
Meepo Geostrike
Necrophos Heartstopper Aura
Ogre Magi Ignite
Phoenix Icarus Dive
Fire Spirits
Sun Ray
Pudge Rot
Pugna Life Drain
Queen of Pain Shadow Strike
Razor Eye of the Storm
Riki Tricks of the Trade
Sand King Sand Storm
Shadow Shaman Shackles
Silencer Arcane Curse
Skywrath Mage Mystic Flare
Slark Dark Pact
Sniper Shrapnel
Timbersaw Chakram
Tiny Avalanche
Treant Protector Leech Seed
Overgrowth (Eyes In The Forest)
Venomancer Venomous Gale
Poison Sting
Poison Nova
Viper Poison Attack
Corrosive Skin
Viper Strike
Warlock Shadow Word
Winter Wyvern Arctic Burn
Witch Doctor Maledict
Wraith King Wraithfire Blast
Unit Abilities
Unit Ability
Elder Dragon Form Corrosive Breath
Fire Permanent Immolation
Plague Ward Poison Sting
Spiderlings Poison Sting
Spirit Bear Entangling Claws
Warlock Golem Permanent Immolation Permanent Immolation
Tornado Tempest
Vhoul Assassin Envenomed Weapon
Item Abilities
Item Ability
Orb of Venom Poison Attack
Urn of Shadows Soul Release
Radiance Burn

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