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Disable refers to any abilities or status effects that prevent a hero from acting. Disables come in many different varieties, and most heroes have access to some form of disable.

Types of Disables[edit]


Blind is a type of status effect that debuffs an enemy unit, giving them a chance to miss attacks.


Cyclone is a status effect that causes the afflicted units to be sent to the air for a short time, completely disabling the unit and rendering it invulnerable to most sources of damage. Some cyclones remove debuffs from allies and buffs from enemies.


Disarm is a status effect that prevents the affected unit from attacking. Disarmed units can still cast spells.


A status effect that prevents affected units from moving and casting blink abilities.


Ethereal is a status effect that causes a unit to be completely immune to physical damage abilities, but is unable to attack and takes bonus magical damage. Ethereal units can still cast spells and move.


Hex is a status effect that transforms the affected unit into a harmless animal. Hex will silence, mute, and disarm the target while reducing its base movement speed to a minimal amount.


Banish hides the unit from the map, preventing other units from interacting with it.


Any spell that removes buffs or debuffs.

Strong Dispel
Can also remove stuns.


Silence prevents the affected unit from casting spells. Silence will also stop any channeling spells the enemy is currently using.


Mute prevents the affected unit from casting items. It will also stop any channeling spells from items.


Break will disable passive abilities. It does not affect items.


Sleep is a rare status effect that completely disables the affected unit for the entire duration. However, sleep can be broken by dealing Hero damage to the affected unit.


Slows reduce enemy movement and/or attack speed. Slows can disable either one or both, depending on the ability. Slows always reduce by a percentage of speed, rather than fixed values.

Same as a slow but occurs on chance.
Decaying Slow
Same as slow but the affected unit gradually recovers speed over the duration of the effect.
Turn Rate Slow
Slows turn rate rather than movement speed.


Stuns are the most common and most dependable kind of disable. A Hero under the effect of a stun is unable to move, attack, use items, or use abilities until it wears off. Stuns will also interrupt any channeling abilities, such as using a Town Portal Scroll. May also include knockback, including all of its variants listed below.

Mini-stuns are a shorter version of a regular stun, usually lasting a fraction of a second, that are most useful in interrupting enemy spells or preventing enemies from moving effectively.
Shackle abilities are stuns that attach the target to the caster, forcing them to move with them. In some situations they may also disable the caster, by being channeled or by slowing the casting hero.
A stun that occurs by chance. Usually accompanied by bonus damage when it procs.
Like a bash, but lasting a fraction of a second.


A Trap is a type of disable that completely or partially surrounds a unit with immobile objects or restricts their movement in such a way that they cannot escape.


Taunt is a status effect that forces the enemy to attack the taunting unit. They will be unable to control their hero or use any abilities during the taunt duration. Will interrupt channeling spells.

Forces the enemy to run away toward their fountain rather than attacking a unit.