Dota History

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History Summary[edit]




  • February 3rd - The first version of the Allstars series was "DotA Allstars Beta v0.95" is released by Meian and Ragn0r.
  • March - DotA Allstars v.3.0d is released by Guinsoo.
  • April - DotA Allstars v.4.0a is released by Guinsoo. It is the first version to feature Roshan.
  • April - Clan TDA (Team Dota Allstars) is formed, the clan consists of Pendragon, Guinsoo and IceFrog among others.
  • November - DotA Allstars v.5.84 is released by Guinsoo. The first competitive version of DotA.
  • November 20th - International Gaming Syndicate (IGS) starts the first offical league for DotA Allstars. The first official competitive match is between House of Zed and 4DTA.


  • February 28th - Shortly after the 6.x series is released. Guinsoo announces his departure and IceFrog along with Neichus takes over developement.
  • March - World Cyber Games announces a tournament for DotA.
  • June - DotA Allstars v.6.12 is released by IceFrog. This is the first version to be translated into Chinese by Heintje.
  • October 10th - DotA Allstars announces that Blizzcon will host a DotA tournament.
  • October 23rd - DotA Allstars announces that Clanbase and Electronic Sports League will host DotA leagues.
  • November - DotA Allstars v.6.27 is released by IceFrog. The second competetive version of DotA.