Dota Pro Circuit 2021: Season 2 - North America Lower Division

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[e][h]Dota Pro Circuit 2021: S2 - North America Lower Division
League Information
US East
North America North America
Apr 12 - May 22, 2021
Prize Pool:
$75,000 USD
Pro Circuit Tier:
Liquipedia Tier:


  • Participants
  • Standings
    • Single round-robin
    • All matches are Bo3

Broadcast Talent[edit]

The talent for the English broadcast was announced on April 9th, 2021.[1][2]

  • Guest Commentator:
    • United States ppd (Peter Dager)
  • Statistician:
  • Commentators:
  • Commentator:
  • Commentators:
    • Brazil Flytable (Tógo Menezes)
    • Brazil Ace (Paulo Camerino)
    • Brazil Fedel (Guilherme Fedel)
    • Brazil Luiziin (Luiz Eduardo Alves Costa)
    • Brazil Warss (Renan Moura)
    • Brazil Sherlock (Alisson Maximo)
    • Brazil Guipepe (Guilherme Tedesco)
    • Brazil Jasam (José Victor Almeida dos Santos)
    • Brazil Luiziin (Luiz Eduardo Alves Costa)
    • Brazil Kaxanga (Pablo Oliveira Franco Menin)
    • Brazil Mentirinha (Matheus Ayala Batista)
    • Brazil baLones (Felipe Augusto Rodrigues dos Santos)

The talent for the Spanish broadcast was announced on April 13th, 2021.[3]

Prize Pool[edit]

$75,000 USD was spread among the teams as seen below:


1United States dnm
2United States RRL
3Malaysia aikster
4United States Lies
5Myanmar thetoo
SMalaysia Rayy
Main Roster
1 Wind and Rain signed the A-Team roster on April 9th 2021.
2 CQ hustlers renamed to D2 Hustlers.
3 Wind and Rain and Pecado Squad Gaming were disqualified on May 24th due to matchfixing.[4]



1.D2 HustlersD2 Hustlers D2 Hustlers7-014-1
2.Arkosh GamingArkosh Gaming Arkosh Gaming6-113-3
3.Team DogChampTeam DogChamp Team DogChamp5-211-4
4.feltfelt felt3-47-8
5.Electronic BoysElectronic Boys Electronic Boys3-46-8
6.5ManMidas5ManMidas 5ManMidas3-46-9
DQ.Pecado Squad GamingPecado Squad Gaming Pecado Squad Gaming0-70-14
DQ.Wind and RainWind and Rain Wind and Rain0-70-14


Week 1[edit]

Week 1
April 12
Dog Team DogChampTeam DogChamp2
April 12, 2021 - 15:00 PDT
Pangolier Queen of Pain Oracle Slark Techies
Winter Wyvern Faceless Void Dark Willow Axe Anti-Mage
Mars Storm Spirit Silencer Rubick Sven
Lion Puck Ogre Magi Lifestealer Timbersaw
Canada Froogoss stand-in for United States Koyaanisqatsi.
0feltfelt felt
April 13
5MM 5ManMidas5ManMidasW
April 13, 2021 - 18:00 PDT
Bloodseeker Lion Ursa Keeper of the Light Dragon Knight
Puck Bane Death Prophet Troll Warlord Tusk
Earth Spirit Bloodseeker Phoenix Wraith King Visage
Tiny Grimstroke Spectre Doom Ember Spirit
Bloodseeker Earth Spirit Phoenix Wraith King Zeus
Death Prophet Bane Snapfire Lifestealer Ember Spirit
Pecado Squad Gaming were disqualified on May 24th.[4]
DQPecado Squad GamingPecado Squad Gaming Pecado
April 17
WaR Wind and RainWind and RainDQ
April 17, 2021 - 15:05 PDT
Tusk Grimstroke Ember Spirit Leshrac Anti-Mage
Magnus Lion Void Spirit Witch Doctor Faceless Void
Tusk Oracle Ember Spirit Wraith King Bloodseeker
Magnus Lion Void Spirit Phoenix Gyrocopter
Canada Froogoss stand-in for Canada 1437
Wind and Rain were disqualified on May 24th.[4]
WD2 HustlersD2 Hustlers D2 H
Arkosh Arkosh GamingArkosh Gaming2
April 17, 2021 - 18:00 PDT
Warlock Gyrocopter Clockwerk Leshrac Storm Spirit
Spirit Breaker Razor Abaddon Morphling Ember Spirit
Gyrocopter Omniknight Pudge Phoenix Ember Spirit
Warlock Spectre Clockwerk Invoker Brewmaster
0Electronic BoysElectronic Boys EB
April 18
felt feltfelt0
April 18, 2021 - 18:00 PDT
Grimstroke Phantom Lancer Snapfire Sand King Lina
Mirana Mars Phoenix Invoker Wraith King
Warlock Mirana Morphling Lifestealer Slardar
Dragon Knight Witch Doctor Invoker Bloodseeker Troll Warlord
2D2 HustlersD2 Hustlers D2 H

Week 2[edit]

Week 2
April 19
EB Electronic BoysElectronic BoysW
April 19, 2021 - 15:00 PDT
Warlock Gyrocopter Pangolier Nature's Prophet Tiny
Death Prophet Tusk Bane Spectre Storm Spirit
Beastmaster Spirit Breaker Grimstroke Dark Seer Faceless Void
Rubick Bane Juggernaut Tidehunter Phoenix
Pecado Squad Gaming were disqualified on May 24th.[4]
DQPecado Squad GamingPecado Squad Gaming Pecado
April 20
Arkosh Arkosh GamingArkosh Gaming1
April 20, 2021 - 18:05 PDT
Puck Phantom Lancer Tiny Venomancer Ember Spirit
Grimstroke Dragon Knight Void Spirit Leshrac Gyrocopter
Tiny Death Prophet Storm Spirit Winter Wyvern Terrorblade
Puck Witch Doctor Mirana Centaur Warrunner Wraith King
Leshrac Grimstroke Juggernaut Clockwerk Void Spirit
Witch Doctor Invoker Slardar Ursa Lion
2D2 HustlersD2 Hustlers D2 H
April 24
5MM 5ManMidas5ManMidas2
April 24, 2021 - 15:00 PDT
Grimstroke Spirit Breaker Morphling Timbersaw Ember Spirit
Snapfire Mars Ancient Apparition Drow Ranger Lina
Phoenix Mars Puck Gyrocopter Juggernaut
Witch Doctor Lifestealer Rubick Slardar Huskar
Grimstroke Mars Chaos Knight Viper Venomancer
Phoenix Templar Assassin Lich Axe Wraith King
1feltfelt felt
Dog Team DogChampTeam DogChampW
April 24, 2021 - 18:00 PDT
Storm Spirit Mars Abaddon Techies Ursa
Nyx Assassin Bane Troll Warlord Invoker Bristleback
Keeper of the Light Storm Spirit Mars Abaddon Luna
Earth Spirit Void Spirit Juggernaut Lich Necrophos
Pecado Squad Gaming were disqualified on May 24th.[4]
DQPecado Squad GamingPecado Squad Gaming Pecado
April 25
WaR Wind and RainWind and RainDQ
April 25, 2021 - 18:00 PDT
Spirit Breaker Leshrac Grimstroke Phantom Assassin Bristleback
Snapfire Juggernaut Clockwerk Dark Seer Tiny
Lion Timbersaw Oracle Gyrocopter Queen of Pain
Centaur Warrunner Snapfire Ancient Apparition Sven Invoker
Phoenix Mars Rubick Gyrocopter Batrider
Tusk Snapfire Nature's Prophet Storm Spirit Razor
Wind and Rain were disqualified on May 24th.[4]
WElectronic BoysElectronic Boys EB

Week 3[edit]

Week 3
April 26
felt feltfeltW
April 26, 2021 - 14:55 PDT
Rubick Mars Ogre Magi Beastmaster Luna
Puck Juggernaut Undying Earth Spirit Legion Commander
Ogre Magi Luna Rubick Timbersaw Queen of Pain
Puck Disruptor Tusk Lifestealer Dark Seer
Rubick Mars Void Spirit Witch Doctor Drow Ranger
Nyx Assassin Disruptor Death Prophet Troll Warlord Queen of Pain
Pecado Squad Gaming were disqualified on May 24th.[4]
DQPecado Squad GamingPecado Squad Gaming Pecado
April 27
EB Electronic BoysElectronic Boys0
April 27, 2021 - 18:00 PDT
Lion Magnus Oracle Morphling Tiny
Centaur Warrunner Rubick Phantom Assassin Ancient Apparition Nature's Prophet
Tusk Void Spirit Warlock Phantom Assassin Death Prophet
Snapfire Invoker Juggernaut Dragon Knight Timbersaw
2D2 HustlersD2 Hustlers D2 H
May 1
WaR Wind and RainWind and RainDQ
May 1, 2021 - 15:05 PDT
Puck Warlock Dark Willow Spectre Tidehunter
Io Gyrocopter Lion Slardar Ember Spirit
Grimstroke Timbersaw Lion Phantom Lancer Void Spirit
Io Slardar Juggernaut Warlock Ember Spirit
Peru Madara stand-in for Kazakhstan Steel-_-Borco.
Wind and Rain were disqualified on May 24th.[4]
WArkosh GamingArkosh Gaming Arkosh
5MM 5ManMidas5ManMidas0
May 1, 2021 - 18:00 PDT
Mars Juggernaut Witch Doctor Phoenix Underlord
Pangolier Queen of Pain Lion Warlock Morphling
Juggernaut Grimstroke Mars Lion Void Spirit
Keeper of the Light Queen of Pain Centaur Warrunner Wraith King Oracle
2Team DogChampTeam DogChamp Dog
May 2
D2 H D2 HustlersD2 HustlersW
May 2, 2021 - 18:00 PDT
Witch Doctor Dragon Knight Centaur Warrunner Lion Monkey King
Puck Phantom Assassin Grimstroke Dark Seer Tusk
Snapfire Invoker Mirana Mars Wraith King
Grimstroke Tusk Death Prophet Void Spirit Lifestealer
Snapfire Timbersaw Void Spirit Juggernaut Earthshaker
Disruptor Phantom Assassin Phoenix Queen of Pain Sand King
Russia Elmo stand-in for China Wdr. Pecado Squad Gaming were disqualified on May 24th.[4]
DQPecado Squad GamingPecado Squad Gaming Pecado

Week 4[edit]

Week 4
May 3
Dog Team DogChampTeam DogChamp2
May 3, 2021 - 15:00 PDT
Pangolier Techies Abaddon Morphling Windranger
Juggernaut Bane Spirit Breaker Razor Templar Assassin
Puck Mars Hoodwink Troll Warlord Oracle
Nyx Assassin Void Spirit Warlock Ursa Axe
0Electronic BoysElectronic Boys EB
May 4
Arkosh Arkosh GamingArkosh Gaming2
May 4, 2021 - 18:00 PDT
Storm Spirit Warlock Shadow Demon Centaur Warrunner Venomancer
Dark Willow Axe Ogre Magi Lina Phantom Assassin
Io Gyrocopter Rubick Kunkka Outworld Devourer
Snapfire Mars Warlock Morphling Timbersaw
0feltfelt felt
May 8
WaR Wind and RainWind and RainDQ
May 8, 2021 - 15:00 PDT
Lion Dragon Knight Grimstroke Medusa Centaur Warrunner
Storm Spirit Mars Hoodwink Slark Silencer
Puck Warlock Nyx Assassin Juggernaut Kunkka
Mars Storm Spirit Rubick Lifestealer Witch Doctor
Grimstroke Lifestealer Timbersaw Earth Spirit Shadow Fiend
Mars Storm Spirit Oracle Troll Warlord Keeper of the Light
Peru Madara stand-in for Kazakhstan Steel-_-Borco.
Wind and Rain were disqualified on May 24th.[4]
WTeam DogChampTeam DogChamp Dog
5MM 5ManMidas5ManMidas0
May 8, 2021 - 18:40 PDT
Bristleback Keeper of the Light Ember Spirit Abaddon Underlord
Puck Centaur Warrunner Crystal Maiden Ursa Treant Protector
Nyx Assassin Dark Seer Tiny Luna Warlock
Dragon Knight Viper Invoker Bloodseeker Faceless Void
Malaysia Rayy stand-in for Myanmar thetoo.
2D2 HustlersD2 Hustlers D2 H
May 9
WaR Wind and RainWind and Rain-
May 9, 2021 - 18:00 PDT
Centaur Warrunner Enchantress Rubick Gyrocopter Phantom Lancer
Nyx Assassin Death Prophet Disruptor Wraith King Tiny
Gyrocopter Enchantress Snapfire Mars Slardar
Centaur Warrunner Lich Rubick Lifestealer Invoker
Peru Madara stand-in for Kazakhstan Steel-_-Borco.
Russia Elmo stand-in for China P1. Both teams were disqualified on May 24th.
-Pecado Squad GamingPecado Squad Gaming Pecado

Week 5[edit]

Week 5
May 10
5MM 5ManMidas5ManMidas0
May 10, 2021 - 15:05 PDT
Nyx Assassin Invoker Elder Titan Tidehunter Spectre
Oracle Spirit Breaker Nature's Prophet Kunkka Viper
Lion Void Spirit Abaddon Night Stalker Gyrocopter
Puck Clockwerk Ancient Apparition Dark Seer Phantom Assassin
Malaysia Rayy stand-in for Myanmar thetoo.
2Electronic BoysElectronic Boys EB
May 11
Arkosh Arkosh GamingArkosh GamingW
May 11, 2021 - 18:00 PDT
Lina Slardar Warlock Lifestealer Ember Spirit
Lich Tiny Drow Ranger Tidehunter Windranger
Kunkka Leshrac Sniper Pudge Night Stalker
Rubick Vengeful Spirit Mars Drow Ranger Tiny
Russia Elmo stand-in for China P1. Pecado Squad Gaming were disqualified on May 24th.[4]
DQPecado Squad GamingPecado Squad Gaming Pecado
May 15
WaR Wind and RainWind and RainDQ
May 15, 2021 - 15:00 PDT
Wind and Rain were disqualified on May 24th.[4]
W5ManMidas5ManMidas 5MM
felt feltfelt2
May 15, 2021 - 18:00 PDT
Snapfire Centaur Warrunner Silencer Faceless Void Queen of Pain
Clockwerk Timbersaw Invoker Broodmother Lion
Nyx Assassin Centaur Warrunner Grimstroke Phantom Assassin Broodmother
Snapfire Clockwerk Juggernaut Viper Dragon Knight
Ukraine Yellow Flash stand-in for Russia kom4rt.
0Electronic BoysElectronic Boys EB
May 16
Dog Team DogChampTeam DogChamp1
May 16, 2021 - 19:05 PDT
Puck Mars Keeper of the Light Undying Slark
Oracle Bristleback Wraith King Nyx Assassin Necrophos
Abaddon Pangolier Lion Ursa Templar Assassin
Storm Spirit Ancient Apparition Pudge Razor Sven
Abaddon Templar Assassin Lion Slardar Riki
Leshrac Oracle Axe Lina Ember Spirit
2Arkosh GamingArkosh Gaming Arkosh

Week 6[edit]

Week 6
May 17
WaR Wind and RainWind and RainDQ
May 17, 2021 - 15:00 PDT
Centaur Warrunner Grimstroke Gyrocopter Hoodwink Razor
Snapfire Witch Doctor Axe Medusa Kunkka
Centaur Warrunner Ancient Apparition Medusa Rubick Ember Spirit
Snapfire Void Spirit Abaddon Terrorblade Brewmaster
Enchantress Timbersaw Oracle Wraith King Tiny
Centaur Warrunner Snapfire Faceless Void Ancient Apparition Templar Assassin
United States Kitzz stand-in for Kazakhstan Steel-_-Borco.
Ukraine Yellow Flash stand-in for Russia kom4rt.
Wind and Rain were disqualified on May 24th.[4]
Wfeltfelt felt
May 18
Dog Team DogChampTeam DogChamp0
May 18, 2021 - 19:00 PDT
Ancient Apparition Queen of Pain Centaur Warrunner Rubick Faceless Void
Abaddon Puck Spirit Breaker Broodmother Phantom Lancer
Mars Techies Lina Phantom Assassin Warlock
Ancient Apparition Invoker Juggernaut Clockwerk Legion Commander
2D2 HustlersD2 Hustlers D2 H
May 22
5MM 5ManMidas5ManMidas0
May 22, 2021 - 15:00 PDT
Centaur Warrunner Rubick Disruptor Wraith King Batrider
Io Weaver Lina Mars Queen of Pain
Death Prophet Spirit Breaker Medusa Shadow Demon Bristleback
Oracle Leshrac Tiny Broodmother Slark
United States mason stand-in for North America Pale Horse.
2Arkosh GamingArkosh Gaming Arkosh

Additional Content[edit]

Country Representation[edit]

#Country / RegionRepresentationPlayers
1United States United States13 / 40 (33%)albinozebra1, Bloody Nine, dnm, DoublA, Giant, Justus, Koyaanisqatsi, Lies, Pandaego, red2, RRL, Speeed, Szabo666
2Canada Canada6 / 40 (15%)1437, Creep-, lukiluki, papatooty, raylalisa, Zore
3China China5 / 40 (13%)Duffy, G.O.A.T., P1, qqqqqqqq, Wdr
4North America North America4 / 40 (10%)Canus Vulpus, Crow, Gremlo, Pale Horse
4Russia Russia4 / 40 (10%)kom4rt, Sensibility, tae, yyy
6Belgium Belgium1 / 40 (3%)Davai Lama
6Germany Germany1 / 40 (3%)Yuma
6Israel Israel1 / 40 (3%)yarintheslayer
6Kazakhstan Kazakhstan1 / 40 (3%)Steel-_-Borco
6Malaysia Malaysia1 / 40 (3%)aikster
6Myanmar Myanmar1 / 40 (3%)thetoo
6Peru Peru1 / 40 (3%)Sword
6Ukraine Ukraine1 / 40 (3%)satesate


LanguageEnglish SpeakingRussiaPortuguese SpeakingSpanish SpeakingChina

Other VODs[edit]

Viewership Stats[edit]

Viewership Stats
Peak Viewers 18 385
Average Viewers 7 449
Hours Watched 583 468
Viewership stats for this page does not include the Chinese streams


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