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OGA DPC South America Regional League Season 2: Upper Division

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[e][h]OGA DPC South America Regional League Season 2: Upper Division
League Information
South America South America
Apr 14 - May 21, 2021
Prize Pool:
$205,000 USD
Pro Circuit Points:
Pro Circuit Tier:
Liquipedia Tier:


  • Participants
    • Six teams from the Upper Division of Season 1
    • Two teams from the Lower Division of Season 1
  • Standings
    • Single round-robin
    • All matches are Bo3
    • 1st place team is qualified to the Major Playoffs
    • 2nd place team is qualified to the Major Group Stage
    • Bottom two teams are relegated to Division II for the first tour of the next DPC season
    • Remaining teams remain in current division for the first tour of the next DPC season
    • Click here for tiebreaker rules
  • If there is a tie along the dividing line, tiebreaker match will be played
    • Major Playoffs/Major Group Stage
    • Major Group Stage/remain
    • remain/relegation
      • Two-teams tie: Bo3
      • Three-teams or more tie: Bo1
  • For other ties (in order of importance):
    1. Head-to-head result between the tied teams
    2. Map difference between the tied teams
    3. Map wins between the tied teams
    4. Bo1 tiebreaker match
    5. Shortest duration of tiebreaker match
    6. Coin toss

Broadcast Talent[edit]

The talent for the broadcasts was announced on April 9th, 2021.[1][2]

  • Commentators:
  • Observer:
    • Peru Glem (Glem Rafaile Camacho)
  • Hosts:
  • Commentators:
    • Brazil Warss (Renan Moura)
    • Brazil Kaxanga (Pablo Oliveira Franco Menin)
    • Brazil Fedel (Guilherme Fedel)
    • Brazil Jasam (José Victor Almeida dos Santos)
    • Brazil dirmaoURSO (Diego Santos Rodrigues)
    • Brazil Flytable (Tógo Menezes)
  • Commentators:

Prize Pool[edit]

The prize pool for the tournament is $205,000 USD and 1150 Pro Circuit points.




1.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast2-04-0
2.Infinity EsportsInfinity Esports Infinity Esports1-02-1
2.NoPing e-sportsNoPing e-sports NoPing e-sports1-02-0
2.Thunder PredatorThunder Predator Thunder Predator1-02-1
5.InfamousInfamous Infamous0-11-2
5.SG esportsSG esports SG esports0-10-2
5.Team UnknownTeam Unknown Team Unknown0-10-2
8.HokoriHokori Hokori0-21-4
1.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast3-06-0
1.Thunder PredatorThunder Predator Thunder Predator▲13-06-2
3.NoPing e-sportsNoPing e-sports NoPing e-sports▼12-04-0
4.InfamousInfamous Infamous▲11-13-2
4.Infinity EsportsInfinity Esports Infinity Esports▼21-12-3
6.SG esportsSG esports SG esports▼10-21-4
7.HokoriHokori Hokori▲10-31-6
7.Team UnknownTeam Unknown Team Unknown▼20-30-6
1.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast4-08-1
2.NoPing e-sportsNoPing e-sports NoPing e-sports▲13-06-0
3.Thunder PredatorThunder Predator Thunder Predator▼23-17-4
4.InfamousInfamous Infamous2-15-2
5.HokoriHokori Hokori▲21-33-6
5.Infinity EsportsInfinity Esports Infinity Esports▼11-32-7
5.SG esportsSG esports SG esports▲11-33-6
8.Team UnknownTeam Unknown Team Unknown▼10-40-8
1.NoPing e-sportsNoPing e-sports NoPing e-sports▲15-010-1
2.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast▼14-19-3
3.InfamousInfamous Infamous▲13-27-5
3.Thunder PredatorThunder Predator Thunder Predator3-28-6
5.HokoriHokori Hokori2-35-7
6.Infinity EsportsInfinity Esports Infinity Esports▼11-42-9
6.SG esportsSG esports SG esports▼11-44-8
6.Team UnknownTeam Unknown Team Unknown▲21-42-8
1.NoPing e-sportsNoPing e-sports NoPing e-sports6-012-1
2.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast5-111-3
3.Thunder PredatorThunder Predator Thunder Predator5-212-6
4.InfamousInfamous Infamous▼14-29-5
5.HokoriHokori Hokori2-45-9
6.SG esportsSG esports SG esports1-54-10
6.Team UnknownTeam Unknown Team Unknown1-52-10
8.Infinity EsportsInfinity Esports Infinity Esports▼21-62-13
1.NoPing e-sportsNoPing e-sports NoPing e-sports6-113-3
2.beastcoastbeastcoast beastcoast6-113-4
3.Thunder PredatorThunder Predator Thunder Predator5-212-6
4.InfamousInfamous Infamous4-310-7
5.HokoriHokori Hokori3-47-10
6.SG esportsSG esports SG esports2-56-11
7.Team UnknownTeam Unknown Team Unknown▼11-63-12
8.Infinity EsportsInfinity Esports Infinity Esports1-62-13


Week 1[edit]

Week 1
April 14
bc beastcoastbeastcoast2
April 14, 2021 - 15:00 EDT
Tusk Bloodseeker Oracle Underlord Phoenix
Mirana Void Spirit Witch Doctor Phantom Lancer Viper
Grimstroke Magnus Nyx Assassin Sven Puck
Mirana Sand King Oracle Terrorblade Storm Spirit
0HokoriHokori HKR
NoPing NoPing e-sportsNoPing e-sports2
April 14, 2021 - 18:00 EDT
Mars Snapfire Ogre Magi Medusa Centaur Warrunner
Void Spirit Phoenix Lion Doom Ursa
Hoodwink Centaur Warrunner Ogre Magi Templar Assassin Kunkka
Lion Storm Spirit Pudge Troll Warlord Beastmaster
0SG esportsSG esports SG
April 16
HKR HokoriHokori1
April 16, 2021 - 14:45 EDT
Mars Phoenix Tusk Troll Warlord Leshrac
Abaddon Grimstroke Bloodseeker Spirit Breaker Queen of Pain
Phoenix Tiny Pangolier Nyx Assassin Faceless Void
Tusk Leshrac Oracle Ursa Windranger
Leshrac Oracle Earthshaker Juggernaut Venomancer
Tusk Invoker Undying Spectre Axe
2Infinity EsportsInfinity Esports Infinity
INF InfamousInfamous1
April 16, 2021 - 19:05 EDT
Earth Spirit Invoker Lion Ursa Leshrac
Puck Phoenix Tidehunter Dark Willow Spectre
Earth Spirit Kunkka Grimstroke Morphling Death Prophet
Phoenix Puck Pangolier Spirit Breaker Tiny
Juggernaut Oracle Dark Willow Sand King Huskar
Mars Beastmaster Lion Anti-Mage Void Spirit
2Thunder PredatorThunder Predator TP
April 17
bc beastcoastbeastcoast2
April 17, 2021 - 18:00 EDT
Witch Doctor Tusk Wraith King Queen of Pain Nature's Prophet
Beastmaster Snapfire Centaur Warrunner Phoenix Morphling
Earth Spirit Grimstroke Leshrac Sven Doom
Mirana Kunkka Elder Titan Troll Warlord Invoker
0Unknown TeamUnknown Team UNK

Week 2[edit]

Week 2
April 21
UNK Unknown TeamUnknown Team0
April 21, 2021 - 15:00 EDT
Grimstroke Lion Slardar Morphling Storm Spirit
Centaur Warrunner Lina Oracle Wraith King Tiny
Centaur Warrunner Warlock Snapfire Wraith King Void Spirit
Mars Lina Juggernaut Enchantress Tidehunter
2Thunder PredatorThunder Predator TP
HKR HokoriHokori0
April 21, 2021 - 18:00 EDT
Grimstroke Doom Lion Lifestealer Beastmaster
Centaur Warrunner Tiny Viper Nature's Prophet Alchemist
Tusk Oracle Leshrac Wraith King Pangolier
Doom Winter Wyvern Tiny Nature's Prophet Tidehunter
2NoPing e-sportsNoPing e-sports NoPing
April 23
INF InfamousInfamous2
April 23, 2021 - 15:00 EDT
Earth Spirit Warlock Wraith King Queen of Pain Venomancer
Mars Lina Phoenix Morphling Tidehunter
Lion Centaur Warrunner Gyrocopter Nature's Prophet Anti-Mage
Puck Earth Spirit Snapfire Dark Seer Lifestealer
0Unknown TeamUnknown Team UNK
bc beastcoastbeastcoast2
April 23, 2021 - 18:00 EDT
Lina Timbersaw Elder Titan Storm Spirit Juggernaut
Snapfire Centaur Warrunner Beastmaster Gyrocopter Lion
Snapfire Mars Earth Spirit Void Spirit Juggernaut
Tusk Oracle Leshrac Ursa Magnus
0Infinity EsportsInfinity Esports Infinity
April 24
SG SG esportsSG esports1
April 24, 2021 - 18:00 EDT
Puck Tusk Witch Doctor Troll Warlord Death Prophet
Centaur Warrunner Void Spirit Shadow Shaman Viper Wraith King
Puck Abaddon Tiny Snapfire Terrorblade
Lion Beastmaster Troll Warlord Oracle Centaur Warrunner
Mars Death Prophet Nyx Assassin Lifestealer Brewmaster
Tiny Snapfire Pangolier Warlock Phantom Assassin
2Thunder PredatorThunder Predator TP

Week 3[edit]

Week 3
April 28
INF InfamousInfamous2
April 28, 2021 - 15:00 EDT
Beastmaster Lina Troll Warlord Clockwerk Night Stalker
Mars Abaddon Shadow Demon Necrophos Medusa
Earth Spirit Monkey King Lion Phoenix Terrorblade
Mars Death Prophet Tiny Enchantress Arc Warden
0SG esportsSG esports SG
Infinity Infinity EsportsInfinity Esports0
April 28, 2021 - 18:00 EDT
Earth Spirit Nature's Prophet Oracle Pangolier Sven
Viper Tiny Death Prophet Medusa Doom
Earth Spirit Beastmaster Winter Wyvern Juggernaut Magnus
Mars Abaddon Tiny Nature's Prophet Centaur Warrunner
2NoPing e-sportsNoPing e-sports NoPing
April 30
bc beastcoastbeastcoast2
April 30, 2021 - 15:00 EDT
Timbersaw Grimstroke Tusk Juggernaut Lina
Earth Spirit Viper Faceless Void Phoenix Windranger
Nyx Assassin Mars Elder Titan Leshrac Gyrocopter
Snapfire Timbersaw Tiny Faceless Void Shadow Demon
Mars Clockwerk Shadow Demon Queen of Pain Phantom Lancer
Earth Spirit Death Prophet Abaddon Phantom Assassin Void Spirit
1Thunder PredatorThunder Predator TP
HKR HokoriHokori2
April 30, 2021 - 18:00 EDT
Snapfire Sand King Bane Luna Dragon Knight
Beastmaster Mirana Clockwerk Lifestealer Queen of Pain
Nyx Assassin Dark Seer Undying Troll Warlord Dragon Knight
Earth Spirit Grimstroke Sand King Bloodseeker Death Prophet
Brazil 4nalog stand-in for Peru Mr.Jeans
0Unknown TeamUnknown Team UNK
May 1
Infinity Infinity EsportsInfinity Esports0
May 1, 2021 - 18:00 EDT
Earth Spirit Mars Leshrac Luna Razor
Beastmaster Mirana Ogre Magi Ember Spirit Lifestealer
Puck Juggernaut Dark Willow Phoenix Clockwerk
Lion Mars Enchantress Tiny Templar Assassin
2SG esportsSG esports SG

Week 4[edit]

Week 4
May 5
NoPing NoPing e-sportsNoPing e-sports2
May 5, 2021 - 15:00 EDT
Viper Tiny Death Prophet Nature's Prophet Nyx Assassin
Centaur Warrunner Lina Wraith King Ancient Apparition Elder Titan
Centaur Warrunner Viper Hoodwink Gyrocopter Bristleback
Death Prophet Tiny Nature's Prophet Abaddon Luna
Centaur Warrunner Abaddon Tiny Batrider Luna
Viper Earth Spirit Clockwerk Weaver Storm Spirit
1Thunder PredatorThunder Predator TP
bc beastcoastbeastcoast1
May 5, 2021 - 18:00 EDT
Mars Witch Doctor Earth Spirit Leshrac Abaddon
Axe Dark Willow Gyrocopter Troll Warlord Templar Assassin
Snapfire Earth Spirit Underlord Leshrac Luna
Tusk Puck Gyrocopter Troll Warlord Bloodseeker
Clockwerk Witch Doctor Leshrac Phantom Lancer Riki
Tusk Snapfire Winter Wyvern Ember Spirit Juggernaut
2InfamousInfamous INF
May 7
Infinity Infinity EsportsInfinity Esports0
May 7, 2021 - 15:05 EDT
Tusk Leshrac Warlock Spectre Queen of Pain
Snapfire Tiny Grimstroke Doom Wraith King
Earth Spirit Viper Puck Dark Seer Wraith King
Gyrocopter Tiny Leshrac Abaddon Tidehunter
2Unknown TeamUnknown Team UNK
HKR HokoriHokori2
May 7, 2021 - 18:00 EDT
Tiny Broodmother Oracle Bristleback Ursa
Mars Lion Treant Protector Sven Enigma
Tiny Winter Wyvern Troll Warlord Invoker Leshrac
Mars Phoenix Enchantress Slark Razor
Nyx Assassin Dark Seer Undying Bristleback Luna
Death Prophet Tusk Grimstroke Juggernaut Invoker
Brazil 4nalog stand-in for Peru Mr.Jeans
1SG esportsSG esports SG
May 8
INF InfamousInfamous0
May 8, 2021 - 18:00 EDT
Gyrocopter Axe Lina Spectre Earth Spirit
Mars Winter Wyvern Nyx Assassin Necrophos Templar Assassin
Mars Snapfire Rubick Anti-Mage Ember Spirit
Winter Wyvern Tiny Tidehunter Medusa Skywrath Mage
2NoPing e-sportsNoPing e-sports NoPing

Week 5[edit]

Week 5
May 12
UNK Unknown TeamUnknown Team0
May 12, 2021 - 15:00 EDT
Tiny Abaddon Leshrac Luna Dragon Knight
Winter Wyvern Mars Rubick Kunkka Nature's Prophet
Centaur Warrunner Snapfire Bounty Hunter Kunkka Phantom Lancer
Mars Nyx Assassin Oracle Batrider Morphling
2NoPing e-sportsNoPing e-sports NoPing
HKR HokoriHokori0
May 12, 2021 - 18:00 EDT
Rubick Troll Warlord Undying Tiny Slardar
Mars Shadow Shaman Puck Pangolier Terrorblade
Nyx Assassin Mars Snapfire Ursa Dragon Knight
Puck Phoenix Tusk Venomancer Luna
Brazil 4nalog stand-in for Peru Mr.Jeans
2Thunder PredatorThunder Predator TP
May 14
INF InfamousInfamous2
May 14, 2021 - 15:25 EDT
Gyrocopter Invoker Hoodwink Tidehunter Medusa
Snapfire Bloodseeker Treant Protector Luna Bristleback
Abaddon Leshrac Dark Willow Bristleback Ember Spirit
Gyrocopter Broodmother Nyx Assassin Pugna Luna
Peru Estroyer stand-in for Peru NaoG
0Infinity EsportsInfinity Esports Infinity
bc beastcoastbeastcoast2
May 14, 2021 - 18:00 EDT
Mirana Centaur Warrunner Ancient Apparition Faceless Void Tiny
Enchantress Timbersaw Lion Medusa Ember Spirit
Tusk Wraith King Disruptor Ember Spirit Dark Seer
Centaur Warrunner Ancient Apparition Shadow Demon Luna Dragon Knight
0SG esportsSG esports SG
May 15
TP Thunder PredatorThunder Predator2
May 15, 2021 - 18:00 EDT
Leshrac Mars Juggernaut Keeper of the Light Elder Titan
Abaddon Invoker Nature's Prophet Medusa Tiny
Puck Phoenix Mars Troll Warlord Elder Titan
Abaddon Nature's Prophet Centaur Warrunner Mirana Slark
Peru Carjua stand-in for Peru NaoG
0Infinity EsportsInfinity Esports Infinity

Week 6[edit]

Week 6
May 19
INF InfamousInfamous1
May 19, 2021 - 15:00 EDT
Gyrocopter Mars Lion Viper Bloodseeker
Puck Snapfire Undying Luna Broodmother
Tidehunter Invoker Undying Hoodwink Monkey King
Puck Tusk Snapfire Templar Assassin Broodmother
Tidehunter Lina Hoodwink Clockwerk Wraith King
Mars Medusa Witch Doctor Mirana Puck
Brazil 4nalog stand-in for Peru Mr.Jeans
2HokoriHokori HKR
UNK Unknown TeamUnknown Team1
May 19, 2021 - 18:25 EDT
Snapfire Leshrac Tusk Bristleback Phantom Lancer
Enchantress Nyx Assassin Ember Spirit Viper Phantom Assassin
Abaddon Snapfire Tiny Phantom Lancer Doom
Mars Ancient Apparition Shadow Demon Sven Kunkka
Mars Leshrac Oracle Ursa Phoenix
Ancient Apparition Tiny Luna Timbersaw Templar Assassin
2SG esportsSG esports SG
May 21
NoPing NoPing e-sportsNoPing e-sports1
May 21, 2021 - 15:00 EDT
Tiny Centaur Warrunner Witch Doctor Gyrocopter Rubick
Nyx Assassin Timbersaw Snapfire Faceless Void Disruptor
Mars Medusa Disruptor Kunkka Skywrath Mage
Winter Wyvern Doom Elder Titan Faceless Void Bristleback
Nyx Assassin Templar Assassin Winter Wyvern Timbersaw Bristleback
Rubick Mars Magnus Venomancer Faceless Void
2beastcoastbeastcoast bc


May 21
bc beastcoastbeastcoast0
May 21, 2021 - 18:00 EDT
Magnus Faceless Void Rubick Tiny Centaur Warrunner
Nyx Assassin Timbersaw Winter Wyvern Batrider Gyrocopter
Clockwerk Ancient Apparition Batrider Slark Monkey King
Timbersaw Winter Wyvern Tiny Abaddon Naga Siren
2NoPing e-sportsNoPing e-sports NoPing

Additional Content[edit]

Country Representation[edit]

#Country / RegionRepresentationPlayers
1Peru Peru29 / 40 (73%)A, Angel, Chris Luck, Darkmago, elmisho, Frank, Gardick, K1, Kxy, Leostyle-, LittleBoy, Lumière, Matthew, Mjz, Mnz, MoOz, Mr.Jeans, NaoG, Pamplona, Panda, PiPi, Prada, Robo-Z, Sacred, Scofield, SexyeYogye, Stinger, Timo, Vitaly
2Brazil Brazil6 / 40 (15%)4dr, Costabile, hFn, KJ, Tavo, thiolicor
3Bolivia Bolivia3 / 40 (8%)Michael, Oscar, Wisper
4Argentina Argentina2 / 40 (5%)Mariano, Wij


LanguageEnglish SpeakingSpanish SpeakingPortuguese SpeakingRussiaChina

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Other VODs[edit]

Viewership Stats[edit]

Viewership Stats
Peak Viewers 115 978
Average Viewers 25 342
Hours Watched 2 077 966