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Player Information
Kim Larsson
December 22, 1982 (age 39)
Years Active (Player):
Current Role:
Alternate IDs:
Approx. Total Winnings:
2006-??-?? — 2007-06-30
2007-06-30 — 2007-12-17
2007-12-17 — 2008-11-14
2009-02-?? — 2009-04-20
2009-12-12 — 2010-03-06
2010-03-06 — 2010-05-23
Dota 2:
2011-11-18 — 2012-01-02
2012-01-02 — 2012-03-26

Kim "Drayich" Larsson is a retired Dota 2 player, who is currently pursuing a casting career.



Drayich made his name in the Dota scene during 2007 with "Team_Team". Their line-up featured fellow swedes Loda, Akke, Bogdan, KwoM and Renji.[1] In June 2007 they were picked up by SK Gaming,[1] and so began the story of one of Dota: Allstars true powerhouses. Drayich gave the following statement as the pickup was announced:

When we started dreaming about sponsorship we always had SK gaming in mind. However, at that time DotA wasn't big and our clan wasn't really good either. Now when we got the chance to get a sponsorship we are obviously thrilled. We look forward to cooperating with one of the biggest names in e-sports. Lately our clan has managed to get good results in both LAN and Online competitions and with this sponsorship we will be practicing even harder and try to manage even better results.
Drayich (SK Gaming Welcomes DotA [1])

Drayich stayed with SK for six months, but left in December 2007 after a leadership conflict between himself and Loda.[2] The following day he joined mousesports newly acquired European squad, also consisting of fellow swede Mirakel.[3] Their roster would prove to be unstable over time but Drayich, who after a while grew into a captaining role in the team, stayed for almost a full year. Finally in November 2008 he decided to take a break from competitive gaming.[4]

Drayich would make a comeback to competitive Dota as he joined "THE SHIT!", a team newly formed by SyndereN.[5] They experienced some success as they became the first team to take a game off of "" at a point where they were seen as invincible.[6] "THE SHIT!" also finished second in Farm4Fame 2.4, one of the largest tournaments in the European Dota scene at the time.[6] They were picked up by a sponsor, Online Kingdom, in March 2010.[7] However, in May 2010 Drayich would once again go inactive from competitive Dota.[8]

Heroes of Newerth[edit]

A few months after retiring from Dota, Drayich would show up in the HoN-scene, participating at DreamHack Summer 2010 with his new, and then virtually unknown team The Source of Gaming (TSoG). They would upset some established teams, such as Druidz featuring Loda and Akke, Drayich's old teammates from SK-Gaming. Their performances would earn them a trip to the World Expo in Shanghai in the summer of 2010.[9] They competed at the top level for about a year, and their final LAN-appearance would be where it all began, at DreamHack Summer, as they disbanded in August 2011.[10]

Dota 2[edit]

Drayich entered the Dota 2 scene as captain of Team Gamersleague in November 2011.[11] Other notable players on the team included XoYnoZnU who played with Drayich in mousesports a few years earlier, as well as German carry player Black^. Only a few months the team split up and the Swedish players of Gamersleague instead joined Reason Gaming.[12] However, a few months later Drayich was forced to retire from competitive gaming due to physical problems with his right arm.[13]


In Autumn 2013 Drayich was announced as a regular commentator for the Swedish stream of the ASUS ROG DreamLeague Kick-Off Season.[14] The league would be broadcasted in cooperation with TV6, a Swedish national TV channel. League games were broadcasted at the TV6 website, but a few games from the finals were live on national television. Joining Drayich on the Swedish stream was Bogdan, his former teammate, Wagamama, a professional Dota 2 player, Boberg, a Swedish caster, as well as "Slop3" who featured as a host. Drayich and Bogdan would proceed with later seasons of DreamLeague as well.

In 2014 TV6 once again decided to broadcast games from The International. Drayich and Bogdan was this time flown to Seattle to cover the main event. There was no scheduled coverage for the earlier offline phases so Drayich started his own stream on and broadcasted the offline, non main event, games from home before leaving for Seattle. The stream had high viewing numbers, for being a non-English stream, so after returning from Seattle Drayich decided to continue casting, at first without sponsorship. After securing sponsorship from SteelSeries, EvilGhost, a clothing company, as well as TV6 Drayich has been able to make streaming and casting his full-time job.


  • Drayich is a strong advocate for women in gaming. He has, among other things, written a blog [15] about why women only tournaments are needed in competitive gaming. He also allows swearwords in his twitch chat, as long as they're not gender based.
  • His twitch subscribers often refer to themselves as "The Family" due to the strict moderation in chat, aimed to have a more mature environment. New subscribers are commonly greeted byt the chat with people writing "Welcome to the family!"
  • Is married and has 3 kids, 2 boys and 1 girl
  • Has made several DotA-related songs available on his YouTube channel


2017-10-17IA9 - 10thA6QualifierWorld Electronic Sports Games 2017 Sweden QualifierWorld Electronic Sports GamesWorld Electronic Sports GamesWorld Electronic Sports Games 2017 Sweden QualifierSet nameSet nameSet name0 : 1Return of the RatsReturn of the Rats 
2007-12-09DA4thA1Tier 2MYM Prime Defending #8MYM Prime Defending #8SK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming0 : 2KingSurfKingSurf 
2007-12-02BA2ndA1Tier 2DreamHack Winter 2007DreamHackDreamHackDreamHack Winter 2007SK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming1 : 2Meet Your MakersMeet Your Makers$2,358
2007-09-07DA4thA1Tier 2MYM Prime Defending #7MYM Prime Defending #7SK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming1 : 2eMazing GamingeMazing Gaming 
2007-07-02EC5 - 8thA1Tier 2MYM Prime Defending #6MYM Prime Defending #6SK GamingSK GamingSK Gaming0 : 1Check-sixCheck-six 
2007-05-08AA1stA1Tier 2MYM Prime Defending #5MYM Prime Defending #5Team Team (Swedish Team)Team TeamTeam Team2 : 0Meet Your MakersMeet Your Makers$150
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DateTierTournamentPositionPartner List
2021-11-21A4Tier 4The Coca Cola x Friends TournamentCommentator
2014-06-16A1Tier 1DreamLeagueDreamLeagueDreamLeague Season 1SE Commentator
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